Board of Fish adds 1 district-wide opener for drifters

Editor's note: This article has been updated to clarify that the Board of Fisheries did not add an additional period, but added the option for… Continue reading

Most agree time to help early-run Kenai kings

Although fisheries users differ on technicalities, most of them agreed that the Kenai River’s early run of king salmon needs long-term help. The early run,… Continue reading

Board of Fish takes steps to prevent Kasilof terminal harvest area use

Managers, Board of Fisheries members and the public agree on at least one thing about the Kasilof River commercial fisheries management: Stay out of the… Continue reading

Board loosens some season restrictions on setnetters

Upper Cook Inlet’s east side setnetters may get more fishing time next season. The Board of Fisheries passed two proposals Tuesday that relaxed some of… Continue reading

Board rewrites Kenai late-run king plan

After a day of heavy clashes and divided votes, the Board of Fisheries reformed late-run king salmon management on the Kenai River to loosen restrictions… Continue reading

Truth in numbers: Board of Fisheries debates sockeye escapement, increases inriver goal

Editor's note: This article has been corrected to reflect that the Board of Fisheries changed the upper tier of the inriver goal from 1.3 million… Continue reading

Delayed information leads to confusion over king goals

One common thread running through the discussion over the new large-fish Kenai king salmon goals: Frustration at being late to the game. Members of the… Continue reading

Some question value of Kenai sockeye optimum escapement goal

There’s one thing that people at the Board of Fisheries agreed on on Sunday — the escapement goal management for the Kenai River late-run sockeye… Continue reading

Public battles over drift fishing corridors at fish board

To be or not to be is the question for the Upper Cook Inlet drift gillnet fishing corridor. The corridor, which restricts Cook Inlet’s 500-some… Continue reading

More restrictions proposed for Northern District setnetters

Setnetting on the beaches of northern Cook Inlet isn’t a very visible fishery, but participants argue it’s a viable one. The Northern Cook Inlet setnet… Continue reading

Fish and Game presents rationale on big fish king goal

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game wants to transition the Kenai River early and late king salmon run escapement goals to count big fish… Continue reading