Searching for the hidden pots of gold

My family used to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a bit of fun for the children. Even my teenage daughters got a kick out of it. I would like to share this with the readers of the Clarion so they can enjoy it also.

A week before St. Patrick’s Day all my kids got to look in the house for hidden leprechauns (little green people or some little character that was green). There was always one for each child. Once they found their leprechaun, they had to keep track of it all week long. If they left their leprechaun unattended, only Mom or Dad could re-hide it. The kids couldn’t hide it because it would cause friction but they could tell Mom or Dad about an unattended leprechaun. Leprechauns are sneaky and will always try to get away and hide again. If all kids kept track of their leprechaun all week, on St. Patrick’s Day they could search for the hidden pots of gold — small gold pans filled with pennies or coins with gold chocolate coins on top. These “pots of gold” were hidden pretty well, sometimes between towels in the linen closet of in the microwave oven of something like that. Small shamrock stickers could add a clue to a well-hidden shamrock. It was great fun!