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Hypothyroidism Solution Review: Blue Heron Health Jodi Knapp

Are you among the 5 out of 100 Americans who have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism? If so, does the thought of possibly staying on medications long term frustrate you? Hypothyroidism, also known as underactive thyroid, is when the thyroid gland fails to produce a sufficient number of certain hormones. Though the symptoms are neither felt nor witnessed early in the diagnosis, it is trusted to give rise to undesirable consequences such as obesity, fluctuating moods, joint pain, and heart disease, among others [1]. As society continues to study such health conditions, the notion of something being permanent gradually fades, becoming far more temporary and resolvable. That is, at least according to a natural health practitioner, Jodi Knapp, who believes her latest guide, “The Hypothyroidism Solution,” is the way to say good riddance to hypothyroidism. Want to know how Jodi managed to find a solution that can benefit all? The following comprehensive guide will cover the Hypothyroidism Solution in greater detail:

What is the Hypothyroidism Solution?

Created by Jodi Knapp, the Hypothyroidism Solution is advertised as a guide that compiles developed, tested, natural, and drug-free approaches to reducing the effects of hypothyroidism. In fact, by targeting the root cause of this condition, Jodi insists that individuals will experience positive changes to their immune and thyroid functions and weight loss endeavors, sleep quality, mood, and hair health, to name the least. Before getting into the Hypothyroidism Solution’s ins and outs, we must have a basic understanding of the issue at hand.

How does the Hypothyroidism Solution work?

As previously discussed, the Hypothyroidism Solution has been put together to get to the root cause of hypothyroidism. The usual steps involve stimulating the thyroid gland to produce T3 and T4, two hormones that determine one’s metabolic rate, heartbeats, every breath taken, cholesterol levels, etc. While this is a fix, it supposedly does very little permanently. The next obvious question is, “well, then what is the root cause if it isn’t the lack of hormones?” According to Jodi, eliminating inflammation in the body is likely to do the trick. When the body houses extreme inflammation, the immune system gets confused and is incapable of differentiating harmful and harmless substances. This automatically forces the immune system to take a swing at organs and body cells that normally stand by it. E.g., it was reasoned that diabetes is a consequence of the immune fighting against the pancreas. The same goes for celiac disease, where the defeated is the gut lining. This is also the truth with hypothyroidism, as the immune system continues to take charge of the thyroid gland and its very cells. To date, science has been able to show this as well. One resource affirms that “there is some evidence that patients who have uncontrolled hypothyroidism have impaired immune function.” It was further explained that “this returns to normal once corrected with thyroid hormones.” The NHS shared a similar sentiment highlighting that underactive thyroid is nothing but a result of “the immune system attacking the thyroid gland, and damaging it.” All things considered, Jodi’s guide is meant to free the body of inflammation-stimulating toxins. In so doing, the immune system will neither feel overstressed nor overworked, allowing it to pinpoint the good players from the bad.

How has the Hypothyroidism Solution been structured?

The Hypothyroidism Solution can be thought of as a guide that slashes the learning curve linked to researching solutions. Forget having to read through scientific research or trying to make sense of the condition as a whole. That said, the sale page insists that Jodi takes no credit for the solutions she shares, as these have been discovered already. As a natural health practitioner, she is doing what she normally would with her patients: sharing her insight and ensuring that people are well educated on their actions and external factors on health and wellness. Ultimately, the Hypothyroidism Solution has been structured to eliminate not one but every possible symptom that has been linked to hypothyroidism. Starting with the immune system’s recovery and going as far as preventing environmental toxins from entering the body. In fact, inside this guide, Jodi also provides a 4-week plan to ease everyone into the expected changes. Below are some questions that this guide is trusted to answer:

  • Where do most toxins found within the body come from?
  • What measures can be taken to reduce and/or eliminate exposure to such toxins?
  • What lifestyle changes need to be made to limit toxins buildup?
  • What foods can be consumed sparingly to support the body?
  • How to effectively follow the 80/20 rule for better results?

How much does the Hypothyroidism Solution cost?

The current going price of the digital version of the Hypothyroidism Solution (i.e., PDF or eBook) is USD$49 (or CAD$69.57). This is a one-time fee that neither traps individuals into a subscription plan nor encourages them to buy equipment, drugs, or any treatments for that matter. The price reflects all-natural tips that can be executed within the comfort of one’s home. If Jodi’s solutions fail to deliver the aforementioned benefits, this guide has been backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. To contact the vendor, which in this case is Blue Heron Health News, individuals must submit a form here. Replies can be expected within 24 hours.

Who is behind the Hypothyroidism Solution?

By now, it should be clear that Jodi Knapp is the author of the Hypothyroidism Solution. She has been described as a natural health practitioner of 15 years. This isn’t the first guide that she has written for Blue Heron Health News, a platform founded on Native American traditions that aim to enlighten the general public on natural methods toward health and wellness. Precisely, the Hypothyroidism Solution is the third guide she’s compiled, with the first and second guides being:

  • The Type 2 Diabetes Guide: 3 Step Method to Naturally Cure Type 2 Diabetes and Dramatically Improve Type 1 Diabetes
  • The Parkinson’s Disease Protocol

Aside from everything that we’ve discussed up until this point, we have very scarce information available on her certifications, background, and professional experience, among others. This is definitely something to deliberate before placing an order.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Hypothyroidism Solution is as self-explanatory as it gets: it is a guide that aims to provide solutions to eliminate symptoms associated with hypothyroidism, better yet, bring a permanent end to the condition. The considered approach mainly involves eliminating toxins in the body, which are known to trigger inflammation and, consequently, force the immune system to act out of habit. As for its structure, details appear to have been hidden besides revealing that much of the steps to be taken include realizing where toxins originate and making changes to their eating habits. This is not to say that individuals will be dieting, but instead, they will be encouraged to swap out harmful food choices and replace them for the good type. On that note, a drawback worth mentioning here is Jodi’s credibility, one that has undergone a lot of questioning. To be more specific, the sales page insists that she is a natural health practitioner, but such information has not been displayed on Blue Heron Health News’ official website. Matter-of-factly, none of their writers’ professional backgrounds are revealed anywhere. Bearing the latter in mind, for those who believe that they can do their respective research, paying $49 USD becomes unnecessary. However, for people who would much rather cut back on time spent researching, the Hypothyroidism Solution might be one to consider, as Jodi is said to have listed everything there is to know about the condition. All-in-all, it really comes down to whether individuals want to undergo the learning curve linked to hypothyroidism or not. To find out more about the Hypothyroidism Solution and what led Blue Heron Health News to start a health-focused platform, visit here>>>.

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