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MagnetPAL Reviews – Powerful Keyring Magnet Tool or Cheap Gadget?

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MagnetPAL is a multi-purpose magnet claimed to function as a key chain holder, as well as a magnetic stud finder, and many other things that will be mentioned later. It features a plastic housing that’s very strong and makes it suitable for home, outdoor adventures, or workshop use. Moreover, it has at its top a molded loop that, meaning it’s very easy to attach it to all sort of things. What’s also great about it is that it weighs only 1/3 of an ounce.

MagnetPAL Best Features

Below are MagnetPAL’s best features, as per the product’s official website presents them:

Can Hold Up to 12 Pounds

While small in size, MagnetPAL is definitely mighty seeing it can lift up to 12 pounds and has a handy loop on its upper side to make attaching it to almost anything possible.

100% American Made

MagnetPAL is considered to be a real example of durability. It’s made here in the USA, from rare earth types of metal that can never rust, fall off or fail, regardless of the extreme temperatures they are subjected to.

Multiple Uses

MagnetPAL can be used as a key holder, a magnetic stud finder, or just something to play with. All its uses will be mentioned further.

5-Star Amazon Ratings

Everyone knows the customer is never wrong. MagnetPAL has many 5-star reviews on Amazon, so people who have bought and are using it seem to be very satisfied with the way it works.

What Can MagnetPAL Be Used For?

With endless uses that can’t be all mentioned here, MagnetPAL is the most reliable friend of those who need to hang and organize their tools, hold screws while working, hide a spare key, and many other things. But here are MagnetPAL’s most common uses, as per the product’s official website presents them:


MagnetPAL can be used to hang stuff and get a hold of screws, bits or bolts. It can even keep a hammer hanging or any other heavy tools as well, as it’s very powerful.


Everyone loses keys once in a while and ends up scrambling all over the place in order to find a replacement. The good news is that MagnetPAL functions as a perfect hide-a-key as well. It just has to be placed in a safe place, such as under the car, and have a spare key attached to it. Burglars nowadays are aware of the usual places where people are hiding their spare keys, but with MagnetPAL, the hiding spots options become endless. Besides, MagnetPAL is surely a lifesaver when losing the main keys of the house because it keeps the spare ones safe and in a place of which the owner knows about.


Working on a ladder and dropping tools can be very frustrating. But MagnetPAL promises to change this, as it can be attached to a stick or a string and used to pick up any tool that has fallen. As small as a quarter, it can still lift up to 12 pounds up, so it can be a magnetic holder for any kind of metal tool, from hammers to French wrenches and screwdrivers.


By using MagnetPAL, people can say goodbye to traditional stud finders that never seem to appear when needing them the most. This powerful magnet locates steel drywall screws from studs without any problem, not to mention it goes through almost any kind of wall, regardless of the material from which that wall has been made. It just needs to be waved over the surface until it starts pulling out of the hand. When sticking to the wall, it shows the exact place of the stud. It can easily be said that MagentPAL is more versatile and convenient that any traditional stud finder because it has more magnetic power.


Why MagnetPAL?

First of all, MagnetPAL is an award-winning tool that gives its users the power to not only hold, but also to hide, secure, and find all sorts of other tools and items right when they are needed. It has been especially developed for handy work and outdoor adventures, so it’s ideal for those who like completing DIY projects. As per its official website says, it has a patented design and uses rare earth metals that many people are looking to have their tools built with.

But here are many of the other reasons why MagnetPAL is the perfect tool for handymen and women:

  • More than $5 million worth of MagnetPALs have been sold worldwide
  • It has over 100 uses
  • Holds up to 15 pounds, as it has been engineered to hold 100x times its own weight, which means it can keep any large tool hanged onto it
  • Lightweight and compact, meaning it can be taken anywhere and even added to the keychain
  • Long-lasting, as it’s not only made from rare earth metals, but it also features a shell that’s military-grade ABS
  • Comes with a warranty, so buying it is a risk-free investment, but more about this later

FREE Bonus!

Anyone who’s interested in how to use MagnetPAL in 100+ different ways can download the 101+ Uses for MagnetPAL eBook for absolutely FREE from the product’s official website. They only need to provide their name and email address, and they will receive the eBook without getting charged. And this offer is available for everyone, even for those who didn’t purchase MagnetPAL yet, just so that they can learn how this tool could be of help to them.

Who Is MagnetPAL For?

It’s mentioned on the MagnetPAL official website that this tool should not be in any way used by children, so aside from this category of people, any adult man or woman out there can use it when working or for keeping their spare keys, finding things, as well as any other use they find it to be suited for. An in case they happen to run out of ideas on how they could use this powerful magnet, then the 101+ Uses for MagnetPAL eBook can help them come across new ones.

Where to Buy MagnetPAL?

While MagnetPAL is available for sale in tool shops and at the major online or offline retailers, it would be better to get it from its official website because here, it comes at the most amazing prices, as it follows:

1×3-Pack MagnetPAL for $29.99 + shipping and handling fees

2×3-Pack MagnetPAL for $29.25 each + FREE shipping and handling

3×3-Pack MagnetPAL for $26 each + FREE shipping and handling

(LOWEST PRICE ONLINE) Get MagnetPAL Directly from the Official Website for the Biggest Discount


Payments can be made either via PayPal, as well as via credit or debit card. Deliveries in the US usually take 5-7 business days, whereas international ones may take up to 15 business and longer, depending on each destination country’s customs’ policies. Also, customs may apply some extra fees of their own, and these fees will have to be paid separately, so not to the company that makes MagnetPAL. All products are covered by a 1-year warranty for defects and damaged materials. There’s also a 10-day money-back guarantee being offered, so any unsatisfied customer can return their MagnetPAL pack(s) to the manufacturing company in order to get a full refund of their money within 10 days since they have made their purchase. Requests for refunds together with inquiries or any questions about the product can be addressed to the MagnetPAL customer service, through the following means of communication:


Phone: 800 827 6143

Customer service should be allowed a maximum of 24 hours to send back a response to an email. Refunds are approved only after the returned items have been inspected.

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