Letter: Law enforcement needs new focus

Law enforcement needs different focus

In my opinion, everyone needs to bear arms. There will be a day when you have to defend your family, yourself, or your home. Already, a person can come into your house, pick up the TV you are watching, and unless the person is threatening bodily harm, you cannot put a hand on him without getting into trouble.

Law enforcement needs to do more. I told them about a man that came into my house, loaded down more than $1,000 worth of tools and our son saw him do it. He did work on my house and left with than he came. He is a common thief and drug dealer, but he gave the names of other thieves and drug dealers, and there was no arrest.

I once gave my keys to a guy to work on my truck in my yard. When I got it back finally, it was damaged and the tires had been swapped out for bad ones, but I was told I had to pursue a civil suit because I had given him the key. Police seem focused on giving out tickets, DUIs and arresting drug users instead of going after dealers and thieves. That’s not right; get the dealers and do away with the users.

Carlos Cody,