Letter: Woman should be remembered by name

Woman should be remembered by name

I have a comment in reference to Friday’s Peninsula Clarion caption under the photo of the Vintage Pointe 25 year celebration: The last line tells of a senior woman in a bed during a snowy winter day holding a sign “Don’t leave us out in the cold.” I feel this is a gross insult to a very lovely lady who literally gave her life in support of community and country.

In her twilight years she worked tireless with senior citizen projects, such as the Senior Center in Kenai and this promotion for Vintage Pointe where she dreamed of living. All her efforts and influence were volunteer, and I am sure helped with the growth of this building.

In summary, as the very proud daughter of Jettie Petersen, I feel it necessary to give her the respect of referring to her as Jettie Petersen and not “the senior woman on the bed.”

Peggy Petersen Arness