Refuge Notebook: Contact with the natural world benefits our well-being

I read in a recent newspaper article how even a brief contact with the natural world, or nature, can benefit our well-being. Researchers found that… Continue reading

Ice skating the big thing on area lakes

There are a variety of lakes that provide a perfect frozen landscape for lacing up a pair of skates, but two in the Kenai and… Continue reading

An Outdoor View: Bonefishing, Part 7

Author’s note: This column is the seventh in a series about fishing at Christmas Island in 1987. — LP Feb. 27 — Up early and… Continue reading

Ready, set, skid

Exhaust plumes toward the sky and engines rev, clattering against the icebound trees and windblown snow around the frozen lake. Drivers in refitted older cars,… Continue reading

Ways to go

Learning to move is a task that comes along just a few times per life. As an infant you get two opportunities: first learning to… Continue reading

Refuge Notebook: Magical moments on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge

I have a collection of outdoor memories I carry around in my mind at all times. These are magical and unforgettable moments I have experienced… Continue reading

Embracing winter: ice fishing on the Kenai Peninsula

Fishing across the Kenai Peninsula this time of year is easy to find, you just have to drill through a layer of ice to get… Continue reading

Snowfall increases avalanche danger in Turnagain Pass

Avalanche experts are warning people to stay away from high elevations for the next few days in the Turnagain Pass area. Heavy winds and curtains… Continue reading

An Outdoor View: Bonefishing, Part 6

Author’s note: This column is the sixth in a series about fishing at Christmas Island in 1987. — LP Feb. 26 — In the wee… Continue reading

Refuge Notebook: Lessons learned from Tierra del Fuego

People recreationally travel for many reasons, but most often it’s to see new places, do new things, eat new foods or encounter new cultures. I… Continue reading

Refuge Notebook: A splash of yellow on the winter landscape

A few years ago I received a call about an odd, unidentifiable bird. This is not an abnormal call to our office and we are… Continue reading

New years resolutions to receive big boost

Getting out and working on those New Year’s resolution fitness goals just got easier. With the start of the new year comes a bevy of… Continue reading

When bad conditions become challenging conditions

“It is not competing against yourself, or against other athletes, but it is ultimately the mountain that wins. What you realize after a time is… Continue reading

Doyle, Sexton open peninsula eyes to nearby backcountry skiing

Four hours of work for a 15-minute thrill may not sound like a reasonable payoff, but for backcountry ski enthusiasts Tony Doyle and Trent Sexton,… Continue reading

An Outdoor View: Bonefishing, Part 5

Author’s note: This column is the fifth in a series about fishing at Christmas Island in 1987. — LP My initiation to bonefishing was looking… Continue reading

Refuge Notebook: Thanks to those who serve at the Refuge

Each year — and 2017 is no exception — I look back and am thankful for the many volunteers and seasonal employees without whom the… Continue reading

Kayakers take their paddles indoors

Kayakers used to braving frigid Alaskan waters will get a chance to train in a more leisurely environment this winter. Beginning in January, the Skyview… Continue reading

The life-changing magic of being bad at things

The stubborn part of me keeps thinking I’ll find something I’m a prodigy at — that the first time I try, sparks will fly. Skiing… Continue reading

The mythology of salmon

What’s your salmon story? Everyone seems to have one. It might be about the day you struggled a massive chinook to the bank of the… Continue reading

Refuge Notebook: Alaska wild sheep and goats threatened by ‘Movi’

Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae isn’t a commonly used name in Alaska but this little pathogen has been a topic of considerable discussion and debate recently. First off,… Continue reading