Letter to the Editor: In support of Paul Seaton

Those of us who live on the Southern Kenai Peninsula are fortunate to have Paul Seaton as our State House Representative. Regardless of whether you… Continue reading

Bob Franken: The mob job

If Bob Dylan had been a reactionary, his song “The Times They Are a-Changin’” would instead have been called “The Times They Cannot Change and… Continue reading

Opinion: Ballot Measure 1 is bad law

As former attorneys general, and Alaskans fortunate enough to call this great state home, we urge Alaskans to vote “No” on Ballot Measure 1. The… Continue reading

Voices of the Peninsula: Lisa, Kavanaugh and abortion

Forty-one years in Alaska and two runs for the U.S. Senate myself against Ted Stevens and Mark Begich have provided me abundant opportunity to see… Continue reading

Letter to the editor: My vote for Alyse Galvin

My vote for Alyse Galvin I am so very proud and appreciative of Sen. Lisa Murkowski for acting on principle rather than partisanship. She is… Continue reading

Letter to the editor: Vote YES on Ballot Measure 1

If you are uncertain about how to vote on our ballot measure 1 Stand for Salmon Initiative on Nov. 6 because you’ve heard so many… Continue reading

Rich Lowry: Hillary’s #MeToo nightmare

Hillary Clinton won the political battle over Bill Clinton’s sexual misadventures in the 1990s, at the cost of having to litigate them forevermore. In the… Continue reading

Voices of the Peninsula: ‘Stand for Salmon’ and protect Alaska’s most precious resource

When I see professional fishing guides or the commercial fisher on the “Stand for Alaska” advertisement encouraging Alaskans to vote against Ballot Measure 1, I… Continue reading

Rich Lowry: The left’s foolhardy attack on the Senate

Democrats suffered a stinging loss in the fight over Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, and have concluded that the constitutional system is to blame. You see, if… Continue reading

Letter to the editor: Micciche right on crime

As a person who is deeply active in my community and concerned about crime, I know where Peter Micciche stands. As the head of Crime… Continue reading

Bob Franken: The country’s road ruts

”Country roads, take me home, To the place I belong, West Virginia, mountain mama, Take me home, country roads.” If John Denver were to write… Continue reading

Letter to the editor: Reading up on Prop 1

When I spoke to the person at the ‘No on 1’ table at the State Fair, he gave me a copy of Proposition 1. I… Continue reading

Cal Thomas: Susan Collins’ finest hour

In a speech announcing her vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) reminded me of some of the great… Continue reading

Rich Lowry: Atticus Finch was on the wrong side

By RICH LOWRY It’s time for “To Kill a Mockingbird” to give up its treasured place in American culture. The 1960 novel by Harper Lee… Continue reading

Kavanaugh steals the spotlight from Mueller … for now

By BOB FRANKEN Let’s test our memories: How many recall Robert Mueller? I’ll give you a hint: Second only to President Donald Trump, he has… Continue reading

Letter to the editor: In support of Mark Begich

In support of Mark Begich Mark Begich has two opponents for governor. When I look at all three, Begich leads out in all the ways… Continue reading

Letter to the editor: Err on the side of the environment

There are many misconceptions regarding the Stand for Salmon initiative, Proposition 1. I hope to resolve some of the confusion. I retired from the Alaska… Continue reading

No, Kavanaugh didn’t lie

By RICH LOWRY Brett Kavanaugh gave high-profile testimony that very few people seem to have paid attention to in any detail. The media is now… Continue reading

Secondhand Smoke — Time to Take It Outside

Americans have known for decades about the wide variety of health problems caused by smoking cigarettes. But breathing other people’s cigarette smoke, sometimes called “secondhand… Continue reading

Board of Fisheries Should Act to Protect Wild Salmon Stocks

When the Alaska Board of Fisheries meets in Anchorage this October, it can act to place the protection of wild stocks of salmon above expansion… Continue reading