Letters to the Editor

Hold OCS accountable

On January 9, 2006, Lisa Demer, with Anchorage Daily News wrote “No day in court” reporting about a settlement agreement in U.S. District Court between… Continue reading

  • Aug 12, 2016
  • By Thomas Garber

Don’t put in Kasilof parking lot

With a $3.1 billion dollar state deficit, our representatives seem to have forgot that we as families have our own deficits. This decision to let… Continue reading

  • Aug 12, 2016
  • By Vicki Duggin

Support Paul Seaton for re-election to House

Paul Seaton has displayed courage in dealing with the Alaska budget, environmental issues, and fishing issues. One of his children is a KPB teacher. That… Continue reading

  • Aug 11, 2016
  • By Brent Johnson

Elect Paul Seaton this fall

Paul Seaton is one of the courageous legislator incumbents who deserves and will get my vote again for Representative of House District 31 on August… Continue reading

  • Aug 6, 2016
  • By Kate Finn

Paul Seaton deserves your vote

Having worked with legislators and staff on numerous state issues over the last decade, I take issue with some of the negative comments and advertising… Continue reading

  • Aug 8, 2016
  • By Bob Swenson

Keep a voice of reason in Juneau

I live near Homer and so does Paul Seaton. But we first met in the middle rip somewhere off Humpy Point. He was standing on… Continue reading

  • Aug 8, 2016
  • By John Rate

Paul Seaton is who we need in Juneau

As a lifelong Alaskan and a Homer resident, I will be voting for Representative Paul Seaton in the August 16th primary election because he listens,… Continue reading

  • Aug 4, 2016
  • By Janie Leask

Vote for Rick Koch in the primary election

My name is Steve MacSwain Jr. As a lifelong Alaskan I have met amazing people from our great State throughout my life. Rick Koch is… Continue reading

  • Aug 5, 2016
  • By Steve MacSwain

Thank you to CPH staff

I recently spent nine days in CPH for surgeries and related x-rays for a severely damaged tibia caused by a fall from some scaffolding. Prior… Continue reading

  • Aug 5, 2016
  • By Barrie B. Lowe

Wakes an issue in dipnet fishery

I would like to express my gratitude to all those who assisted me and my fellow fisherman on July 22, after our boat was swamped… Continue reading

  • Aug 2, 2016
  • By George Parks

OCS grievance process needs public review

On Aug. 1, 2015, Quinton Chandler, with KBBI radio published “North Pole lawmaker seeks investigation into the state Office of Children’s Services.” Rep. Tammie Wilson,… Continue reading

  • Aug 3, 2016
  • By Thomas Garber

Reducing senior tax exemption would hurt nonprofits

This letter is in response to my friend Toby Burke’s letter last week in the Clarion. I’m one of those “Senior Citizens” that get helped… Continue reading

  • Aug 1, 2016
  • By Dennis Gease

Support Paul Seaton in primary election

It is not often that I write a letter to the editor, but this is a time I feel compelled to voice strong support for… Continue reading

  • Aug 2, 2016
  • By Rika Mouw

Ninilchik Traditional Council gillnet concerning for rainbow trout

A simple question for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Ninilchik Traditional Council — If you are allowed to gillnet 50 kings, 2,000… Continue reading

  • Aug 2, 2016
  • By Bill Bailey

Governor doing job that needs to be done

We are lifelong Alaskans with many vested interests in our state, including children and grand children. We are grateful for Governor Walker’s determination to set… Continue reading

  • Jul 27, 2016
  • By Mary Mills Day

Petitioner out of bounds

Recently my 67-year-old handicapped brother-in-law was approached at a local senior center by someone wanting him to sign a petition. The petitioner told him it… Continue reading

  • Jul 28, 2016
  • By Dollynda Phelps

Alaskans, visitors could use driving lessons

Where did the people of Alaska (Soldotna and Kenai), not to mention all the tourists, get their driver’s licenses? They have no idea how to… Continue reading

  • Jul 28, 2016
  • By Aspen Rose Aponi

Don’t recall Walker when the Legislature is to blame

Imagine a poor farmer returning home from the village with a few moldy scraps of bread to feed his hungry sons. Upon his return, he… Continue reading

  • Jul 25, 2016
  • By Eric Treider

Kenai Peninsula seniors should pay their fair share

I flatly reject the popular and patently false narrative fostered by many that our country’s senior citizens are just barely getting by, subsisting on dog… Continue reading

  • Jul 26, 2016
  • By Toby Burke

Coverage too graphic, insensitive

I am appalled at the lack of discretion used by the Peninsula Clarion when you broke the story about Bradley Elliott and the charges brought… Continue reading

  • Jul 19, 2016
  • By Adam Meyers