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New England Patriots Deatrich Wise Jr. #91 in action against the Los Angeles Rams during NFL Super Bowl 53, Sunday, February 3, 2019 in Atlanta. The Patriots won 13-3. (AP Photo/Gregory Payan)

Unhinged Alaska: The big bowl that wasn’t

By halftime they were ready to switch to the highlights of the earlier Puppy Bowl.


Unhinged Alaska: You think this is cold?

I have received several emails text-mumbling about the sheets of cold air blanketing the area lately. Why, I’m not quite sure. They must be coming… Continue reading


Unhinged Alaska: A different kind of gift

Dec. 11, 2018 nearly slowed my Christmas spirit roll to a complete stop when Old Man Winter suddenly showed up flinging copious quantities of freezing… Continue reading


Ponders from an old, semi-benchwarmer

Now that major feasting has morphed into refrigerator raids on leftover stashes left unguarded and not frozen into future homemade TV dinners, it’s time to… Continue reading

Rusty Taylor and his partner, Danny Williamson, carve 50-55 pumpkins annually on Halloween. (Juli Leonard/Raleigh News & Observer/TNS)

Unhinged Alaska: Bobbin’ for Apples

If you take a quick peek around the corner of tomorrow, you will see Halloween lurking there. It used to be a time where diminutive… Continue reading

Rusty Taylor and his partner, Danny Williamson, carve 50-55 pumpkins annually on Halloween. (Juli Leonard/Raleigh News & Observer/TNS)

A different kind of stash

A few weeks ago, my bride picked up a chest cold that was so nasty her coughs and sneezes began to register on seismic meters… Continue reading

The Bobber Boys strike out

Well, Mother Nature certainly has been bouncing through a few schizoid moods lately. One week she came in styling, all gussied up in a fleecy-clouds… Continue reading

The northern horde descends

My wife and I never travel on Memorial Day weekend for three reasons. The first being that we would be heading into a mass of… Continue reading

Unhinged Alaska: The strange saga of the Roundup Man

I’m starting to think that spring may be finally getting off its ample duff to roll up its sleeves and warm things up around here.… Continue reading

Unhinged Alaska: Big Duke and the hawks of spring

I have recently rebooted my attempt to meditate and have achieved a personal level of bliss of just under thirty seconds before something goes sideways… Continue reading

Unhinged Alaska: The Winter Olympics Sleep Deprivation Syndrome

It has taken a few weeks but I can finally walk a few steps without falling asleep while crossing the front room. This newly acquired… Continue reading

Unhinged Alaska: Shaken, not stirred

So, there I was all kicked back in my recliner surfing the aging buffet of recycled movies on HBO wondering if it was worth keeping… Continue reading

Unhinged Alaska: High Arctic memories

An old buddy contacted me just after the first of the year and I was a bit stunned because I haven’t heard from him since… Continue reading

Unhinged Alaska: Let’s try this again, Santa

Dear St. Nicholas, I’m certain that you are going to look at the return address before opening this letter and experience immediate blood pressure issues.… Continue reading

Unhinged Alaska: Murder most fowl on the Butterball Express

What is it about turkeys that cause so much chaos around the holidays? Some people go ape trying to figure out the perfect way to… Continue reading

Unhinged Alaska: Hitchcock would be embarrassed

There is something seriously askew in our little piece of paradise when it comes to the bird population hanging in the ‘hood this time of… Continue reading

Unhinged Alaska: When the cranes split, chaos ensues

Last Sunday morning while I was deeply engrossed in a Don Wilson’s novel called “The Cartel,” my bride suddenly burst through the front door and… Continue reading

Unhinged Alaska: The pragmatic wife and the seasoned piscatorian

I can’t recall exactly how many times through the years I’ve been asked, “What the #*%^ is so addicting about fishing? You’re always up before… Continue reading

Unhinged Alaska: The fish assassin

When the fish are running, I have two friends who come close to losing their collective minds. Turk’s a river runner while Willie is a… Continue reading

Unhinged Alaska: Rusty skills and a petulant pup

The cabin was steeped in an early morn nippiness spawned by a canopy of dank clouds weeping tiresome showers when our dog Howard decided to… Continue reading