Letter: Hutchings a good fit for borough

Hutchings a good fit for borough

I am writing in support of Linda Farnsworth-Hutchings for borough mayor. I have been a Kenai Peninsula resident and teacher (recently retired) since 1983, and I have appreciated the wide-ranging discussions I have had with Linda over the years. While we have quite different political philosophies, I appreciate her willingness to listen and to respond calmly and knowledgeably to questions — or to admit that she does not know but will try to find the answer. Anyone who strives to find positive solutions rather than play a “zero sum” I Win/You Lose game has my vote. With your vote, she will be a mayor who listens and who approaches governing with pragmatic problem-solving. Linda Farnsworth-Hutchings a good fit for the Peninsula.

Terri Zopf-Schoessler