Researchers study Southeast Alaska watershed changes

JUNEAU (AP) — Southeast Alaska’s watersheds are changing quickly, and researchers are working to figure out how, why, and what those changes mean.Sanjay Pyare, Assistant… Continue reading

Refuge Notebook: Tracking time in the New and Old Worlds

I had the good fortune to take a cruise through the Mediterranean this summer, focusing on ports with archaeological sites. My family marveled at Greco-Roman… Continue reading

An Outdoor View: Chaos at the boat ramp

Let’s talk about one of the most hazardous areas for small boats, their owners and passengers, the launch ramp.For various reasons, boats, trailers and vehicles… Continue reading

Long haul: Adventurer plans on hiking, biking 16,000 remote miles

RENO, Nev. — After Adam Bradley walks with his wife, Shelly Culbertson, to her workplace about six miles from their Reno home, the couple will… Continue reading

A garden to dye for

Homegrown botanical dyes are in, part of today’s shift toward more natural and organic living.And you don’t need a degree in chemistry to create your… Continue reading

Refuge Notebook: Nature shows off its red, white and blue for the Fourth

In an effort to commemorate and celebrate our nation’s birthday, it is with deep honor that I may present an Alaskan patriotic take on ‘Ole… Continue reading

An Outdoor View: Remembering Bigg Eddy

On Tuesday, July 1, I fished for Kenai River king salmon for the first time in three years. My expectations were low, and they were… Continue reading

Fish tacos

I was in the Air Force, stationed near Oxnard, California in the late 1950s, when I discovered the joy of tacos. That first taco wasn’t… Continue reading

Refuge Notebook: Breeding Bird Surveys – Quick! Three Beers!

I saw the moon for the first time this summer. Waking up at 2AM brings a new perspective to the seemingly perpetual daylight of Alaskan… Continue reading

Going with the wind

The recent Kenai Peninsula wildfire gave me a better understanding of wind. I’ve known since my years in Kid World that fires like wind. The… Continue reading

Aquatic habitat mapping “Off-the-Shelf”

Since I was a little boy, I’ve been interested in exploring the underwater world. My favorite TV show was the Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau.… Continue reading

Standup paddleboarding picks up steam

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. — Merrill Mann had always been intrigued when she saw people on standup paddleboards tooling around on area lakes, so when she found… Continue reading

Fire footprint – ghosts of fires past

I flew over much of the Funny River Horse Trail Fire this past Monday. Almost three weeks after the fire was first detected on May… Continue reading

After the burn

Some good will come from the recent wildfire on the Kenai Peninsula. You might not see it right now, looking at 200,000 acres of dead,… Continue reading

Summer in Alaska all about multi-tasking

FAIRBANKS — This year, it’s going to be all about multi-tasking.In compiling my annual summer list of 20 outdoor things to do in Alaska, I… Continue reading

Strong showing of Russian River sockeye salmon

For almost two weeks a steady stream of sockeye have been visible in the clear, low water of the Russian River — the dark grey… Continue reading

Fire-adapted plants thrive after wildfire

The massive wildfire that recently engulfed a good chunk of the local landscape may look like a bleak, uninviting place for some time, but regenerative… Continue reading

The crick

One of the nice features of my neighborhood in Sterling is an unnamed crick. In case you’re wondering, I call any running water that you… Continue reading

Hunting for halibut a good option for early season anglers

As the calm and unseasonably warm weather continues in the Cook Inlet, many anglers are looking to the sea to start their fishing seasons. Charter… Continue reading

Les Palmer: The state of the Kenai, Part 2

Author’s note: Part 2 in a series of two columns.Over the years, fish habitat and the quality of the fishing experience have deteriorated on the… Continue reading