SkinnyFit Super Youth Multi-Collagen Peptides Reviews: Worth Buying?

Super Youth Multi-Collagen Peptides is a collagen supplement containing five collagen types from four natural sources. This supplement developed by SkinnyFit is marketed to women, the versatile supplement takes a multiangular approach to support your health: it supports lean muscle growth, relieves joint pain, prevents bone loss, helps with weight management, encourages healthy estrogen production, improves gut health, and provides post-menopause bone support.

Super Youth Multi-Collagen Peptides by SkinnyFit is a gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free supplement that restores your youthfulness from the inside out. It is an all-in-one formula that speeds up collagen turnover and produces noticeable results within eight weeks of use. SkinnyFit’s Super Youth Multi-Collagen Peptides is designed to liberate women from relying on a few different formulas to support their health.

Whether you are looking to have wrinkle-free skin or get rid of joint pain, SkinnyFit’s Super Youth Multi-Collagen Peptides gives your body all five types of collagen to support different aspects of your health. By taking this all-natural formula for up to six months, you can support your skin, joint, heart, muscle, brain, and gut health.

What’s Inside SkinnyFit’s Super Youth Multi-Collagen Peptides?

Each serving of SkinnyFit’s Super Youth Multi-Collagen Peptides comes with five types of premium collagen peptides that function collectively to give you youthful skin, healthy weight, and strong joints and bones.

The supplement also contains a few complementary ingredients that provide additional health benefits. Here’s all you need to know about the ingredients present in SkinnyFit’s Super Youth Multi-Collagen Peptides:

Collagen – Type 1

It is the most common of 28 types of collagen in your body. The most abundant collage on the human body is present in scar tissue, a fibrous tissue that replaces the skin after injury. It is also found in the skin, vasculature, tendons, ligaments, the organic part of the bone, and several organs, such as the heart and lungs. The longest-known type of collagen can help rebuild your bones, spine, and muscle.

Collagen type 1 in Super Youth Multi-Collagen Peptides rejuvenates the skin by restoring its elasticity, minimizing fine lines, and improving hydration. It also boosts the strength of hair, nails, and teeth.

Collagen – Type 2

Type 2 collagen makes up 50% of all protein in the cartilage. It is the most abundant collagen in articular cartilage, a type of cartilage mostly present in ribs and the respiratory tract. It works with other tissue-specific collagen types and glycoproteins to give shock-absorbing properties to tissue, making it resilient to stress.

Regular supplementation of collagen type 2 improves joint cartilage strength, soothes joint and muscle pain, and even reduces popping knees.

Collagen – Type 3

Collagen type 3 is a major structural component of hollow organs, such as the uterus, intestines, and large blood vessels. It is the second most abundant collagen in soft tissues, such as muscles, nerves, tendons, and tissues that surround joints and bones.

It also dominates the proliferative phase of wound healing: granulation tissue formation. This phase lasts for months and involves the growth of new blood vessels and the creation of a new barrier between the wound and the environment.

Collagen – Type 5

Collagen type 5 makes up the bone matrix, thickest layer of the cornea, and connective tissue of the placenta, liver, lungs, and muscles. It is also essential for the formation of types 1 and 3 of collagen.

Collagen – Type X

Collagen type X is network-forming collagen that provides mineralization and structural support to bones and cartilage. It plays a key role in fracture healing and new bone formation.

Vitamin C

An essential nutrient particularly found in citrus fruits, vitamin C is involved in tissue repair, collagen formation, iron absorption, and enzymatic production of certain neurotransmitters. It acts as an antioxidant to improve your body’s inflammatory response and strengthen your natural defense system.

Vitamin C plays a key role in the growth, development, and repair of all body tissues. It is also required for the proper maintenance of bones, teeth, and cartilage.

Apple Cider Vinegar

A vinegar made from fermented apple juice, apple cider vinegar contains hefty amounts of health-boosting substances. It helps kill pathogens, lowers blood sugar, aids in weight loss, improves skin health, and provides cardiovascular support.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance widely present in epithelial, neural, and connective tissues. This SkinnyFit’s Super Youth Multi-Collagen Peptides ingredient helps boost your body’s inflammatory response and aids in soft-tissue growth. Regular supplementation of hyaluronic acid improves skin’s elasticity, boosts moisture retention, and prevents scarring, enabling a youthful appearance.


How To Take SkinnyFit’s Super Youth Multi-Collagen Peptides?

SkinnyFit’s Super Youth Multi-Collagen Peptides is an easy-to-make drink mix that comes in two versions: unflavored and chocolate cake flavored. All you have to do is mix 2 scoops of this powdered supplement into your favorite beverage, such as coffee, smoothie, juice, teas, or milkshakes. You can also mix it into pancakes, soups, oatmeals, or any food of your liking.

Price & Refund Policy of SkinnyFit’s Super Youth Multi-Collagen Peptides

One tub of SkinnyFit’s Super Youth Multi-Collagen Peptides costs $89.95 and comes with 58 servings. All purchases are backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee. If the supplement fails to yield the claimed results, you can contact customer service and request a full refund within the first three months of purchase.


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