Letter to the editor: Your vote matters

The October 2 borough-wide election is fast approaching. Your vote helps decide the future of the borough, including funding for our schools, our hospital, our… Continue reading

Stinky cheese

The human tragedy and cataclysmic damage of devastating storms like Florence, Harvey and Maria are natural disasters that mercifully divert the news emphasis, just for… Continue reading

What others say: Time to re-evaluate approach to suicide

The mysterious case of longtime Fairbanksan Paul Pasika, who died alone of an apparent suicide in his home — where he remained for years —… Continue reading

Who has it Right?

Is this the most important election in Alaska’s history? Judging from the number of outrageous and atrocious posts by prejudiced partisan “journalists” alone, one would… Continue reading

Do your homework, voters

We are quickly entering the election season here in Alaska. We will be electing local, state and federal officials to represent our interests. Unfortunately, most… Continue reading

Show up to support Kenai football

A reminder to followers of Kenai Central High School football. This week is homecoming. It would be nice to see a lot of red and… Continue reading

Republican Party off the Mark #1

Paul Seaton didn’t abandon the Republican Party, the party has strayed away from responsible politics. Many of us have been left out. Some of the… Continue reading

An economic boom is a terrible thing to waste

President Donald Trump is showing that it’s possible to preside over a period of peace and prosperity and still be notably unpopular. Over the past… Continue reading

Salmon Hatcheries Support Alaskans, and Feed the World

Salmon hatcheries support Alaskans and feed the world When the Good Friday earthquake shook Alaska in 1964, the damage wasn’t confined to buildings and homes.… Continue reading

Kavanaugh bad for Alaska’s Tribes

On Tuesday, Sept. 4 the Senate Judiciary Committee began confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s nominee to the United States Supreme Court. His confirmation… Continue reading

The Gershwin chortle

“They all laughed at Christopher Columbus, When he said the world was round. They all laughed when Edison recorded sound. They all laughed at Wilbur… Continue reading

What others say: A move toward a move respectful media conversation?

There are some interesting facts to be found in a new Pew Research Center survey about Facebook. The survey results were released this month. It… Continue reading

A history lesson

They don’t teach history, at least American history, like they did when I attended public school. That’s why the recent hearings on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s… Continue reading

Legislature should make decisions on state fisheries

Ballot Measure 1 is a risky way to make law. The measure is a reaction to Pebble Mine, but would affect economic development throughout Alaska.… Continue reading

Butler still in the race

To paraphrase Mark Twain, the report of my dropping out is exaggerated. Due to some unverified information, and the way that the Alaska Division of… Continue reading

A Senior’s perspective on Senator Peter Micciche

As a senior and senior citizen advocate, I pay attention to political races in areas other than my local District 31. The representation by Sen.… Continue reading

What others say: Mallott must ensure election integrity

The voting irregularities discovered after the primary election vote in House District 15 down in Anchorage might seem to be a distant issue of no… Continue reading

Eminently qualified Kavanaugh facing hostile Democrats

Since Robert Bork’s “borking” 30 years ago, Senate Judiciary Committee hearings for a high court nominee by a Republican president have become predictable. Democrats, who… Continue reading

The blue-collar recovery

The economic recovery is really beginning to reach into Trump country. The president is famous for his extravagant promises, involving, invariably, the biggest and the… Continue reading

What others say: Stopping abuses of power starts with holding perpetrators to account

A recent spate of complaints about crimes and abuses perpetrated or ignored by rural law enforcement officials shines a light on a serious problem in… Continue reading