Letters to the Editor

Goals being set to ensure failure

The Board of Fish meeting is just about over and unless a last second reconsideration is made the commercial fishery plans are set. The Board… Continue reading

  • Feb 14, 2014
  • By Ken Tarbox

Thorough analysis would lead to better decision on pools

Many years ago Dave Brude with Associated Pool Builders estimated the total costs to operate a pool the size of our three local pools at… Continue reading

  • Feb 12, 2014

Justice system falling short

What has happened to justice? Our judicial system is constantly turning criminal loose without any repercussions for their actions. People with multiple types of offenses… Continue reading

  • Feb 11, 2014
  • By Bud Ashby

Better planning should go into education funding

To the members of the House of Representatives and the Senate of Alaska: I have observed the invited testimony of the Senate Finance Committee on… Continue reading

  • Feb 12, 2014
  • By Mary J. Toutonghi

Competition benefits food bank

The Kenai Peninsula Food Bank extends a warm thank you to the Public Defender’s Office and to the Office of the District Attorney for their… Continue reading

  • Feb 9, 2014
  • By Linda Swarner

Contributions support students in transition

I would like to recognize recent contributors to the KPBSD Students in Transition Program for homeless children and youth: the Church of Jesus Christ of… Continue reading

  • Feb 9, 2014
  • By Kelly King

Cook Inlet Tribal Council provides many community services

Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Inc. (CITC) wishes to offer clarification regarding to Mr. Alvin V. Steik’s comments in a letter to the editor (“Corporations not… Continue reading

  • Feb 9, 2014
  • By Tim Blum

Which resource is more valuable?

The Juneau Empire editorial published in the Feb. 6 Peninsula Clarion caught my eye and stimulated me to reflect on some of my experiences with… Continue reading

  • Feb 6, 2014
  • By Hugh R. Hays

Refinery closure a failure of government

It is very difficult to believe that with all the oil people in our State Legislaature they could in any way allow a refinery to… Continue reading

  • Feb 7, 2014
  • By Paul D. Morrison

Today’s senior citizens built Alaska for tomorrow’s seniors

Who are the seniors? We are your parents, grandparents, great-grand parents, friends and neighbors. The state of Alaska has bestowed the senior designation upon us… Continue reading

  • Feb 7, 2014
  • By Peter Zuyus

Help for seniors can go a long way

Many Alaskan Seniors are on a fixed income, which has less and less buying power over time. I watched how difficult it was for my… Continue reading

  • Feb 5, 2014
  • By Rep. Geran Tarr

Sport fishery needs to take responsibility for king returns

This letter in response to Mr. Bill Tappan’s letter (Clarion, Jan. 31). Here are a few facts: The sports fishermen own the problem with the… Continue reading

  • Feb 6, 2014
  • By Mark S. Ducker

Effort put into staging tournament appreciated

I would like to thank Jody King, this year’s KPHA Peninsula Winter Games Tournament Director! She did a wonderful job, and it was her first… Continue reading

  • Feb 6, 2014
  • By January Yeager

Public schools the great equalizer

On Monday, I attended a meeting to give testimony on a Senate Resolution (SJR 9) that would put a measure on the November ballot changing… Continue reading

  • Feb 5, 2014
  • By Cathleen Rolph