Planning and Zoning pays attention to Kenai residents

Regarding the Clarion’s article in Sunday morning’s paper “Kenai Planning and Zoning supports new airport zone, rejects commercializing 2 Spur highway lots”: Is the Planning and Zoning Commission finally paying attention to the citizens of Kenai? It appears they may be.

It is good to see they are advising the Council not to rezone Lawton Acres. The citizens have been saying this for 30 years. I agree with Ms. Schmidt’s challenge to the city’s reading of the airport deed. There are many airport lands, including Lawton Acres, that the city has not developed. If the intent of the FAA was as the city contends, then why for over 50 years has the FAA done nothing about the city not developing these lands?

As for the new Airport Industrial Zone and rezoning of 51 parcels of airport land, the council should wait until the completion of the Comp Plan. Let’s take it one step at a time. The Comp Plan will guide city zoning and development decisions until 2030 and beyond. Let’s get the Comp Plan in place first. Then we can address the rezone of airport land in the context of the Comp Plan.