Still looking for options

Like me, I think a good majority of Americans are disgusted with the polarization — without compromise — affecting congressional activities in the past few years. The blame game is now the common excuse for not getting anything substantial done in Washington.

We are short one Supreme Court Justice. One party is all but refusing to consider a replacement until next year. This is apparently being done in hopes their party’s nominee will win the Presidential election, that person would then appoint and hopefully get congressional approval of a SCOTUS nominee, thus increasing the possibility that subsequent SCOTUS findings will slant toward their party’s political agenda.

However, I believe we as citizens deserve a fully manned Supreme Court whenever possible. I believe since the vacancy exists now that it should be filled now. Any unnecessary delay, in itself, can have an adverse impact on many things impacting our day to day lives, including the federal government’s stand that they control water ways in Alaska.

Registered as undeclared, I can look at the full spectrum of candidates before I vote. I have developed strong opinions about a couple of them, as I am sure you have.

Donald Trump is the most egotistical, condescending individual I can ever remember running for office. His campaign is smart, promising to fix controversial things to get people on their side, citing things that irritate many of our citizens; illegal aliens, for example. He has insulted the Mexican people and Mexico, itself. Two of their former presidents and the current one aren’t happy about his comments and have said so, publicly. He says he will build a wall and Mexico will pay for it. They say it ain’t gonna happen. Not egotistical you say?

After more than two decades serving in the military I sure don’t want a guy in the White House who says publicly on TV, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

One can waive off the boasting and threats when he is just another citizen, but what if he speaks that way when President? How long before we are at war if he is elected?

Hillary Clinton is involved in a government investigation concerning her release of several classified emails. Until this is resolved I am not interested in electing someone into the highest office in the land that may have no respect for the security of our country.

Ted Cruz is reputed to have a terrible reputation as a team worker in Congress. John Boehner called him a jackass and indicated that Ted doesn’t play well with others. Those others, in this case are Congress, a group the incoming President will have to work with.

The list goes on. Who will I vote for? I’m still looking, but have hopes that the almighty sees our conundrum and resurrects Pat Paulson.