An Outdoor View: Thrift stores and fishing lures

Editor’s note: Longtime Clarion outdoors columnist Les Palmer is scaling back on his writing. His column will appear every other week in the Clarion. On… Continue reading

Refuge Notebook: Celebrating wildlife mothers

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, a national holiday that President Woodrow Wilson designated in 1914 as World War I was unfolding. But, like most things… Continue reading

Yes, stinging nettles sting. But they have many assets too.

At a time of year when weeds may be getting the better of you, what sweet revenge it is to turn them into an asset.… Continue reading

To get kids outdoors, plan then go

CASPER, Wyo. (AP) — Some moms worry about daycare, others about eating schedules. I spent the first eight months of my daughter’s life obsessing about… Continue reading

Refuge Notebook: Using Drones to monitor nesting Aleutian Terns

On the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge near Headquarters Lake is a small colony of Aleutian Terns that nest alongside Arctic Terns. Aleutian Terns breed in… Continue reading

An Outdoor View: The perils of watching

Editor’s note: The Clarion previously published this column on March 4, 2005. What is the world coming to? More and more, I see examples of… Continue reading

An Outdoor View: Campfires

While talking with one of my grandsons recently, he mentioned having a bonfire on a Puget Sound beach. He said that the beach had fire… Continue reading

Plant some history in your garden with heirloom plants

You’re rummaging in the attic, in great grandma’s steamer trunk, and you come upon a dusty old packet of garden balsam seeds. An heirloom! This… Continue reading

Refuge Notebook: Surprising trees grow on the Kenai Peninsula

Last June, I was enjoying the sun while listening to music at the Kenai River Festival. If I hadn’t been sitting (and it had nothing… Continue reading

Tsalteshi applies to expand trail system

More trails may be coming soon to the Tsalteshi Trails system. The nonprofit Tsalteshi Trails Association, which maintains about 25 kilometers of trails in a… Continue reading

An Outdoor View: Distractions

While mindlessly surfing the Net the other day, I got to thinking about distractions. According to Macmillan Dictionary, a distraction is “something that gets your… Continue reading

Refuge Notebook: Spring into Earth Day

It’s spring! I celebrate this fact in the sun warming my back, the drip, drip, drip of water melting off the roof, and the patchwork… Continue reading

Rock wall offers new ascent for peninsula climbers

Local climbers gained a new foothold on the central peninsula April 8 with the opening of an indoor bouldering wall in Soldotna’s River City Wellness… Continue reading

Travels, treks and trout

For some avid anglers, even the prolific fishing opportunities in the Last Frontier are sometimes not enough. That was true for Soldotna resident Bruce King,… Continue reading

Edamame in the garden are flavorful and easy to grow

Move over, tempeh, tofu, miso, soy sauce, soy milk and other processed soy foods. Make way for edamame. This is the soybean in its most… Continue reading

Refuge Notebook: American marten on the Kenai are climate change ‘winners’

I skied Resurrection Trail from Hope to Cooper Landing, a fun adventure that I haven’t done in several years. On both trips, I saw lots… Continue reading

An Outdoor View: Tomorrow’s charter

Judging by the increasing use of robots, in a few years they’ll be doing pretty much everything. Imagine a halibut-fishing charter in, say, 2027. You’ll… Continue reading

Bikepacking adds a dose of fun to backpacking

By JOHN MARSHALL Associated Press PHOENIX — Backpacking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors with the added bonus of getting a little exercise.… Continue reading

Refuge Notebook: Killing Elodea under the ice

Elodea, the first nonnative submersed freshwater plant to invade Alaska, was discovered on the Kenai Peninsula in late 2012. We now know that a hybrid… Continue reading