Erase My Back Pain Reviews: Effective Emily Lark Healthy Back to Life Program?

Back to Life is a fitness regimen that helps consumers to alleviate back pain naturally, rather than going through surgery or taking excessive amounts of medication. The program was created to work for all ages and fitness levels, and users won’t have to take up much of their time to get the desired results.

In order to properly review the Erase My Back Pain program by Emily Lark, there needs to be a deep dive into all of the available details to see if this Back to Life Complete Healthy Back System works for both men and women to unlock your body’s natural alignment and vitality.

What is Back to Life?

The aging process impacts everyone to a different level of severity. While problems with memory and arthritis can be incredibly cumbersome, the back tends to get the short end of the stick with weakness. The body simply doesn’t have the same level of support between the vertebrae that it used to, putting the individual at a greater risk for injury than any other point in their life.

Going through any kind of pain can be overwhelming and frustrating. However, back pain is a completely different issue. This type of pain is often indicative of bigger problems, and a flare-up can quickly render someone unable to do anything else with their day. Many culprits can initially cause this back pain, like an injury or a slipped disk. No one wants to be paralyzed with pain, which is why Back to Life addresses these types of concerns.

Back to Life focuses on a particular type of stretch that anyone should be able to do to eliminate pain quickly. It can ease stiffness and take away the tension of the user’s sciatica. Overall, the routine takes about ten minutes, helping users to cope with a condition called Crossed Syndrome. Crossed Syndrome essentially pulls the spine and pelvis out of alignment, causing the nerves to be pinched as the entire body endures pain. It is all broken down into a three-part video series, helping users to get rid of the pain at home by themselves.

Along with the alleviation from back pain, this program helps users to deal with weight gains and supports loss. It strengthens the user’s core, which inherently improves the stomach, hips, and thighs more effectively than the majority of fitness programs that target “trouble spots.” Due to the improved regulation of different areas of the body, Back to Life also helps consumers with depression, anxiety, insomnia, and acid reflux.

Why Get Involved?

So far, over 150,000 people have managed to find success with the use of the Back to Life’s Erase My Back Pain program and what it provides. The program was developed by a fitness expert that used the program as her own way to heal and improve her figure. By engaging in the routine, the main benefit is that users can reduce their stiffness in their muscles, helping them to go on with their day pain-free. The predominant reason that people get involved with this program has to do with the benefits for the user’s back.

The savings that users get from choosing this program over all other methods of alleviating back pain is also impressive Getting weekly treatments for physical therapy costs hundreds of dollars per session. Even a gym membership to work out and get mobile costs a lot of money. With this program, users only get a one-time charge for endless access.

As the user goes through the routine, they’ll put their body back in alignment. This structure helps users to repair the damage they’ve sustained as they promote better immunity. It also reduces how much stress is on the joints, making it easier to avoid pain in the knees and the rest of the body.

As their body goes back into alignment, the mind gets aligned too. It helps users to improve their hormone levels to improve weight management and support the muscles. Once the user feels more like themselves again, they can go back to the active lifestyle that they enjoyed before. They even maintain serotonin levels healthily to ensure that their stress doesn’t cause them to overeat.

Purchasing Access to Back to Life

For consumers that want to get involved with the Back to Life program, there are two options offer – a digital download of the program or a digital download with the physical version.

Regardless of the option that users choose, the total cost will still be $37. The only difference is that users who want the physical product with the digital download will have to pay the cost of shipping and handling.

With this purchase, consumers will have access to the Back to Life Companion Manual as well. This manual is a gift to users, provided at no additional cost. The use of the manual allows users to access the content anywhere without having to shell out more money for this kind of access.

If the user goes through the program and doesn’t get the desired results, they have up to 60 days to request a refund from the creators. However, they will have to relinquish access to the materials.

Bonus Content

Along with the main program, consumers will have access to some bonus content that allows them to further expand upon the techniques that the video series offers. The first bonus, which is listed above, is the Full-Color Companion Manual. Though it is worth $29, users will not have to pay anything extra. It shows users all of the movements they should take on to get relief with in-color pictures. There’s also a reference guide that gives users quick access to the information that they need without participating in the full videos.

Next, there’s the Health Back Checklist. This guide provides users with the ability to take on small changes in their routine that can make a difference in how well they heal. Some of the tips include ways that the user can stop the pain, positions that they can use while sleeping to take off pressure, and how diet and nutrition can improve the body. This checklist also includes what shoes the user can purchase to help them reduce back pain.

Frequently Asked Questions About Back to Life

Will users be able to perform the movements of Back to Life if they are not flexible?

The whole point of this regimen is to make it easier for consumers to get their back in shape, regardless of the current state of their body. It is not a strenuous routine, but it provides a therapeutic solution for alleviating back pain. It doesn’t put the user through any movement that would cause more pain.

Will consumers over age 60 be able to do the program?

Yes. The different phases provide the use with modifications and different skill levels to work with any age or shape. During the first video, consumers can even sit down in a chair to perform each of the movements. Consumers with limited mobility should have no issue with the required exercise.

What if consumers have a busy schedule?

This program is filled with movements that won’t take up much of the user’s time. Some of the movements only take about 30 seconds to perform, and they can be done while the user simply sits down during a meal or even at work. There are also soothing routines that help the user to relax.

What if this program doesn’t work for the user?

The creators offer a 60-day return policy, giving the user a full refund if they don’t get the desired results.

Will users be charged multiple times for access to the content?

No. Users only have to make a one-time payment.

The customer service team is available for any other concerns by sending an email to support@backtolifesystem.com. Consumers can also call 1-800-390-6035.


Back to Life’s Erase My Back Pain program provides consumers with a way to improve their back pain without putting themselves through a strenuous or even painful routine. The Complete Healthy Back System program by Emily Lark will strengthen multiple parts of the body, especially the core muscles, helping consumers to improve their strength and weight loss efforts. Users will gradually improve their health and alleviate pain without committing to any physical therapy or surgery.


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