Cal Thomas: What’s wrong with Florida elections?

MIAMI — Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) had the best line when it comes to the latest Florida election in which contests for governor and the… Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: The Borough Assembly should spend no more money on the invocation issue

We are a nation established on the concept of numerous freedoms including two fundamental protections of: 1. The separation of church and state, the basic… Continue reading

Rich Lowry: No, Trump is not diminished

Midterm losses typically humble a sitting president of the United States, but Donald Trump is beyond humbling. He is the most unbowed president ever to… Continue reading

Letter to the editor: Journalists are not the enemy of the people

On Wednesday afternoon, the President of the United States engaged in another unprovoked verbal attack on the news media during a post-election press conference. Wednesday… Continue reading

Letter to the editor: Why I support Peter A. Micciche for Alaska Senator

For 13 years I was the Kenai Peninsula Fair manager and in that position, I got to work with a lot of different people and… Continue reading

Bob Franken: Election season is just getting started

Mornings are somewhat brighter, but it’s still a day of mourning. The switch from daylight saving to standard time is an admission that we can’t… Continue reading

Kenai Soil & Water Conservation District Resolution: Ask biologists, salmon need legal help

The Board of Supervisors of the Kenai Soil & Water Conservation District adopted the following resolution at its October meeting: WHEREAS, Wild salmon have been… Continue reading

Opinion: Dunleavy may crash Alaska’s fragile economy

Mike Dunleavy didn’t give Alaska Federation of Natives attendees much to cheer about in mid-October (which seems an eternity away in politics). People did clap… Continue reading

Opinion: Why I support Peter Micciche

Of the candidates for Senate District O, Peter Micciche scores highest using my evaluation criteria: (1) Experience. Peter demonstrated a hard work ethic, trustworthiness and… Continue reading

Letter to the editor: A state representative for all citizens

District 31 is made up of a politically diverse and savvy population. We are outspoken on issues and I love that about our part of… Continue reading

Rich Lowry: America has a loser problem

It’s not any less awful for being so familiar. The last three high-profile attacks that have convulsed the nation, two in just the past week… Continue reading

Letter to the editor: Ballot Measure 1 is bad for the Arctic

Alaskans have always been territorial and rightfully so. After all, even pre-statehood, D.C. lawmakers and Lower 48 special interests worked hard and spent heavily to… Continue reading

Letter to the editor: Independents, wolves in sheep’s clothing

I cannot support Ballot measure 1 as it was poorly written by outside environmental activist. We already have the most stringent environmental laws in the… Continue reading

Bob Franken: The violent presidency

Republicans have always justified their preferential treatment of the super-wealthy by trotting out the bogus “trickle-down theory.” They argue that as the rich get richer,… Continue reading

Letter to the editor: What I know about Mark Begich

What I know about Mark Begich I know who I am going to vote for as our next governor and I know why. I know,… Continue reading

Letter to the editor: Serve your country

In my opinion, many Americans find Trump to be a divisive president who fertilizes false beliefs throughout the nation with his lies. I remind them… Continue reading

Letter to the editor: Save our salmon

Wild salmon were once abundant on several continents for many centuries. The only place on the planet that wild salmon still survive is in Alaska.… Continue reading

Cal Thomas: The sickness spreads

Just in time for Halloween comes a former male stripper, who drove a van with Trump stickers plastered all over it, being charged with sending… Continue reading

Letter to the editor: The invocation policy and separation of church and state

We have respect for individuals’ belief in some form of spiritual guidance in their personal lives. However, we, along with many others, believe prayer to… Continue reading

Rich Lowry: The caravan is real

The last thing the left wants prior to the midterms is an image dramatizing the weakness of our southern border. So the caravan of thousands… Continue reading

  • Oct 28, 2018