Majority rule in our democracy

I heard it once said a Democracy is nothing more than two wolves and a lamb voting on what’s for dinner. Most believe Democracy is the linchpin of Freedom and Liberty. Hogwash.

With enough money or press coverage the minds of the majority will be formed. The planet is ablaze where minorities are in rebellion against majority rule.

On October 7 the majority of the voting people, in our Borough, will decide on whether to force their will on the minority. With the power of the state to increase our property tax on all. If passed, Proposition A will recommend our Assembly to follow the majority in our so called free-nation.

Just a little increase in my property tax. Another forced compliance through the all powerful government. What is the minority to do. Submit to the majority.

The founders of the nation created a Constitutional Republic, a limited democracy. We all talk about Freedom, Liberty, the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Few have studied and understand what it all means. Especially the politicians. The majority rule over the minority. Politicians listen to the “experts” who tell them what it all means.

We have become what our founders feared, a Democracy. Which is nothing more than mob rule through extortion by government.

I do believe in the need for government (few understand its purpose). I also care for my animals well. But I also understand Economics is the linchpin of Liberty and Freedom. Democracy is nothing more than economic enslavement of the minority by the majority.