4-H member Bailey Epperheimer exhibits her 226 pound pig during a livestock auction at the Kenai Peninsula Fair on Saturday, August 18, 2018 in Ninilchik, Alaska. (Photo courtesy Ben Boettger)                                4-H member Bailey Epperheimer exhibits her 226 pound pig during a livestock auction at the Kenai Peninsula Fair on Saturday, August 18, 2018 in Ninilchik, Alaska. (Photo courtesy Ben Boettger)

4-H member Bailey Epperheimer exhibits her 226 pound pig during a livestock auction at the Kenai Peninsula Fair on Saturday, August 18, 2018 in Ninilchik, Alaska. (Photo courtesy Ben Boettger) 4-H member Bailey Epperheimer exhibits her 226 pound pig during a livestock auction at the Kenai Peninsula Fair on Saturday, August 18, 2018 in Ninilchik, Alaska. (Photo courtesy Ben Boettger)

Kenai Peninsula 4-H Fair Results

  • Friday, October 5, 2018 5:07pm
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Kenai Peninsula 4-H Fair Results

KEY: B=Blue Ribbon, R=Red Ribbon, RGC=Reserve Grand Champion, GC=Grand Champion, ORCH=Overall Reserve Champion, OGC=Overall Grand Champion

Angleton, Alek: Chicken Conformation-B, Science- Vortex-1st, Swine Showmanship-B, Poultry Showmanship-B, Poultry conformation: Blue Lace Red-B, Lt Wt Swine Conformation #1-B, RCH, Lt Wt Swine Conformation #2-B

Anding, Ethan: Sketch Pad on Wood-B, GC, Zoo of Zoology-watercolor-B, Photo: Spring is coming-B, Photo: Starfish Reaching-B, Photo: Sleeping Bear-B, Photo: Lulu & Dash-B, Photo: Action Test-B, Photo: Spring Rising-B, Disinfectants-B, Recycled for Pets-R, Repurposed wrappers-R, Transmutation-B

Anding, Jackson: 3D Chess Board on Wood-B, RGC, Oil Pastel: Imaginary World-B, Photo: Read for Life-B, Photo: Chess, How you see yourself-B, What would you eat: Frogs-B, Squirmy Worms-R, Spear, Slingshot, Nunchucks-B, Distillation-B

Anding, Noah: Pastel- Salmon-CB, Photo: Just hanging around-CB

Anding, Noelle: Ballet Shoes-CB, Clear Reflection-CB, Leadership-CB, Dance Locker Room-CB, Professionalism-CB, Focus-CB, Photography: Collage-CB

Baker, William: Photo: Reflected Skyline-B, Photo: No filter river-B, Photo: Mountains to Clouds-B, Photo: Coastline Swim-B, Photo: Bridge-B

Barto, Emily: Swine Showmanship-B,GC, ORCH, Hvy Wt Swine Conformation- B, Md Wt Swine Conformation-B, GC, ORCH

Beams, Rei: Quilt-CB

Boatright, Matthea: Origami Crane-B, Colored Book art- B, Origami Lilly-B, Knitted Baby hat w hand spun yarn-R, Needle felted Chickadee-B, GC, ORCH, Quilted Tea Jar w hand spun yarn- B, Knitted/patterned Winter Hat-B, Hand spun Angora Yarn-B, Felted Soap-B, Knotted Bracelet-R, Angora Rabbit Fiber-B, Raw Yak Fiber – B, Raw Kid Mohair from Buck-R.

Boatright, Michael: Felted Soap-R, Beast Battle Sculpture-B, GC, Bald Eagle Sculpture-B

Boatright, Nathanel: Harold the Goose-B, Felted Soap-R, Model- “The Battle”-B, GC

Brewington, Jalyn: Sr. Doe-rabbit Conformation-B

Carpenter, Jenna: Yeast Bread-B, GC, Swine Showmanship-B, Rabbit: Angora Wool-B, Poultry Conformation: Black Bantam-B, Poultry Conformation: White Cochin-B, GC, Poultry Conformation: Rhode Island Red-B, Md Wt Swine Conformation-B, Lt Wt Swine Conformation-B, Poultry Showmanship-B, GC

Carpenter, Melanie: Mascot Head-B, OGC, Graphic Art- velociraptor-B, Graphic Art – Character design-B, GC, Drawing- Phoneix –B, Drawing – Lynx-B, GC, Drawing – Blue colored pencil-B, Rabbit Showmanship-B, GC, Mkt Rabbit Conformation-B, RGC, Rabbit Conformation-B, GC, Hvy Wt Swine Conformation-B, GC, OGC, Md Wt Swine Conformation-R, Swine Showmanship-B, RCH

Cooper, Elijah: PVC-Recorder, Presentation Board-B, Swine Showmanship-B, GC, Hvy Wt Swine Conformation-B

Cooper, Neka: More Than Skin Deep-Horse-B, Swine Showmanship-B, Hvy Wt Swine Conformation-B, RGC

Epperheimer, Bailey– Wall Art “Today I will…”1st, Desk Sign-1st, Wood Science-1st, Light up sign-1st, Swine Showmanship-B, Lt Wt Swine Conformation-B

Epperheimer, Sidney– Clay Brush Holder-R, Pencil Sketch-B, Flower Arranging-B, Wooden Sculpture-B, Flower Arranging-1st, Swine Showmanship-B, GC, OGC

Freeman, Austin: Swine Showmanship-B, Hvy Wt Swine Conformation-B, P

Freeman, Serenity: Swine Showmanship-B, Md Wt Swine Conformation-B

Freeman, Tawnisha: Swine Showmanship-B, Hvy Wt Swine Conformation-B

Goodroad, Destiny: Pottery: Elephant-1st, Pottery: Whimsical-1st, Pottery: Pinch Pot-1st, Poultry Conformation: Lavendar Am.-B, Poultry Conformation: Blk Jersey Grant-B, Poultry Conformation: Lavendar Americana- R, Poultry Conformation: Blk Americana-R, Poultry Conformation: Buckeye-R

Johnston, Judah: Book of Chicken Drawings-B, Granola Bar-B, 1 Dozen Chicken Eggs-B, 1 Dozen Duck Eggs- B, Duck Display Board-B, PP Presentation: Caring for Chickens-B, Poultry Conformation: Welsummer-R, Poultry Conformation: Red Star-R, Poultry Conformation: Brown Leghorn – B, Poultry Conformation: Buff Orpington- R, Poultry Conformation: Speckled Sussex-R, Poultry Conformation: Cayuga-R, Poultry Conformation: Khaki Campbell-R, Poultry Showmanship-B, RCH

Lewis, Blake: Paper Mask-B, Color Wheel-Little Dipper-R, SLC Temple on Material-B, GC,

Art Portfolio- B, P, Still Life Paint & Bottle-R, Still Life Sphere-R, Pastel Chalk-B, Life – Pencil Asst-B, Still Life Pear-R, Wood Bench-B

Lewis, Brittany: Record Book-B, Child Development Papers-B

Lewis, Blake: Record Book-B

Lewis, Corey: Tie Quilt Blanket-B, Color Wheel Ed-R, Diatom Watercolor-B, Sea Creature Sculpture-B, Underwater Illustration Drawing-B, RGC, Photo: Dipnetting on the Kenai-B, Record Book-B

Lewis, Derek: Record Book-B

Loop, Benjamin: Lightening Storm Jackson-Presentation Board-CB, 5 Wild Duck Breeds-CB, Poultry Conformation: Black Swedish-CB, Poultry Showmanship-CB

Loop, Jonathan: Lipazzaner Horse Display-B, Rabbit Showmanship-B, RGCH, Swine Showmanship-B, Rabbit Sr. Doe Conformation-B, Md Wt Swine Conformation-R

Loop, Matthew: Fercus in Trouble-R, Wooden Sailboat-1st, Rabbit Showmanship-B, Swine Showmanship-R, Rabbit Sr. Doe Conformation-B, Md Wt Swine Conformation-B

Malone, Kaydence: Rabbit Jr. Doe Conformation-CB

Martin, Destiny: Photo-B, Bottle Calf-B, Wooden Sign-2nd, Feeder Beef Showmanship-B, GC, OGC, Goat Showmanship – B, Swine Showmanship-B, RGC, Breeding Steer Conformation-B, GC, JML Feeder Beef Conformation-B, RGC, Dairy Goat Conformation- B, RGC, Lt Wt Swine – Conformation-R

Martin, Josh: Goat Showmanship-B, Market Goat Conformation-B

Martin, Kellee: Nigerian Dwarf Goats-B, Glowing with Mother Moon – Horse-R, Rabbit Showmanship-B, RGC, Feeder Beef Showmanship-B, OGC, Goat Showmanship-B, Mkt Rabbit Conformation-B, RGC, Rabbit Sr. Doe Conformation-B, Non- JML Beef Conformation-R, Dairy Goat Conformation-B

Mattingly, Diana: Cornish Conformation-B, GC, ORCH, Poultry Showmanship – B, Poultry Conformation: Rhode Island Red-B

Mattingly, Finn: Poultry Showmanship-B, GC, OGC, Cornish Conformation-B, Poultry Conformation: Columbian-R

Merritt, Benjamin: Swine Showmanship-B, RGC, Md Wt Swine Conformation-B

Merritt, Jacob: Swine Showmanship-B, Lt Wt Swine Conformation-B, GC

Pederson, Addy: Poultry Showmanship- B, GC, Bronze Turkey Conformation-B, GC, OGC, White Turkey Conformation- Reserve Best in Show, B, Poultry Showmanship-B, GC

Rankin, Colton: Photography-Animal- 1st, Photography-other #1 – 1st, Photography-other #2- 2nd, Writing- 1st, Rabbit Showmanship-B, GC, Bronze Turkey Conformation #1-B, Bronze Turkey Conformation #2- B, GC, ORCH, Rabbit Sr. Doe Conformation- B, Poultry Conformation: Red Cochin Bantam-B, Poultry Conformation: D-Uccle Bantam- R, Poultry Conformation: Guinea Hen- B, Poultry Showmanship- B, GCH, Round Robin Showmanship: Master Showman, Small Stock

Rankin, Ella: Food Decoration-Cake – B, Felted: Mother & Babies-B, Sheep Showmanship-B, GC, Wool Sheep Conformation-B, GC, Market Lamb Conformation- B, RGC

Rankin, Gracie: Bountiful Bacon- B, Rabbit Showmanship-B, RGC, Rabbit Sr. Doe Conformation-R, Hvy Wt Swine Conformation-B, Md Wt Swine Conformation-B, RGC, Swine Showmanship-B

Rankin, Levi: Poultry Showmanship – B, Cornish Conformation-B

Reichert, Elora: Acrylic Painting- Samual Adams-B, Acrylic Painting – Melvin-B, Acrylic Painting- Daisy Mae-B, PP Illustrative Board- B, Feeder Beef Showmanship- B,RGC, ORCH, RR Showmanship –MASTER-B, GC, Feeder Beef Conformation- B, GC, Breeding Beef Conformation-B, GC, Round Robin Showmanship: Master Showman, Large Stock

Reichert, Evelyn: Embossed Tin Cow-B, Beginning Sewing: Dress-B, GC, OGC, Mineral Deficiencies- Goats-B, Rabbit Showmanship-B, GC, Rabbit Sr. Doe Conformation- R, Rabbit Sr. Buck Conformation #1-R, Rabbit Sr Buck Conformation #2-B

Tanner, Xiling: Poultry Showmanship – B, Pekin Duck Conformation -Best of Show, B, GC, OGC

Tanner, Xinlan: The Shagya Arabian Ed Display-B, Sheep Showmanship-B, RGC, Market Lamb Conformation #1- B, Market Lamb Conformation #2-B, GC

Uta, Jeff: Rabbit Jr. Doe Conformation-B, OGC, Best in Show

Uta, Tina: Educational Display: Wanna be a Vet-B

Veal, Bethany: Giving Birth-CB, Shell Collection-1st, Poultry Showmanship-CB

Veal, Eli: Hatch to Home Chicken-B, Poultry Showmanship – B, Freedom Ranger Conformation-B

Veal, Haddie: Parts of a Rabbit-CB, Poultry Showmanship-CB, Poultry Conformation: Buff Hen-CB

Veal, Silas: Leadership Display-B, Poultry Showmanship – B, RCH, Poultry Conformation: Black Star-B, Poultry Showmanship-B, ORCH

Werner, Abriella: Swine Showmanship-B, Hvy Wt Swine Conformation-B, Lt Wt Swine Conformation-R

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