Letter: Pierce shows integrity, ethics

Pierce shows integrity, ethics

With respect to Sunday’s article, “Election takes negative turn”; it is not unusual for elected officials to be sued.

But the threat of a lawsuit prior to being elected is appalling! Such action during a campaign reflects precisely the character qualities we don’t need in Borough leadership, doesn’t it? The lack of integrity, lack of ethical behavior, and lack of business acumen are very obvious, aren’t they?

Have you experienced the pain, the heartache of divorce? Was there eventually, any effort made to, at least, function as an “extended” family?

In my wife’s case, no. As a child, she grew up knowing only strong animosity between her blood parents. With integrity, and strong ethics, Charlie Pierce has acknowledged his past marital difficulties openly and forthrightly, right from the beginning of the campaign. While it hasn’t been easy, I think you would envy the strength of the functioning of their “extended” family. Few, that have been through what they have, have been so fortunate!

Business acumen? For years, he has managed a large utility gaining respect, working with employees, solving problems and meeting budgets. Isn’t his skill sets of integrity, ethics and business acumen exactly what we need in Borough leadership?


Stan Welles