Elect Paul Seaton this fall

Paul Seaton is one of the courageous legislator incumbents who deserves and will get my vote again for Representative of House District 31 on August 16th. In this time of divisive partisan angst and fiscal crisis, Paul Seaton is a experienced, thoughtful and pro-active voice that works across party lines for the benefit of his constituents in Dist. 31 and all Alaskans.

In abundant money years the legislature can be generous, but in financial crisis times it is all too easy to respond only to the most urgent and loudest voices and lobbies. My concern is for the lobby-less constituents in Dist 31: babies, kids and students too young to vote, and the vulnerable adults who for whatever reason (physical, mental, social, economic) are unable to have an participatory quality of life. They may need temporary or more long-term assistance. Every single one of us depends on every single one of us. We all need to contribute to our community for it to be the best it can be. This philosophy is at Paul Seaton’s core for promoting Alaskan’s wellness oriented health care programs.

An example of his tireless commitment to this philosophy is his promotion of legislation and his campaign for use of Vitamin D. Prompting this focus are studies indicating that 80-90% of Alaskans have vitamin D deficiency especially in winter. Studies show with adequate levels of Vitamin D, 50% of cancer can be prevented. I have personally interacted with Representative Seaton at Kenai Peninsula State Fairs and at Homer Health Fairs as he shares this important information with his constituents.

I trust Paul Seaton to work toward and help find equitable solutions that will involve cuts to the budget AND the replenishment of state funds. Finding new revenue streams and inviting the oil/gas and other industries to be part of the solution by paying their “fair share” need to be part of our sustainable future. (Please see www.votepaulseaton.com, then click on “Oil Credits” for a transparent, enlightening story of Cook Inlet oil subsidies and taxes).

Please put an excellent legislator back in Juneau this election.