The birds have it

Here I sit next to the picture window watching Kelly dress down Ward Churchill and then Dinesh gives him a go also. Poor Ward, he sure can’t find much good in America or anything America has ever done in our history as a country.

If you don’t watch Fox News, sorry to leave you out of the loop, but that’s not really what this story is about.

It is Friday evening and as I look out the window, I am reminded that nature is far more enlightening than anything electronic.

The birds … robins, thrush, stellar jays and many others are busy feasting on natures table; they are everywhere and in great abundance. This seems to be the year of the bird. The ash tree berries are heavy on the limb and seem to have ripened early this year.

The stellar jays have found unshelled peanuts somewhere in the neighborhood. As I observe the avian activities in the front yard, worm catchers and berry eaters alike, a big blue lands in the driveway with two whole unshelled peanuts. He drops one and stashes the other in a bush, then returns to the dropped one, grabs it and pushes it into the open end of a cyclone fence rail. Stocking up for a cold winter?

The other morning while reading the Clarion, out of the blue lands a stellar jay on the window sill, mere inches away from my face. He stared and he stayed. We did eye contact and my wife looked over from her desk to watch the interaction between two early birds.

God, I love these birds and the pause they give us from the harsh realities of this world. Some of them, perhaps in haste or berry intoxication, succumb to window crashes and other miscalculations of inexperience, but in the chain of events, the gentle white feline of the neighborhood does not mind.