Don’t put in Kasilof parking lot

With a $3.1 billion dollar state deficit, our representatives seem to have forgot that we as families have our own deficits.

This decision to let DNR come in and design a site plan that ill pave over our grasses and cut down the eagles’ trees on the north side of the Kasilof River is a project that will cost around $2.8 million dollars just to build. The big question is what will be the cost to our personal use fishery and those that can’t afford to pay to fish?

Since they opened up the property that used to be used by Ocean Beauty’s buy station, it has relieved a lot of the problems with people camping on the road and in the dunes.

It’s amazing to watch the dance that goes on with people coming and going. There is a lot of families that have been able to put fish in their freezer for the winter because they were able to camp here.

Tourists are in awe when they see what our state is doing to help its citizens to harvest this resource and always the comment on how beautiful and natural a setting we are able to do it in. Please don’t take that away from us…

Their plan is to start breaking ground and cutting down trees in September. If you’re as concerned about this as I am please write the Clarion and your representatives. DNR’s website and phone number is, phone number 907-269-8116, Christy Colles title Shore Fish Leasing Program Manager. Wish I could give you an exact date on the ground breaking, it would be really nice to have a lot of people show up in opposition to DNR’s site plan.

Footnote: I don’t know who the people were that cleaned up the beach about a week ago but they did a wonderful job. Thanks, kudos to each and every one of you. I would like to take this opportunity to make a proposal of my own, take this money and give it back to our state troopers’ widows and the disabled. I’m sure it will benefit them better than a bird watching platform and paved parking lot.