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In January 1900, when Dr. R. J. Alcorn began serving a sentence for manslaughter, he posed for these mug shots as Convict #739.

Filling in the blanks: The Dr. Alcorn story — part 2

Although Dr. R. J. Alcorn spent only a few years in Alaska, he certainly got around.


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This circa 1913 Alcorn family portrait shows Dr. R. J. Alcorn, his son Argie, his daughter Wilma, and his wife, Dr. Cora E. Alcorn.

Filling in the Blanks: The Dr. Alcorn story — part 1

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is Part One of a two-part story about a physician/surgeon who came to Seward in the 1920s with some curious blank spots… Continue reading


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Orville Lewis Albery was a 49-year-old chiropractor in Seward when he supplied the information for this draft card. Although Albery signed the card, the official who filled out the remainder misspelled Albery’s name.

Peninsula History: No fortune like misfortune, part 2

Part Two of a two-part story about a few of the unlucky and the unwise among the long history of medical professionals in Seward.