Letter: Traffic cones there for workers’ safety

Traffic cones there for workers’ safety

I am writing this letter on behalf of all the people that work along the city streets, borough roads, and highways — surveyors, construction, gas, electric, emergency personnel, and law enforcement workers.

Traffic safety cones are placed along in and on the road to help protect these workers from injury or death. They are placed to help direct, and warn, drivers that there may be equipment and/or workers on the road. They are there to alert drivers to these hazards and to slow down and be cautious.

We try to place our cones before sharp corners and busy intersections. In our case they are also there to alert the drivers that there is wet paint on the road surface.

We recently have been working on borough roads. Our equipment is approximately three feet wide. We paint one line at a time and it is usually easy to get by us safely with very little delay in your time.

In working last week on Sport Lake Road, we had someone take one of these cones. This puts our workers at risk and no longer alerts approaching drivers.

I do not think this was a prank, I do not think someone needed this to mark their driveway, but was done intentionally. If you have issues call someone. Don’t take these cones; it puts people at risk.

Daryl Mannausau

Asphalt Marking Services