People – not buildings, lawsuits or politics

I have never been so angered by the legislature’s actions! The Governor has proposed reasonable reductions. Decimating programs all at once is destructive. We cannot grow and diversify our economy without good education, health care, marine and regular highway maintenance, public safety and assistance for people with problems. It is government’s role to provide such services. I’m willing to pay an income tax and lose some of my dividend to protect public services.

How dare the legislature still consider the new Anchorage LIO! Utilizing small LIO offices in individual districts would be more convenient to constituents with better parking and save $3.6 million.

I am appalled that the Legislature’s priorities instead are:

— Eliminating benefits to low-income seniors.

— Devastating Public Radio and Television.

— Cutting items that bring federal matching funds.

— Refusing to reduce tax benefits to oil companies now costing every Alaskan $1,000 cash.

— Reducing medical benefits and preventive services for low income citizens.

— Devastating education budgets and services through college.

All legislators should have their ideas considered. For the past few years political power has prevailed and the exchange of viewpoints has been repressed. Think of the good of the State and forget party politics!