Exodus Effect Reviews: Is It Worth Buying? Shocking Truth Exposed!

If you love reading the bible or you would like to know about the interesting things contained deep in the bible, then you’ve come to the right place. The Exodus Effect will teach you how to make anointing oil according to the bible. God created anointing oil in the book of Exodus. The holy book has mentioned all the ingredients you need to prepare the anointing oil. Anointing oil has many benefits for people, such as giving the body strength to fight against illnesses and reducing pain. Moreover, anointing oil also has spiritual uses and will leave you spiritually nourished if you are a staunch Christian or believer in a supreme being.

What is the Exodus Effect?

The Exodus Effect book contains important bible scriptures that have been forgotten. It includes ingredients on how to prepare anointing oil, which has been derived from the bible. However, they have added other secret ingredients which were not mentioned in modern bibles because they were not included during the translation of the languages. The book lists the steps, components, and procedures of preparing anointing oil the way it was done in the bible. When you follow the steps, you will create anointing oil that was initially done in the bible. The anointing oil does not contain substances that will make you get high, like THC. It contains natural ingredients that will help you in your spiritual journey and strengthen your body to fight against illnesses. Anointing oil is usually used during the anointing of priests and other Christian occasions. This book contains secret ingredients that cannot be found elsewhere.

When you follow the steps of creating anointing oil from the bible, you will not get the original oil used by the Israelites while in the wilderness. The Exodus Effect has listed an extra ingredient that was not mentioned in all the modern bibles as it was lost in translation. There are many benefits of using the oil, and the Exodus Effect will help you obtain those benefits from the comfort of your own home.

The book has incorporated both religious and scientific points of view. Their claims of the missing ingredient need to be backed by science. The Exodus Effect is primarily a Christian book, but the claims in the book have been researched, and there are scientific references. They incorporated both religious and scientific points to enable readers to see that the interpretations in the book are accurate.

Who created the book the Exodus Effect?

Pastor Andrew and Dr. Bennet created the book. Both men are Christians and are devoted to the word of God. Both creators contributed to the book according to their capacities as pastors and doctors. Dr. Bennet contributed to the scientific viewpoints and helped verify and create evidence of the statements made in the book. Dr. Bennet and Pastor Andrew belong to Divinity Origins LLC. The Divinity Origins LLC is responsible for publishing the Exodus Effect.

How will the Exodus Effect benefit you?

When you read the Exodus Effect book, you will be able to prepare the anointing oil as an Israelite did centuries ago. The methods of preparing the anointing oil are those mentioned in the bible. Pastor Andrew and Dr. Bennet interpreted the recipes, developed them, and scientifically tested them. According to the creators, the bible is missing many important scriptures and lines, which may have been lost while deciphering the ancient scriptures. This means the anointing oil that has been created using the bible only lacks some special ingredients.

The term Kaneh-Bosem is mentioned many times in the bible, and according to the duo, the term means cannabis. However, the cannabis used to create anointing oil does not contain THC, as mentioned previously. The body immediately absorbs the Exodus Effect’s anointing oil. It then relieves pain and inflammation. It has antioxidants that enable the body to heal diseases such as diabetes and arthritis. The oil will also stimulate your brain and will allow you to remain active the whole day.

The guidebook will improve your sleep, aid in weight loss, and improve your brainpower. It has natural ingredients, and there is a money-back policy.

The steps of creating the oil can be incorporated into your daily lifestyle through food or religious events. The Exodus Effect is one of the many ways of benefiting from the bible. The book does not only have recipes, but it also has tips on how you can improve your overall lifestyle and gain more peace. It is beneficial for Christians and non-Christians too. People who read this book will gain tips on how to get a wholesome life using natural ingredients.

Ingredients in the Exodus Effect

The ingredients used in the creation of anointing oil according to the Exodus Effect are;

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a prevalent cooking ingredient in many kitchens all over the world. It has many beneficial properties, such as reducing inflammation and controlling cholesterol. According to research, it reduces the risk of getting a stroke. It also aids in weight loss and reduces the chances of getting diabetes.


Cinnamon is popular because of its pleasant smell and taste. It is used to make many delicacies around the globe. It is used as an herb in the preparation of traditional medicine. Cinnamon is a natural ingredient whose bark is used in helping digestion. It also has the advantage of detoxifying and purifying the body.


This is popularly known because it was one of the wise men’s gifts to baby Jesus when he was lying in a manger. It has benefits such as curing ulcers, syphilis, and arthritis. It can also strengthen the immunity of the body.


This ingredient does not have a pleasant taste but has many advantages, such as strengthening immunity, reducing blood pressure, and regulating sugar levels in the body.


Cannabidiol is a secret ingredient used in making anointing oil. It is derived from the hemp plant. It helps in relieving pain, reducing stress, reducing anxiety and vomiting.

The ingredients are natural. These are not all the ingredients that have been mentioned in the book. There are additional ones. There is information on healing, faith, and anointing oil. Some of the bonus sections are;

Divine Pet

This section will teach you how to make anointing oil for your furry friend or family pet.

Hidden Prayers

There are prayers on healing and 33 scriptures that have been added.

Lazarus Effect

There is information on looking and feeling younger. Moreover, you will get important information on fighting aging, staying healthy, and lengthening your lifespan.

How Much is the Exodus Effect?

The Exodus Effect book is sold at $67. You will be able to access the book as soon as payment is made. The results can be noticed after five days. However, people are different, and the results vary depending on a person’s medical history or illness. Contact the company with questions by phone at;

Phone Toll-Free: 1-877-334-3257

The book allows everyone to access and enjoy the benefits of the original anointing oil from the comfort of their own homes.

The ingredients used in making anointing oil in the Exodus Effect have been used for centuries for their benefits, such as relieving pain, better memory, and improved sleep quality. Moreover, you will get spiritual benefits in your home and life. Reports from people who have read Exodus Effect say their pain was relieved after using this organic and plant-based anointing oil.


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