The Bookworm Sez: When Father really did know best

“Just wait ‘til your father gets home!” Once upon a time, those words struck fear into every child’s heart. When your father got home, punishment… Continue reading

Bookworm Sez: Getting from Point A to Point B

From here to there. That’s where you need to move your stuff: from Point A to Point B. Take it out of one place and… Continue reading

Reeling it in: ‘The Dark Tower’ tumbles on the screen

“The Dark Tower” 1 hour, 35 minutes There was a time when sci-fi/fantasy/comic book adaptations were not the go to Hollywood studio tentpole, but rather… Continue reading

Nature photographer focuses on hard-to-see birds, plants

From deep in the trees comes the voice of a bird. Even without looking up from his fishing, George Kirsch can identify it by the… Continue reading

Kenai Peninsula Orchestra to play weekend concert

When Tammy Vollom-Matturro leads the Kenai Peninsula Orchestra through their Summer Gala Concert this weekend, she’ll be standing in front of the largest string section… Continue reading

What’s Happening

First Thursday • KDLL’s fifth annual BBQ, Burgers and Blues fundraiser will take place from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday at the Vagabond Inn… Continue reading

The Bookworm Sez: A lot of appeal in ‘The Boss’

Somebody needs to call the shots. Leading by committee may seem equal, right? Everybody should have a voice, but there has to be a head… Continue reading

Can big-screen comedy survive the superhero era?

NEW YORK — Days before the opening of the Will Ferrell-Amy Poehler comedy “The House,” producer Adam McKay could see the writing on the wall.… Continue reading

Reeling it in: The Webslinger comes home

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” Columbia Pictures 2 hours, 13 minutes I can remember a time not too long ago when the concept of a Spider-Man movie seemed… Continue reading

Behind blue doors: What’s happening at the Kenai Fine Art Center

There is a lot in the works behind the blue doors of the Kenai Fine Arts Center over the next three months, including individual shows,… Continue reading

Poet’s Corner: Larry

Larry By Gaye LaRane, Kenai Larry sits on the rocks shapeless in green hooded jacket and sweat pants. His white socked and black flip-flopped feet… Continue reading

Reeling it in: ‘Lost City’ worth exploring

“The Lost City of Z” Amazon Studios 2 hours, 21 minutes “The Lost City of Z” may be the best film I’ve seen this year… Continue reading

Poet’s Corner: Active. vs. Inactive

Active vs. Inactive By Bonnie Marie Playle, Soldotna While living in active alcoholism/addiction is most assuredly hell, the storms created cause quite a swell. Walking… Continue reading

Reeling it in: ‘Cars 3’ back in the ring

“Cars 3” Pixar Animation Studios 1 hour, 49 minutes In the years since the original “Cars” came out, I’ve become a kind of apologist for… Continue reading

The Bookworm Sez: Best band ever? Read and decide

There are places you remember. And things: the basement rec room in your parents’ house, where the family stereo sat. Your upstairs bedroom, and the… Continue reading

The Bookworm Sez: ‘Once a Cop’ walks both sides of the street

You’ve changed your mind. That’s allowed, you know. You can go in a different direction, pick something else, try another thing, have do-overs, or have… Continue reading

What’s Happening

Best Bets n Family Fun in the Midnight Sun is Saturday at the North Peninsula Recreation Center in Nikiski. The event kicks off with a… Continue reading

Reeling it in: ‘The Mummy’ comes unraveled

“The Mummy” Universal Pictures 1 hour, 50 minutes One of the most surprising parts of this week’s “The Mummy” happened before the movie actually started… Continue reading

Organically grown, locally produced stories

Stories your neighbors have told around campfires and dinner tables are now being told through a microphone to a public audience during occasional live storytelling… Continue reading

The Bookworm Sez: ‘Splitopia’ takes a different look at divorce

You two have been fighting a lot lately. There’s a lot of he said/she said going on. Blaming. Anger, too, and there’s simply no way… Continue reading