Minister's message

Northern lights shine over Diamond Ridge about 8:30 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 4, in Homer, Alaska. (Photo by Michael Armstrong/Homer News)

Minister’s Message: Darkness and Light

Growing up just 160 miles from the Arctic Circle, it would get very dark in late December. We had as much as 22 and a… Continue reading


Minister’s Message: The wisdom of reading the Bible

Who among us readers hasn’t been caught using a word we didn’t know the meaning of? We might use a word that sounds right but… Continue reading


Minister’s Message: The Light has come

Today is the day — December 21st — the longest day of darkness. Throughout the ages and the world’s vast geography the presence of light… Continue reading


Christmas reminds us that hope wins out over fear

In the Christmas classic, “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” there is a wonderful scene. Everyone starts laughing at Charlie Brown because he has purchased a scraggly,… Continue reading

Minister’s Message: Thank a veteran this Veterans Day

I just happen to be a Gulf War Veteran that was randomly selected to write the Minister’s Message for the Clarion. My immigrant grandfather served… Continue reading

Minister’s Message: Against monsters, light always wins

As I write this, Halloween is just a day away and we are making preparations for the costumed horde to swoop in for all the… Continue reading

Minister’s Message: Seasons Change — From Death to Life

Seasons change. Our glorious fall on the Kenai Peninsula was highlighted with amazing colors and warm weather. Now the daylight hours are getting shorter and… Continue reading

Beyond reason: Looking to the Scriptures for answers

What if a famous scientist or a noted professor invited you to debate and reason about topics in their field of expertise? The discussion will… Continue reading