Kayakers take their paddles indoors

Kayakers used to braving frigid Alaskan waters will get a chance to train in a more leisurely environment this winter. Beginning in January, the Skyview… Continue reading

The life-changing magic of being bad at things

The stubborn part of me keeps thinking I’ll find something I’m a prodigy at — that the first time I try, sparks will fly. Skiing… Continue reading

The mythology of salmon

What’s your salmon story? Everyone seems to have one. It might be about the day you struggled a massive chinook to the bank of the… Continue reading

Refuge Notebook: Alaska wild sheep and goats threatened by ‘Movi’

Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae isn’t a commonly used name in Alaska but this little pathogen has been a topic of considerable discussion and debate recently. First off,… Continue reading

An Outdoor View: Bonefishing, Part 3

Author’s note: I recently came across a journal that I kept while on a trip to Christmas Island in 1987. This column, gleaned from the… Continue reading

Refuge Notebook: Banded birds know no borders

One of the epic moments for any waterfowl hunter is the discovery of a bird band on the leg of one of their downed ducks.… Continue reading

Friday night broomball ready to roll

There is good and bad news regarding the upcoming Friday night Broomball League season in Soldotna. We’ll start with the bad news, which is the… Continue reading

Getting full look at shrinking Harding Icefield is worth it

There’s something as big as the island of Maui on the Kenai Peninsula that many locals have not seen or not seen well. Unless you’re… Continue reading

Mapping the unknown with a new friend

I met someone recently. Their name is Strava. Although our relationship is still very new, there is a lot of excitement and electricity in the… Continue reading

Refuge Notebook: Why northern pike are bad for the Kenai Peninsula

The history of northern pike in Southcentral Alaska is murky, but it goes something like this. Pike are not native to Alaska south and west… Continue reading

An Outdoor View: Bonefishing, Part 2

Author’s note: I recently came across a journal that I kept while on a trip to Christmas Island in 1987. This column, gleaned from the… Continue reading

Trail etiquette: Do’s and don’t’s of using recreation facilities around town

There’s a time and place for everything, and for local recreation trails, the emphasis lies on the place. The various trails on the central peninsula… Continue reading

Refuge Notebook: Assessing stream crossings for fish passage

The habitat restoration folks in the Kenai Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office had a summer mission. The challenge posed, which we chose to accept, was… Continue reading

Clear skies

We knew it would gush rain all weekend but decided to go anyway. I sliced off the top of a plastic milk jug and said… Continue reading

River Queens take the ice

Once the temperature drops, being a Kenai River Queen doesn’t mean you caught the biggest king — it means you’re on the ice. The Kenai… Continue reading

Refuge Notebook: An unmanned survey of a tern colony

A small breeding colony of Arctic and Aleutian Terns nests by Headquarters Lake, a convenient 15-minute walk from the Kenai Refuge office. For several years,… Continue reading

Refuge Notebook: Due dates for Kenai Refuge permits just around the corner

As I reflect on the last six months of the year, I’m appreciative of the absolute flurry of activity both recreationally and commercially here on… Continue reading

Bad weather, one step at a time

Especially for those eager to recreate on snow, the weather forecast for the next week is not pretty. Lots of clouds, rain and temperatures in… Continue reading

Relocation of the Darien-Lindgren Cabin

In 2012, I received a grant from the Kenai Mountains-Turnagain Arm National Heritage Area to develop an interpretive program for the Kenaitze Indian Tribe. My… Continue reading

‘Peaking’ my interest

I can’t exactly tell you how many peaks I’ve climbed on the Kenai Peninsula. It doesn’t have anything to do with my memory — rather,… Continue reading