OcuRenew Reviews: What are Customers Saying?

Vision loss affects many people, and while it is commonly viewed as just a consequence of aging, is that true? Are you destined to end up wearing glasses as you get older? What about if you wear glasses when you’re young? Your eyes can only get so bad before you go blind. While you can keep changing the prescription of your glasses or contact lenses or even get surgery, your eyesight will continue to deteriorate because you aren’t targeting the real culprit of age-related vision loss.

OcuRenew, a new supplement, claims to stop vision loss and restore your vision by addressing the root cause of your poor vision. Does OcuRenew live up to the hype? How does OcuRenew support eye health and vision? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about OcuRenew today.

What is OcuRenew?

OcuRenew is a vision and eye health supplement sold exclusively online. The OcuRenew website details how a man named Benjamin Blake, who has a background in biological sciences and biotech, used that professional experience to formulate OcuRenew.

According to the origin story on their site, Mr. Blake’s mother eventually had to stop driving after she came within inches of running over two innocent children. Benjamin wanted to create OcuRenew to help his mother cure her vision loss. Using his biotech experience and contacts, Blake combined a unique array of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and plants. After testing it successfully on his mom, Benjamin decided to sell the formula to the world in the form of OcuRenew.

How Does OcuRenew Work?

According to the creators of OcuRenew, vision loss is not an inevitable part of aging. It’s preventable, treatable, and curable.

Here’s how Benjamin describes the issue:

“Most doctors think that vision loss is inevitable. And that it’s just a matter of time before we all begin to lose our sight…However, where they have it all wrong is that they think it’s normal. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not.”

Blake insists that men and women of any age can attain “perfect vision” regardless of their level of vision loss – or why they lost their vision. Ben partnered with a biotech colleague named David to develop his vision loss solution. David owns a neurological testing company and holds three medical device patents.

According to David, Benjamin’s mom was losing her vision because of issues with her mitochondria – the powerhouses of her cells. Researchers find centenarians (people who live into their 100s) tend to have significantly healthier mitochondria than people who don’t live as long, suggesting healthy mitochondria are linked to longevity. As you get older, your mitochondria don’t function as efficiently.

To make a long story short, David and Benjamin teamed up to create a cure for age-related vision loss. By targeting the mitochondria of the cells, David and Benjamin could reverse his mother’s vision loss – even though her vision loss was so severe, she could not safely drive.

OcuRenew Solves the Root Cause of Vision Loss

OcuRenew targets the root cause of vision loss – something that other supplements and eye health solutions don’t do. According to OcuRenew, the root cause of vision loss is damage to your eyes that is not repaired because your mitochondria aren’t working efficiently enough to keep up with the damage.

It’s no secret that modern reliance on screens and air pollution can cause damage to your eyes. However, according to OcuRenew, the primary cause of eye damage isn’t just the blue light or pollution; it is due to free radical damage. Free radicals are molecules that have an unpaired electron, which means they are trying to “take” an electron off of another molecule to fill in the blank spot. When that happens, it can cause inflammation or oxidation. This is why you often see products advertised as antioxidants – substances that fight free radical damage. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, so an antioxidant-rich diet is a great way to control inflammation.

Ultimately, the goal of OcuRenew is to protect the mitochondria within your eyes from free radical damage, thereby preserving and enhancing vision.

To do that, OcuRenew recommends combining their supplement with “red light therapy,” which involves watching the sunrise every morning to expose your eyes to red light, which is thought to have the opposite effect as blue light.

OcuRenew doesn’t just claim to preserve or maintain vision. According to its creator, the supplement could enhance vision or make you see better than before; in fact, the creators of OcuRenew claim their formula will rejuvenate your entire body.

When people notice centenarians have good mitochondria function in their eyes, it also suggests they have good mitochondria function throughout the rest of the body, associated with good overall health.

Using a combination of red light therapy (to counteract the blue light) and natural ingredients, OcuRenew can purportedly provide powerful effects to the eyes, helping to restore or even improve your vision and the rest of your body. Free radicals cause damage to your skin, organs, and eyes, so fighting them may help your vitality in other areas.

Red Light, Blue Light

One of the most exciting aspects of OcuRenew is the red light therapy aspect. Everyone has probably seen articles stating that blue light from screens can damage your eyes, cause you to have issues sleeping, etc. One way to counteract the damaging effects of blue light is to expose yourself to red light.

The first step in the OcuRenew process is to watch the beauty of the sunrise, allowing the long-wave red light to activate your mitochondria. They describe it as an “exercise for the mitochondria.” You can watch the sunrise through the window or outdoors: as long as you see the red light of the dawn, the first step is complete.

OcuRenew Ingredients

Here are some of the critical ingredients in OcuRenew and how they work, according to the official website:

Vitamin A: Vitamin A is one of the essential ingredients for vision health. Vitamin A is also important for rhodopsin, a protein in your eye allowing you to see in low light conditions. Vitamin A is also essential for the retina’s retinol production, which is necessary for healthy mitochondria.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is one of nature’s best and best-known antioxidants. Vitamin C may slow the progression of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is another popular natural antioxidant that works throughout your body – including your eyes. Vitamin E, according to OcuRenew, adds valuable protection against free radical damage to the eyes.

B Vitamins: OcuRenew also contains several B vitamins, including B1, B2, B3, B12, and biotin. According to OcuRenew.com, these ingredients are necessary for good eyesight and overall health.

Zinc: Zinc, in combination with Vitamin A, aids in producing melanin, a pigment that helps protect your eyes. It also helps with night vision and is an essential trace mineral needed for other bodily functions.

Calcium, Magnesium, Selenium, Copper, and Chromium: OcuRenew contains several additional minerals, including calcium, magnesium, selenium, copper, and chromium. Together, these trace elements promote healthy cellular function in the body.

Lutein, Lycopene, and Zeaxanthin: Virtually all eye and vision health supplements sold online today contain lutein, zeaxanthin, and lycopene, three antioxidants linked to good vision. Studies show these ingredients help suppress inflammation in the eyes, defend your eyes against free radicals and oxidative stress, and may enhance vision sharpness, among other effects.

Other Ingredients: Rounding out the OcuRenew formula are ingredients like alpha lipoic acid, quercetin, and eyebright. Together, these three ingredients protect the eye against free radical damage and oxidative stress, improving eye health and symptoms of dry eye. The formula also contains L-taurine (an amino acid necessary for retina health and retina integrity), grape seed extract (for additional antioxidant support), and rutin (to help regulate blood flow to the retina).

Scientific Evidence for OcuRenew

The makers of OcuRenew claim to have completed two small tests on their formula before releasing it to market.

Trial #1: Benjamin’s Mom: Benjamin’s mom had severe vision loss where she could no longer safely drive. After nearly killing two children while driving, Benjamin’s mom decided to stop driving. Benjamin gave OcuRenew to his mom, and she was able to stop using her glasses entirely, and she “now had 20/20 vision” thanks to OcuRenew, according to OcuRenew.com.

Trial #2: A Group of Volunteers with a 100% Success Rate: After successfully treating his mom’s vision loss, Benjamin asked for volunteers on Facebook. He gathered a group of people with vision loss, then told them to take OcuRenew. Of those volunteers, 99.3% “reported significant improvement in their vision.” The group also reported feeling better and having more energy. Within 60 days, 100% of study volunteers reported better vision. As Benjamin explained, “It [OcuRenew] worked, and it worked on every single one of them.”

Benjamin and David did not publish their groundbreaking trials in a peer-reviewed journal, nor did they disclose further details of the trials online.

The first step of the OcuRenew system involves watching the sun as it rises in the morning. Studies show staring at the sun for just a few minutes can cause irreversible vision damage. Can that improve your vision?

When you stare at the sun or other sources of light (like a welding torch), it floods your retina with ultraviolet light, which burns exposed tissue. This can lead to short-term damage and permanent vision loss. Some people recover from sun damage over time, while others never recover their vision.

However, exposing your eyes to red light could enhance vision by boosting mitochondrial function. In this 2021 study, researchers found that exposing animals’ eyes to long-wavelength light (650 to 900nm light) partially restored mitochondrial function and improved ocular function. In other words, the correct type of red light could improve your vision.

Meanwhile, many of the ingredients in OcuRenew have been linked to vision and eye health in multiple studies. For example, lutein, zeaxanthin, and lycopene are found in virtually all vision health supplements sold online today for a reason: studies show they could target inflammation in the eyes, which could help support your vision.

Overall, there’s limited evidence recommending you watch the sunrise to help with vision loss. However, exposing your eyes to red light and taking the ingredients in OcuRenew could provide mild vision support.

OcuRenew Ingredients Label

The makers of OcuRenew disclose the complete list of ingredients upfront, along with the dosages of most components. Although some dosages are hidden within a proprietary blend, we know most of the ingredients in OcuRenew.

The complete list of ingredients includes:

  • 100mcg of vitamin A (11% DV)
  • 200mg of vitamin C (222% DV)
  • 50mg of calcium (4% DV)
  • 20mg of vitamin E (133% DV)
  • 8mg of vitamin B1 (667% DV)
  • 8mg of vitamin B2 (615% DV)
  • 40mg of vitamin B3 (250% DV)
  • 27mcg of vitamin B12 (1,125% DV)
  • 800mcg of biotin (2,667% DV)
  • 32mg of zinc (291% DV)
  • 8mcg of selenium (15% DV)
  • 2mg of copper (222% DV)
  • 3.6mcg of chromium (10% DV)
  • 481mg of a proprietary blend with lutein, bilberry extract, alpha-lipoic acid, eyebright, zeaxanthin, quercetin, rutin, L-taurine, grape seed extract, and lycopene
  • Other (inactive) ingredients include vegetable cellulose, rice flour, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide.

OcuRenew Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

According to OcuRenew.com, “over 33,779 women and men” have used OcuRenew to “reclaim their lost vision,” and “tens of thousands” have used OcuRenew with incredible results. Various comments from users include the following:

  • They’re no longer stressed or worried about their vision
  • They live their life in full vivid color
  • They explore and appreciate the beauty the world has to offer
  • They see with “crystal clear” vision and “in perfect focus.”
  • They enjoy their lives because “vision is no longer an issue in their life.”

The OcuRenew website is filled with positive reviews from customers who have enjoyed these benefits. Overall, OcuRenew claims explicitly to give you “perfect vision for a long time to come,” and reviewers agree that the formula works even for severe vision issues and people who need to wear glasses and contact lenses.

OcuRenew Pricing

OcuRenew is priced at $69 per bottle, although prices drop as low as $49 or $59 per bottle when ordering multiple bottles.


Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 1 Bottle: $69 + Free US Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $177 + Free US Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $294 + Free US Shipping

International shipping is $15.95. Shipping is free to the United States on all orders.

OcuRenew Refund Policy

A 60-day moneyback guarantee backs OcuRenew.

If your vision doesn’t improve and you are not satisfied, you are entitled to a complete refund. For additional questions or to inquire about a refund, you can contact the makers of OcuRenew via the following methods:

  • Telephone: 1-844-670-2409
  • Email: support@ocurenew.com
  • Mail: 37 Inverness Drive E Ste 100 Englewood, CO 80112

Final Word

OcuRenew is a vision and eye health supplement that claims to restore 20/20 vision using a blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids.

By taking two capsules of OcuRenew daily, you can purportedly restore vision, fix severe vision problems, and stop using your prescription glasses and contact lenses, according to OcuRenew.

To learn more about OcuRenew and how it works or buy the supplement today, visit the official website by clicking here! >>>


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