An overwhelming confidence

Are you overwhelmed by huge obstacles? Consider God: His character, provision and promises.



Minister’s Message: The hand of God shapes us into beauty

God is expertly working for those who love him to bring about good in us.



Minister’s Message: The amazing promise of grace

Grace is not a one and done experience with God.


Minister’s Message: In God’s eyes, all lives matter

Therefore our nation must seek God-honoring solutions to end all racial inequity.

Minister’s Message: Finding hope in dark times

A life lived without hope is like a life lived without love.

Minister’s Message: Faith is more than a leap

Climbing up a bedroom structure almost three times his height, my three-and-half-year-old son donned in his Superman pajamas quietly and quickly ascended to the top.… Continue reading

Minister’s Message: The greatest love of all

I like Valentine’s Day. All the bright hearts, sweets, poems of love and affection, flowers, cards, etc., are fun to give and receive. Florists are… Continue reading

Minister’s Message: Don’t forget your main gig — loving others is loving God

Last year Harvard Business Review published an article, “Thriving in the Gig Economy.” They noted that around 150 million people in North America and Western… Continue reading

Minister’s Message: Living in Accordance with God’s Plan

In John 16, Jesus is explaining to the disciples that He is going away. He is referring to His death and resurrection. Thus far, the… Continue reading

Minister’s Message: In answer to the question, ‘Who Cares?’

Definition of Loss is any major reduction in a person’s resources, whether personal, material, or symbolic, to which the person was emotionally attached. Types of… Continue reading

Minister’s Message: Thank a veteran this Veterans Day

I just happen to be a Gulf War Veteran that was randomly selected to write the Minister’s Message for the Clarion. My immigrant grandfather served… Continue reading

Minister’s Message: Against monsters, light always wins

As I write this, Halloween is just a day away and we are making preparations for the costumed horde to swoop in for all the… Continue reading

Minister’s Message: Seasons Change — From Death to Life

Seasons change. Our glorious fall on the Kenai Peninsula was highlighted with amazing colors and warm weather. Now the daylight hours are getting shorter and… Continue reading

People valuing people is what makes our country good

How would you define a model citizen of the United States? How would such a person live? What would a good citizen do and value?… Continue reading

Minister’s message: How to take a break

A quote that is attributed to Aristotle observes that “nature abhors a vacuum.” He based his conclusion on the observation that nature requires every space… Continue reading

Come to Me and I will give you rest

It was during the Jewish harvest festival that Jesus shouted out these words. It isn’t difficult to imagine the setting. They had a long season… Continue reading

Church and life as we know it

Looking at the state of world beyond the Kenai Peninsula, I can see why so many have an increased amount of anxiety. It is at… Continue reading

Construction equipment sits among dirt piles outside the Trinity Christian Center on Monday, Aug. 6, 2018 near Soldotna. (Photo by Elizabeth Earl/Peninsula Clarion)

Work in progress

A fresh coat of concrete and new classrooms are going up at the Trinity Christian Center on the hill outside Soldotna. The church, recognizable for… Continue reading

Construction equipment sits among dirt piles outside the Trinity Christian Center on Monday, Aug. 6, 2018 near Soldotna. (Photo by Elizabeth Earl/Peninsula Clarion)

Minster’s message: Noise

Different seasons of the year are different in appearance, activity, and atmosphere. Each season is unique in those aspects. One factor stands out to me… Continue reading