Look to different calendar for date of Resurrection

Funny thing happened on the way to 2016 concerning the celebration of Christ Jesus’s Resurrection from the dead celebration 3 days after the Passover Sabbath.

Things changed along the way from Resurrection day also known as First Fruits, the 3rd Feast of the 7 Feasts Yahweh, God gave to the Hebrews after he delivered them from slavery to Egypt on the First Passover in 1447 B.C.

These 7 Feasts were to be Holy convocations and eternal as well, they all pointed ahead to Yeshua HaMashicah, Jesus the Messiah.

All Feast were to be fulfilled some day in the future for Israel and the world concerning the coming of the promised Messiah who would save his people Israel and all those who believed in him. All these Feasts are mentioned in Leviticus 23; on God’s calendar days, not the man changed calendar which has removed God’s Times, Seasons and Feasts he appointed for different named Feasts and meanings which make no sense most of the time like this year for instance.

This year Easter, the man made celebration for spring is on March 27 with no Good Friday involved, just Easter Sunday.

Why? Because this is a leap year for God’s calendar and Passover is on April 22, Unleavened Bread Feast starts on the 23rd and First Fruits, aka Resurrection Day, is on the 24th. Resurrection Day starts the counting of the Omer, 50 days up towards the Fourth Feast known as the day of Pentecost which is when the Church age was started by the Jewish converts which spread to the Gentiles later recorded in Acts 2.

At any rate it is funny how those of us who do call on the name of the Lord Jesus, or say we do believe in Yeshua celebrate the man made Easter which is almost a month before the God appointed Passover and First Fruits of Christ rising from the dead to redeem us all if we would only say yes to YEShua.

So how does this work any how celebrating our Jewish Jesus’s Resurrection a month before he was Crucified?

Remember this in spite of the changed man made calendar, Jesus is the reason for the season, not some bunny or chicken eggs which can’t even save them selves.

I wonder how Happy Jesus is that we don’t celebrate his special days when he said to do so?

Happy Resurrection First Fruits of our Jewish Messiah Jesus to all who Believe on him alone for redemption.