Alaskans, visitors could use driving lessons

Where did the people of Alaska (Soldotna and Kenai), not to mention all the tourists, get their driver’s licenses? They have no idea how to use the roundabouts, nor do they know what yield means. We have come close to getting into so many accidents at these roundabouts. People don’t yield — they just drive right on through with their cell phones in their hands. They have no idea what their brakes are used for. The police (city and troopers) are never around.

Also, drivers here have no idea what turn signals and brake lights are for. They don’t bother to see if they are in working order. I got hurt last week because a driver two blocks from Beaver Loop on the Kenai Spur Highway decided to stop, with no brake lights or turn signal. We had to swerve into the oncoming lane. We were lucky. With drivers on the road here, the next time, people might not be so lucky.

Wake up drivers. Stop drinking and driving or looking at your cell phones, and keep your cars in check.