Can politicians find something positive to say?

With a vote coming up soon, commercial time is filled with Mark Begich approved commercials condemning Dan Sullivan and Dan Sullivan approved commercials condemning Mark Begich. Will some legislators out there please enact laws that politicians who blacken other politicians’ names automatically become ineligible to run for office? I don’t really know any of you aspiring politicians personally. I’ve met Mark when he was mayor, he’d come to the annual lab tech meetings in March or April and address us. I really liked him for that. I tend to dislike the baggy eyed whiners who say ‘we can’t afford him.’ Who are they? Why doesn’t Dan tell me what he’s going to do for those particular people, without mentioning Mark, if it’s important? I heard a fisherman say Dan wanted Pebble Mine and it would destroy his family. A guy at Dan’s headquarters said that wasn’t particularly true, that Dan just wanted to look into it. I said I’d heard the sludge pond from it would be the size of Anchorage. He said if that was true then Dan probably wouldn’t want Pebble Mine. How are we ever supposed to make any kind of a choice on who we want to vote for? We don’t know what you think. We have no idea what you might do. Give us more worthy stuff to go on, guys. (Thanks.)