Letters to the Editor

Marijuana the safest of the vices

This article is mainly for Christians who adamantly oppose marijuana as I once did. Romans 14:20: “Do not destroy the work of God for the… Continue reading

Book sale proceeds benefit Kenai library, community

“Let us tenderly and kindly cherish, therefore, the means of knowledge. Let us dare to read, think, speak, and write.” – John Adams, Founding Father… Continue reading

Funding education is an obligation

I’m writing you all to express my concern over the proposed cuts to our education. I consider education to be our obligation to our youth.… Continue reading

  • Apr 12, 2017
  • By Lara McGinnis

Student seeks Alaska information

Dear people of the Great State of Alaska, I am a fourth-grade student in North Carolina. In fourth grade, we do state reports and I… Continue reading

  • Apr 6, 2017

Please clean up after your dogs

Dog poop is creating abominable conditions around the trails at the Soldotna Sports Center and Centennial Trials. Please be a responsible dog owner and pick… Continue reading

  • Apr 7, 2017
  • By Bud Crawford

Family appreciates community support

We appreciate the support from our family, friends, businesses and our wonderful community we live in. There aren’t enough words to express our gratitude for… Continue reading

  • Apr 7, 2017
  • By The Klimpkes

Support right to cultivate, sell marijuana

Last week a couple came into my store. They were both over 50 years old, quiet and seemed a little timid. I handed them our… Continue reading

  • Mar 31, 2017
  • By Patricia Patterson

Letters to the editor

Smokers have right to make a choice Some legislators are at it again to ban smoking in all public places state-wide. Seems like once you… Continue reading

  • Mar 9, 2017

Letters to the editor

Limited entry mentality works against Alaska’s interests It seems like public and limited entry fisheries have never been able to see each others prospective. The… Continue reading

  • Feb 23, 2017

Builders Association efforts supports community

On behalf of the Kenai Peninsula Builders Association (KPBA) Board of Directors, we’d like to offer a heartfelt thank you to those member companies and… Continue reading

  • Feb 9, 2017
  • By Tom Seggerman

Letters to the editor

Social Security not a ‘free ride’ I would like to address an annoying issue that has been batted about for some time. Social Security and… Continue reading

  • Jan 26, 2017

Letters to the editor

Chuitna mine threatens Alaska way of life My name is Jode Sparks, and I am a 16-year old from Sterling. To many, the Kenai Peninsula… Continue reading

  • Jan 12, 2017

Hacking not tolerated, neither is unethical behavior

Let me see if I understand: Russia hacks the DNC and discovers acts they deem to be unethical by American standards. This information is then… Continue reading

  • Jan 5, 2017
  • By Bill Bailey

Surprising results to fill the assembly seat

When I first walked in the room I was immediately intimidated. I thought there had to be a mistake. I walked into the Clerk’s Office… Continue reading

  • Jan 6, 2017
  • By Breena Walters

Looking forward to a better 2017

Happy New Year to all! The evening after Christmas Day, 2016 and while contemplating possible discussion topics for our next “What the Bleep?” meeting, Marge… Continue reading

  • Jan 2, 2017
  • By Hugh R. Hays

Koch a dedicated professional

I have known Mr. Koch his entire life. I am his uncle on his mother’s side. Having spent years welcoming him and his family home… Continue reading

  • Jan 1, 2017
  • By James Rockwell

Transition to silent invocation

The following letter was submitted to Kenai Peninsula Borough Members. Dear Assembly Members: I have been considering what was said at the last Kenai Peninsula… Continue reading

  • Jan 2, 2017
  • By Julie Ball

Pioneer Potluck: About my mom’s birthdays

Born December 19, 1915, near Fort Collins, Colorado Died Feb. 3, 1999, Colorado Springs, Colorado   As you can see, our mother spent most of… Continue reading

  • Dec 27, 2016
  • By Ann 'Grannie Annie' Berg

HEA vote not a surprise

In response to the Dec. 22 article “HEA moves forward after vote,” as a multi-account HEA customer, I can explain the vote to remain supervised… Continue reading

  • Dec 27, 2016
  • By Linda Bruce

Central peninsula community generous, always there to help

On behalf of the board of directors and staff of The LeeShore Center, I would like to extend thanks and appreciation to the many community… Continue reading

  • Dec 28, 2016
  • By Cheri Smith