Letter: Hutchings has temperament to be mayor

Hutchings has temperament to be mayor

I am urging voters to select Linda Hutchings as our new Borough Mayor on Oct. 24. I feel she has the personality and credentials necessary for the position.

The office of Borough Mayor requires a CEO that can effectively manage over three hundred employees. This is a vast difference to the twelve to fifteen people employed at one of the local utilities. While it might sound effective to say that it’s important that one has the expertise to manage large construction projects, fact is, the Borough has a rather well established Major Projects division that is more than capable of managing projects of any size. The last thing we need is a micro manger.

We need a manager that is capable of listening and evaluating constituent and personnel problems that arise daily. We need someone that can maintain harmony, not someone that yells and bullies their way to a one-sided solution. There is an overwhelming number of dedicated and well qualified employees working for the Borough in all departments; I know, I worked there as a director for a few years back in the 90’s.

The wrong choice for Borough Mayor can destroy morale and productivity.

I can tell you that Linda Hutchings does not have a bully mentality toward people and employees.

While it’s unfortunate that situations from the ugly past rear their head, it’s also important to learn from the past and avoid replicating them.

Please vote for someone who will maintain unity in the Borough. Please vote Linda Hutchings for Borough Mayor.


Dave Eagle