Paul Seaton deserves your vote

Having worked with legislators and staff on numerous state issues over the last decade, I take issue with some of the negative comments and advertising that has been focused on Representative Paul Seaton of Homer. As we all know, there is tremendous diversity and levels of expertise amongst our legislators which can often create opposing agendas and heated debates. It is an incredibly hard job that requires an open mind, yet fierce tenacity. Refusing to educate ones self, adjust stances, and compromise accordingly results in gridlock which we are all too familiar with. I may not have always agreed with Representative Seaton, but was always assured he had done his homework and was working towards the best outcome for all stakeholders involved; not merely a select few. He is one of the more level-headed, hard working and fair policy makers we have, and is needed in Juneau now more than ever. The stakes are high for all of us in the next session, and we need Paul’s experience and ability to work with all involved to find sustainable long term solutions.