Support right to cultivate, sell marijuana

Last week a couple came into my store. They were both over 50 years old, quiet and seemed a little timid. I handed them our strain menu. The wife says, it’s our first time in, and it’s taken us a couple of weeks to be brave enough to visit. I tried to make them feel welcome and took a closer look. The man was thin, a bit pale and clearly sick. Our bud tenders showed them the high-CBD strain of marijuana called “Skunk Haze” which is often smoked for medical reasons. They left after spending about $20; I wished them luck.

Yesterday, the wife returned and seemed much more comfortable to be in our store. She told me that her husband has cancer. Since smoking “the skunk haze,” he is eating, sleeping better and it is helping. “It’s no miracle cure,” she said, “just making his days more comfortable and a little more normal.” She wholeheartedly thanked me.

This type of customer is not unusual for us. About 1/4th of our customers tell us they are suffering from some pain or illness and are seeking relief. Most have done their homework and read the USA government-backed studies. A few have even gotten advice from their doctors.

This coming October our rights to cultivate and sell marijuana here on the Kenai Peninsula are back on the ballot. I am asking each of you to support your local family owned cultivators, stores, and citizens who have chosen marijuana for either a way to make a living, for personal use, or relief from an illness, by voting No on Prop 1 on Oct. 3, 2017.

I am the owner of High Bush Buds, and I am proud to sell taxed, locally grown, and lab tested marijuana.