State has been negligent in its spending

To the Alaskans who are concerned:

It has come to my attention that Governor Walker is requesting the support of the citizenry in helping the budget crisis by accepting a state tax on their wages as well as the use of Permanent Fund monies in whatever form necessary.

Had this crisis been the result of careful management of our assets, I would be accepting of this necessary sacrifice. I object heartily. Those in charge of the State’s assets have been purposefully profligate in their use. Instead of planning for the issues before us, they have been donating our assets to several corporations with no guaranteed exchange of goods or benefits. The best example is over $6,000,000,000 to the three major oil companies.

Now these same people are crying to us to sacrifice. Elderly people are being robbed of their access to nutrition, health care and in some cases their homes, so they cannot even pass in dignity. Our educational system is being decimated to the detriment of our State’s future.

Those who have created these situations are crying sacrifice. At the same time they continue to spend money as if it flowed freely into their common pocket. They justify the money spent freely on frivolous lawsuits, expensive studies to keep the fanciest building in the State for their use, frivolous, unenforceable new laws that use up time and public funds, and the battle against major women’s heath group.

Once those who are spending the common monies show more responsibility to the owners of the money, their constituents, I would feel able to offer more support.