Best THC Detox Methods Reviewed: Most Trusted Products Ranked

The traces of THC inside your body may keep you from passing a urine drug test. Drug tests are conducted for different purposes.

The presence of even minimal amounts of THC can bar you from getting selected by an established company or prevent you from attending sporting events, high-profile meetings, and other business gatherings if THC is detected in your system.

Unfortunately, most of us continue consuming THC-infused CBD products unknowingly, and such people don’t even know that they’re consuming THC. The traces of THC inside your body can be detected through a saliva drug test or urine test. And if you want to pass a THC drug test, you’re supposed to detoxify your body before the drug testing procedure.

Exemplary THC detox procedures can help you cleanse your body from this substance.

Sometimes hair drug test procedures are also utilized to detect the presence of THC in the bodies of individuals, and detoxifying your body is the only solution to pass such a difficult test. Being positive for drug testing may lead you to face legal consequences and other serious issues.

The fact is that most individuals aren’t familiar with THC detox methods, and they can’t take these bypass methods to pass through drug testing procedures safely. Whether you need to get your urine tested or saliva tested for THC-related drugs, the best THC detox methods can help you pass these tests without difficulties.

This article will talk about the best THC detox methods that can help detoxify the THC traces inside your body. Even a hair follicle drug test can detect that you had taken THC-infused products, knowingly or unknowingly. So, let’s talk about the best THC detox methods to eliminate the THC traces from your body.

The Best THC Detoxifying Products in 2022

After hours of screening and research, our research and editorial team managed to rank the best THC detox products and supplements of 2022:
Pass Your Test:It gives you a complete insight into how THC detoxification works, and you can use the instructions in the best possible ways.
Pass Your Test Same Day Cleansers:An awesome detoxification kit that doesn’t take more than 90 mins to work and shows effects.
Pass Your Test Permanent Cleansers:A perfect product that has been successful in helping around 250k users across the world.
TestClear 5-Day Detox:Detoxifies your blood, urine, saliva, and hair follicles so that you stand no chance to test positive for a drug test.
TestClear Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo:The best shampoo to remove the traces of THC from your hair follicles without serious side effects
TestClear Mega Clean Detox Drink:A complete THC detox drink that comes with all the necessary minerals and vitamins to nourish your body.
TestClear Toxin Rid Detox Mouthwash:You will never have to worry about passing a saliva test as you use this special mouthwash.
TestClear XXtra Clean Cleansing Drink:It reduces toxins inside your body to help you live a healthy life and enables you to pass drug tests easily.
TestClear Toxin Rid 7-Day Pills:These pills can detox THC from your system without side effects.
Rescue Cleanse 32oz Detox Drink:A perfect drink to help you detoxify your body.
Macujo:The brand comes up with a wide range of detoxification products to help you remove THC traces.
Quick Fix Synthetic Urine:One of the best liquid urine kits to help users impressively.
TestClear Urine Simulation Powdered Urine Kit:A perfect urine kit comes with urea powder to help users pass urine tests.

Pass Your Test

Being one of the leading companies in the THC and cannabis industry, Pass Your Test keeps you ahead of others when passing a THC test or a drug-testing procedure. By offering a wide range of practical and proven products and programs, the company makes it possible to prepare yourself for an upcoming drug-testing process.

When it comes to detoxifying your body naturally, the solutions offered by the brand are incomparable. Also, the products and programs offered by the brand don’t let you deal with the severe side effects or withdrawal symptoms of THC detoxification.

The 5-day Extreme Detoxification Program offered by the brand is the most popular offering from the manufacturers. The program comes with pills, guides, formulas, and a dedicated meal plan that can help you detoxify your body entirely within the 5-7 following days. That eventually makes it possible to pass through a drug-testing procedure naturally.

Also, the brand has launched body-detoxifying pills and capsules that may deliver short-term cleansing benefits to your body. However, the effectiveness of such drugs may not endure in the long term.
Type:Program + THC detox products
Key Features:
  • Complete Cleansing Guide and Meal Plan
  • 4 Pre-Cleanse Formula Capsules
  • 30 Morning Time Formula Capsules
  • 2 Home Testing Kits and many more
  • Guarantee:100% Satisfaction guarantee
    Starting Price:$30 to $150

    Pass Your Test Same Day Cleansers

    If you want to get the immediate THC detoxification effects without facing the THC withdrawal symptoms with the help of an exceptional formula, then this is the one for you. This is a fast-acting body cleanser that makes it possible for you to detoxify your body within a few minutes.

    If you have to appear for an upcoming drug-testing procedure within a day or a few hours, this product is the best choice. This one is a complete package, and its fast-acting nature helps you detoxify your body within minutes without serious side effects.

    Also, the price range of the formula is considerable compared to the effectiveness and utility of the product. This is one of the best products to help you detoxify your body naturally. Even if you are supposed to appear for a test within 3-4 hours, taking the liquid concentrate, and the capsules will deliver dramatic results within a few minutes.
    Type:Capsules and shot
    Key Features:
  • It helps flush out the toxins from your body within less than 90 mins
  • Long-lasting results that last up to 6 hours or so.
  • Deliver effects results and helps you pass drug tests easily.
  • Guarantee:100% satisfaction guarantee
    Starting Price:$89.95

    Pass Your Test Permanent Cleansers

    As the name suggests, these products are permanent detoxification solutions for people about to appear for drug tests. These products are manufactured with unique formulas meant to reduce the levels of toxins inside your body. The products compiled in the detox programs can help you pass hair follicle tests and other tests conveniently.

    The brand has been manufacturing phenomenal THC detox supplements to help users detoxify their hair follicles. If you’re looking for the best THC detox solutions, each THC detox supplement present in the detox programs sold by the brand is good enough to help you accomplish your goals.

    The THC detox pills that come with the detox programs are very efficient. These THC detox pills work to deliver immediate effects. According to our research and editorial team, the program is the best THC detox method available on the market to pass through a saliva drug test or similar tests.
    Type:Supplements and guides
    Key Features:
  • You get two free home-testing kits that help you check your THC levels at home.
  • The product offers permanent detoxification.
  • It comes with a detox guide and a full-fledged meal plan
  • Guarantee:100% satisfaction guarantee
    Starting Price:$109.95

    TestClear 5-Day Detox

    If you want to get a detox supplement that will help you pass a drug test effortlessly without long-term side effects, this is the product to go for. Whether you are about to appear for a urine drug test or hair follicles test, this product will help you out.

    TestClear 5-day Detox comes with a three-part detoxification process. In the protocol, the brand will offer pre-rid tablets, dietary fibers, and a liquid detox to help you get rid of THC traces from your body.

    The 5-day Detox Program can help you in the best possible way to pass a drug test anytime. As you follow the usage instructions provided by the manufacturer, the product will turn out to be the best one for you.
    Type:Detox program
    Key Features:
  • The best option for excreting extreme levels of heavy toxins from your body
  • The detox program is a combination of all-natural herbs and ingredients.
  • Free from artificial additives and animal substances.
  • Guarantee:100% satisfaction guarantee
    Starting Price:$110

    TestClear Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo

    TestClear Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo is a standard option to get rid of THC. If you’re about to appear for a hair drug test, the THC-detox shampoo can effortlessly help you pass the test. Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo makes passing a drug test look highly seamless.

    The THC detox formula becomes an exceptional choice because it removes the traces of THC from your hair. Another important fact about the product is that it doesn’t cause serious side effects, making the Toxin Rid shampoo an excellent choice for users who find THC detox dangerous.

    If you’re planning to remove the traces of THC from hair quickly to pass a drug test, this shampoo is the ultimate recommendation from our end.
    Key Features:
  • It is manufactured with genuine and science-backed natural components.
  • It doesn’t cause any damage to your hair follicles
  • Arguably the best product to remove THC from hair follicles without side effects
  • Guarantee:100% satisfaction guarantee
    Starting Price:$236

    TestClear Mega Clean Detox Drink

    It’s not typical for a detox drink to detoxify your body while supplying the essential vitamins and minerals to your body at the same time. However, the uncommon thing becomes possible with this detox drink as it contains potent doses of vitamins and minerals to help users nourish their bodies.

    The proven ingredients present in the Mega Clean Detox drink are potent enough to get the job of detoxification done effortlessly. That’s where Mega Clean Detox Drink beats similar detox drinks and products available on the market.
    Type:Supplement (Drink)
    Key Features:
  • The best solution for users with heavy toxin exposures
  • High-quality ingredients and components are present in the supplement.
  • The product is available in two delightful flavors to excite users.
  • The drink offers sustainable results.
  • Guarantee:100% satisfaction guarantee
    Starting Price:$69.95

    TestClear Toxin Rid Detox Mouthwash

    If you have to appear for a drug test anytime soon and are looking for a perfect product to help you, this THC-detoxifying mouthwash can solve your problem. There is no alternative to this ideal mouthwash to sanitize your mouth before a drug test.

    If you’re assuming that the drug test conducted might test your saliva, deciding to wash your mouth with this powerful detox mouthwash can be a decent decision. The product will help you pass a saliva drug test without problems.
    Type:Mouthwash liquid
    Key Features:
  • The mouthwash eliminates detectable toxin traces from your mouth.
  • The results last for four long hours.
  • It offers a refreshing feeling inside your mouth
  • Guarantee:Complete money-back guarantee
    Starting Price:$29.95

    TestClear XXtra Clean Cleansing Drink

    If you want to have a detox drink that can help induce the natural detoxification process of your body, this is the best beverage option you have on the market. The product delivers faster results than most detox drinks and other now available detoxifying methods.

    The drink also contains substantial doses of vitamins, minerals, and tropical flavors, making the beverage an outstanding option for users who are about to appear for drug tests soon.
    Type:Liquid Drink
    Key Features:
  • It is most suitable for users with moderate levels of toxins and THC in their bodies.
  • Floods your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals to nourish your body.
  • Delivers fast and effective results within 1-5 hours
  • Guarantee:100% satisfaction guarantee
    Starting Price:$39.95

    TestClear Toxin Rid 7-Day Pills

    TestClear Toxin-rid 7-day pills are exceptional in helping users pass drug tests. The tablets are manufactured to reduce THC levels inside your body, and you can use these pills before drug tests.

    These pills come as a part of the 7-day detox program launched by the brand. Thousands of users benefited from the tablets as these pills help users detoxify their bodies within seven days. The tablets are backed by hundreds of positive reviews and ratings, making these pills phenomenal detoxification options.
    Type:THC Detox Pills
    Key Features:
  • Free from all types of artificial and harmful ingredients.
  • It doesn’t cause serious side effects.
  • The best option for users with heavy toxin exposures
  • Guarantee:100% money-back guarantee
    Starting Price:$153.95

    Rescue Cleanse 32oz Detox Drink

    If you are looking for a detox drink to help you pass an upcoming drug test, this is the best product. This detox drink is rich in cranberry juice, which makes it more impactful in helping you pass a drug test. Users are advised to take this detox drink before a drug test to get its immediate effects on reducing the THC levels in their bodies.

    Once you have the drink, THC levels inside your body will remain under control for the next 4 to 5 hours. And within that time, you will not test positive for a drug test at any cost.
    Type:Liquid Drink
    Key Features:
  • The components used in this product are verified and science-backed.
  • Don’t leave a single trace of THC inside your body
  • It is made of natural and fresh herbs to help users.
  • Guarantee:Unavailable
    Starting Price:$55


    When it comes to passing a drug test, the name Macujo comes among the top options available nowadays. As a leading company, Macujo comes with a wide variety of products, including shampoos, pills, capsules, and others, to help you pass a drug test anytime and anywhere.

    Whether you have to go through a hair follicle drug test or the test conductors will test your saliva or urine, the products offered by Macujo can help you pass the drug test effortlessly. This brand offers some incredible products that are decent replacements for synthetic urine products.

    So, if you want a standard detox method to pass a hair test or any other drug test, the products from Macujo can help you out.
    Type:Complete THC detox kits and products
    Key Features:
  • The brand offers free shipping in all the US states.
  • The brand has been operating for 20+ years in the industry with an excellent reputation.
  • The brand sells different hair, saliva, and blood detoxification products.
  • Guarantee:Unavailable
    Starting Price:$30 to $205

    Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

    If you want to purchase synthetic urine to pass a drug test, this is the product to go for. The product has helped thousands of users pass drug tests comfortably. The synthetic urine strip comes with urea that can help you prepare a urine sample immediately. Most importantly, you get a disposable heat pad in the package, making it more convenient to prepare anytime and anywhere.

    So, if you want to pass a drug test conveniently without getting caught, this is a perfect product to go for. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is arguably the best synthetic urine product available. If you don’t want to test positive for a urine test, this is the most recommended product.
    Type:Liquid Synthetic Urine
    Key Features:
  • Pre Tested Unisex Synthetic Urine
  • Shelf life of two years
  • Official And Legitimate Distributors
  • Best for passing the urine drug test
  • Guarantee:Unavailable
    Starting Price:$35 to $200

    TestClear Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit

    TestClear Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit is a package of synthetic urine tools to help you pass your next drug test.

    Each powdered urine sample contains uric acid and other vital chemicals to make your urine seem legitimate. To use the kit, you need to mix the powder with home-temperature water, and then you should stick the heater and wait for it to show the right temperature. It will eventually turn into a solution resembling a urine sample, and you can use that to pass a drug test.

    As the product comes with powdered urine, it’s easy to carry. Instead of a synthetic urine strip, you can keep this kit with yourself and mix the powder with home-temperature water to have a urine sample. That can be a handy option in terms of passing a drug test.
    Type:Powdered Urine Kit
    Key Features:
  • Delivers with one temperature strip and two air-activated heaters
  • Easy to transport and carry for urine test
  • It comes with a clear instruction manual
  • Guarantee:100% satisfaction guarantee
    Starting Price:$49.95

    How Did We Rank The Best THC Detox Products?

    You have already seen that many products are available on the market that claims to detoxify your body naturally to eliminate toxins and THC from your body. Now, how do you determine the best products for THC detoxification?

    Not all THC-detoxing products work effectively to eliminate THC rapidly. However, some THC-detoxing products perform exceptionally well. Before creating this list, we used some ranking factors to judge the efficiency levels of the listed THC detoxification products. Do you want to know how did we manage to rank them?

    Test Passing Score

    Before trying a THC detoxification product to eliminate the THC traces from your body, you need to check how fast it works to detoxify your body. Not every product can deliver quick THC detoxification results to help you pass drug testing procedures. While ranking the products listed here, we attempted to include only the products that ensure test-passing scores quickly after consumption.

    Science-Backed Ingredients

    Very few products are out there in the market that contains genuine and science-backed ingredients to eliminate the THC metabolites from your body. Also, some products come with severe withdrawal symptoms as they have habit-forming ingredients or components that come with harmful and toxic side effects.

    While ranking the products listed above, we tried our best to shortlist the products that can help pace up the detox process without addictive or harmful side effects. All the products listed in this article contain science-backed ingredients, and that’s why they are included here.

    Honest Advertised Benefits

    Some detox drinks, methods, or products are advertised peculiarly, and such products claim to offer some unrealistic results. Sadly, most such products turn out to be of no use. If you want to pass a urine test or a drug testing procedure, you need to purchase products with real and honest benefits. Spending on exaggeratedly advertised products won’t help you detox THC traces from your body.

    While finalizing the products on the list above, we cross-checked the advertised benefits claimed by the manufacturers to judge the authenticity of these items. So, you can remain assured that the products listed above will deliver the benefits they claim to provide.

    Manufacturer Reputation & Transparency

    Before buying a THC detox kit, you need to check the reputation of the company that manufactured it. That’s the only way to pass a hair follicle drug test or other tests successfully. Usually, a company with a decent reputation doesn’t produce poor-quality products that may fail to deliver effective results.

    Also, it’s essential to check whether the manufacturer is transparent about its products and services or not. Not all manufacturers are clear about their services and products. Going for such brands will be risking your money.

    All the brands listed here come with decent reputations and brand values, and that’s why they made it to this list. We endeavored our best to enlist products from manufacturers with solid reputations in the industry.

    Customer Reviews, Testimonials, and Success Stories

    Users are advised to judge the customer reviews of THC-detoxifying items before spending much money on them. Also, the testimonials and success stories from the manufacturers should be screened before spending money on their products. The customer reviews of certain products help buyers evaluate whether the products are worthy enough or not.

    Also, the testimonials and success stories of the manufacturers describe how their products are in detoxify THC. So, our research and editorial team screened the customer reviews of each THC detox product listed here to judge their efficacy levels.

    Fast, Easy, and Affordable Shipping Options

    Going for products with fast and convenient shipping options is essential as you can’t make the most out of the products unless they’re shipped to your location on time. Also, affordable shipping options aren’t available with all THC-detoxifying items. So, we focused on adding products that are shipped quickly, and the shipping charges charged by the manufacturers of the listed products are also affordable. That’s why we considered adding these products to this list.

    Ease of Use

    Not every THC-detoxifying method or product is easily usable, and ease of use matters when selecting a particular product. Some users remain very nervous and skeptical when using THC-detoxifying items as they remain afraid of possible side effects and long-term suffering. All the products listed above are easily usable, so they are added to this list.

    Moneyback or Pass Test Guarantee

    The majority of THC-detoxifying items come with specific money-back guarantee periods, and products without refund options shouldn’t be purchased by users. We attempted to compile the products that come with decent guarantee periods. Also, we inspected the authenticity of the money-back policies offered by the manufacturers. Finally, we added the products with reliable and standard money-back guarantee periods.

    How Long Does Cannabis Stay in Your System?

    Cannabis consumption is considered risky as the traces of cannabis or THC remain inside your body for prolonged periods. The fact is that most cannabis users don’t know how long the traces of cannabis remain in their systems. Eventually, that makes them fail tests. So, here we are trying to educate you about how long the traces of THC stay in your system.

    • Hair: 90 days
    • Urine: 3 days to 30 days or more, depending on usage
    • Saliva: 48 hours
    • Blood: 36 hours
    • Sweat: 7 to 14 days

    Blood, urine, and saliva samples of drug test aspirants are taken for THC drug tests. If somebody consumes cannabis or THC within 2-3 days before appearing in drug tests, he might fail the upcoming tests. The traces of THC inside his body will be traced in the test.

    So, if you are to appear in a drug test within the next 2-3 days, it’s not a decent idea to consume cannabis. You should refrain from that to pass the upcoming test.

    Scientific Evidence for THC Detox Products

    You may be satisfied to know that the procedures to eliminate THC from your body are backed by scientific studies, and plenty of scientists have done in-depth studies to prove the efficacy of methods of eliminating THC.

    You can also get rid of the traces of THC present inside your body as you exercise regularly. Exercising is an impactful solution for eliminating THC from the body, and studies have proven this. However, individuals are advised to refrain from exercising if they have upcoming drug tests within 24-48 hours.

    Usually, fat cells store THC traces, and exercising helps you burn fat cells and get rid of the excess amount of THC inside your body. Exercising within 24-48 hours before the test may dissolve the fat cells inside your body, and the THC will be released into your bloodstream.

    If that happens, your body won’t get enough to excrete the THC particles, which may lead you to fail the test. This 2013 study proves that exercising can increase THC concentration in your bloodstream by around 15%.

    Can you believe that passing a drug test becomes easy as you keep drinking glasses of water before the test? Strong evidence is there that drinking large amounts of water can help you excrete the excess amounts of THC from your body. Individuals are instructed to drink plenty of water before attending tests.

    Also, if you mix vitamin B12 and electrolyte powder with water and drink plenty of water throughout the day before a drug test, you can get better results quickly. This combination can help you conveniently remove excess amounts of THC inside your body. Enormous scientific studies and research are there to prove this statement.

    Can you use fake pee to pass a drug test? Researchers have answered that question. This 2019 study says that Synthetic urine is also a standard option to pass a THC drug test. This is evident that synthetic urine usage has helped hundreds of urine test aspirants pass the tests effortlessly. The study above was done by giving eight synthetic urine strips to military drug testers, and the testers were able to identify five strips from the eight.

    Surprisingly, the test results of the synthetic urine strips came out negative, but the testers could identify the strips while checking physically. As you plan to use this method, a physical check can ruin your entire plan within seconds. So, a risk factor remains in this process.

    Consumption of vitamin B3 or Niacin can help users pass drug tests effortlessly. As you take vitamin B3 before a drug test, you’re likely to pass the test effortlessly. Some medical studies were also conducted to prove the efficiency of vitamin B3 or Niacin in terms of helping users pass drug tests.

    Other natural ingredients can help you pass a drug test apart from these unique techniques. A standard THC detox product or certain detox drinks often comes with these natural components to help users.


    Regular consumption of coffee can help boost your detox. Coffee is a solid detoxifying element that helps excrete toxins from your body. A standard THC detox drink may come with potent doses of coffee to detoxify users’ bodies. You may find powerful and effective doses of caffeine in a detox tea. Coming to urine drug tests, consumption of coffee can help you excrete the excess amounts of THC from your body.

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    The natural antimicrobial properties of apple cider vinegar help you detoxify your body before a drug test. If you have an upcoming drug test within a day or two, you can consume apple cider vinegar to pass the test comfortably. You may find apple cider vinegar a critical ingredient in a potent detox liquid. If you don’t want to test positive for a drug test, apple cider vinegar is a convenient ingredient to eliminate THC from your body.

    Cranberry Juice

    The popularity of cranberry juice as a detoxifying ingredient has been there. Cranberry juice is an excellent ingredient to improve your urinary tract health. The ingredient helps remove toxins from the kidneys, digestive tract, and other organs.

    Regular consumption of cranberry juice can help you reduce the THC levels inside your body naturally. You can pass a drug test effortlessly with the lower THC levels inside your body due to consuming cranberry juice.


    Lemon juice also works as an exceptional detoxifying drink that can help you detoxify your body naturally. Many people use lemon juice regularly to remove THC traces and toxins from hair follicles. Even a standard THC-detox mouthwash may also contain lemon juice as a supportive ingredient to detoxify your body.

    Other Remedies

    While ingredients like apple cider vinegar and cranberry juice help with natural detoxification to pass a drug test, other potent elements can reduce THC levels inside your body. Garlic, broccoli, mung beans, and grapefruit are some ingredients that help minimize THC levels inside your body. These ingredients are blended into detox pills to help users pass drug tests. If you don’t want to take detox pills and still detoxify your body naturally, taking these fruits and veggies organically will also help you attain the same benefits.

    Our experts get plenty of questions about THC detox and how it works. Here’s how we answered some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

    THC Detox FAQs

    Q: Will I get THC withdrawal?

    A: Consuming THC regularly may lead you to develop a habit of THC consumption. Once you create a habit of consuming THC, you may suffer from THC withdrawal symptoms. However, the symptoms are manageable and tend to disappear with time.

    Q: What are the symptoms of THC withdrawal?

    Lower appetite, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, fatigue, nervousness, excess sweating, and insomnia are the most evident symptoms of withdrawing THC.

    Q: What’s the most common symptom of THC withdrawal?

    A: As the most common THC withdrawal symptom, you may face severe insomnia for a few days.

    Q: What are the best home remedies for passing a drug test?

    A: If you’re looking to reduce the THC levels of your body while using home remedies, you can do that by exercising intensely and drinking plenty of water. Also, mixing electrolytes with water and drinking the solution can help you.

    Q: Is THC detox dangerous at home?

    A: No, implying THC detoxification procedures at home isn’t a dangerous thing to do. Performing THC detox at your home is the safest option for you.

    Q: How does synthetic urine work for drug tests?

    Yes, synthetic urine strips are possibly the best ways to pass drug tests. As long as you’re following the instructions enforced by the manufacturers of the strips, synthetic urine will be an excellent option for passing drug tests.

    Q: Does a niacin flush beat a drug test?

    A: Yes, niacin flushes tend to help users pass drug tests, but no specific evidence supports this claim.

    Q: Is apple cider vinegar good for THC detox?

    A: Surely, apple cider vinegar is one of the proven ingredients that make it possible to detox the traces of THC from your body.

    Q: Is it legal to fake a drug test?

    A: The Federal government has confusing laws about faking drug tests. According to the statutes, falsifying a drug test is not considered a punishable offense, but possessing a device for fabricating a drug test is illegal.

    Q: Does alcohol help pass a THC drug test?

    A: No, drinking alcohol doesn’t help you pass a drug test. You can’t either expect to have lower levels of THC if you drink alcohol right after consuming THC products. To be specific, drinking alcohol right after smoking weed increases THC levels inside your body.

    Q: Does exercising help me pass a drug test?

    A: Of course it does. As you keep exercising regularly, you will be able to reduce the THC level in your body eventually. However, individuals are asked not to exercise within 24 hours before a drug test.

    Q: Are home drug tests accurate?

    A: Though most users don’t rely on the accuracy levels of home drug tests, the accuracy percentage of home drug tests is relatively high. According to the latest stats, home drug tests are almost 99% accurate.

    The Best THC Detoxifying Products in 2022 Final Words

    A drug test or saliva test can be a genuine concern for individuals who consume regular doses of THC. If you’re one of them, you may be afraid of appearing for a drug test. But what if you have no other option left apart from appearing for a drug test to get a job or participate in an important event?

    In that case, THC detox drinks, THC detox kits, and other detox products can help you out. Throughout the article, you have already read about how to pass a saliva test or a series of urine tests while using THC detox drinks and THC detox kits.

    You can use a THC detox mouthwash for a saliva test as a safe and harmless THC detox product. This article has attempted to include the best-in-class THC detox products that can help you pass saliva drug tests and blood tests. With the listed THC detox products, you won’t even have to suffer from the withdrawal symptoms of THC detox kits.

    Also, detox mouthwash items, THC detox shampoos, and other THC detox products are listed above to help you pass saliva drug tests effortlessly. These products can help you flush THC out of your body conveniently. Drastic THC withdrawal symptoms won’t appear after the consumption of these products.

    Our research and editorial team spent hours inspecting all the listed products and their efficacy levels to determine whether they are worth adding to this list or not. If you want to purchase THC detox products that won’t cause the symptoms of THC withdrawal, the listed options are the best picks you have on the market at present.

    If you have an existing medical condition or any physical problem, get in touch with your doctor before consuming the THC detox product. However, the products listed above don’t contain sensitive ingredients and components that can harm users negatively. Try a top THC detoxifying product above today!


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