‘Peaking’ my interest

I can’t exactly tell you how many peaks I’ve climbed on the Kenai Peninsula. It doesn’t have anything to do with my memory — rather,… Continue reading

Swap and shop: Kenai Central Ski Team holds sports swap

For anyone in the market for sports equipment, whether looking to start skiing or needing a new Frisbee, Kenai Central High School will have the… Continue reading

Refuge Notebook: Flying into the future

I am jealous of birds. They fly. In my imagination, the mobility of flight would open up so many possibilities. The first bird found in… Continue reading

Refuge Notebook: Northern Groundcones – the cure for cancer?

In the 1992 movie “Medicine Man,” Sean Connery plays a scientist who discovers the cure for cancer in a rare ant species in the Amazon… Continue reading

An Outdoor View: Shrews

Author’s note: The Clarion first published this column on Sept. 18, 1987. I’ve edited it for brevity. — LP Unless you live in Australia or… Continue reading

Out of the Office: Hands on

A palm reader once told me I’d marry a dark-haired man, but wouldn’t lead a long life. Since then, I’ve decided I don’t believe in… Continue reading

Trapping season approaches

Regulations for trapping throughout the state vary, but trapping season on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge is almost here. Anyone looking for a unique way… Continue reading

Refuge Notebook: Secure natal dens are vital for many carnivorous mammals

A hidden, secure place to give birth to and rear young is vital to many carnivorous mammals. This is especially true for solitary carnivores in… Continue reading

Silver derby wraps up with 200+ entries

With the first Kenai River Silver Salmon Derby officially closed, the Kenai Chamber of Commerce is calling it a success. The derby organizers weighed their… Continue reading

An Outdoor View: On risks, disasters and deprivation

With so many people having to leave their homes due to natural disasters in recent weeks, I got to thinking about disasters. During the hurricanes,… Continue reading

Wheel of Silvers

Editor's note: This article has been corrected to show the magic weight on Wednesday was determined to be 7.85 pounds. At the close of the… Continue reading

Refuge Notebook: One thing leads to another: Big-ear radix snails on the Kenai Peninsula

“Sometimes one thing leads to another.” This is a quote from a Refuge Notebook article I had written about the Kenai Peninsula’s first exotic freshwater… Continue reading

Rain putting a damper on summer, fall activities

If it seems like the fall season in Alaska is upon us, you’d be wrong. Technically. Technically, autumn does not begin for another week, Sept.… Continue reading

Weekend 9-11 rodeo to pay tribute to veterans, police, servicemen

With the 16th anniversary of the tragic events of Sept. 11 approaching, the men and women who commit their lives to protect their community and… Continue reading

An Outdoor View: How to catch silvers

Early this week, I was fishing for Kenai River silvers from a neighbor’s dock in Sterling. It felt good to be on the river, but… Continue reading

Refuge Notebook: Mystery solved!

Earlier this spring, while passing a recently fallowed hay field, I noticed some large white birds wandering through the grass. At first glance, I thought… Continue reading

The loon

You’ve probably seen it already: a solitary yellow leaf on the sidewalk or the surface of a pond, or stuck to your car’s damp windshield… Continue reading

Mountain goats and milkshakes: the summer to-do list

I crossed a few things off my summer bucket list this week, including mountain goats and milkshakes. The to-do list I put together in April… Continue reading

Refuge Notebook: How invasive plants invade the landscape

I just returned from the Dalton Highway, a thousand-mile road trip from Soldotna that can take as long as you want. Sometimes I do this… Continue reading

An Outdoor View: Harbor talk

Author’s note: This column first appeared in the Clarion in 1993. It’s as true today as ever. — LP I don’t know how the guys… Continue reading