Fit After 50 Review: Shocking Scam Complaints? (Urgent Update)

It is no secret that after men cross the age of 40, their bodies start to lose their innate testosterone production capacity at quite a rapid rate. In this regard, as per a study released by the research team over at Harvard Medical School, after 40, most men on average see their testo production mechanisms decline by around 1%-2% per year, which means that by they reach the ripe old age of the 70, their hormone generation speed declines by a whopping 50+%.

For those unaware, low levels of testosterone can have several undesirable effects on an individual. For starters, it can lead to rapid muscle degeneration and reduced overall physical output (be it in terms of one’s sporting capabilities or general work-related efficiency). Increasing evidence alludes to the fact that low levels of the above-stated hormone can hurt the sex life, even resulting in other peripheral physical issues such as ED (erectile dysfunction), loss of body hair, testicular problems, prostate dysfunction, etc.

Some of the other adverse effects of reduced testosterone levels include:

  • It can cause one’s lean muscle mass levels to diminish quite rapidly.
  • It can lead to individuals feeling tired and exhausted all day long (despite them taking adequate nutrition).
  • It can result in an individual putting on weight since reduced hormone levels can harm a person’s innate metabolic activity.

Studies have suggested that low testosterone levels can result in individuals feeling depressed or being faced with issues related to low self-worth, reduced self-confidence, anxiety, stress, etc.

What is Fit After 50 For Men?

In its most basic sense, Fit After 50 for Men can be thought of as a complete health enhancement program that seeks to enable older men to once again get in shape without them having to go through intense periods of dieting or spending countless hours in the gym. Not only that, unlike traditional gym workouts that can not only damage our joints but also result in other unwanted issues such as estrogen spikes, inflammation, this program is designed to mitigate any issues such with relative ease.

That being said, some of the core functional aspects of the Fit After 50 program include:

(i) Helps Reduce Estrogen Production: Studies have shown that older men who spend countless hours at the gym tend to have elevated cortisol levels. This can have a highly adverse impact on one’s T-Levels, even forcing individuals to put on a constant amount of weight without any rhyme or reason.

Furthermore, cortisol is also responsible for releasing a chemical compound called aromatase that turns testosterone into estrogen. In this regard, the Fit After 50 program seeks to eliminate any cortisol that may have accumulated in our bodies and helps flush out excess estrogen that may be present in our bloodstream. This can allow users to get in shape even after they have reached an advanced age.

Lastly, cortisol also induces a lot of stress in our bodies, resulting in users not working at a high level.

(ii) Improves One’s Metabolic Conditioning: As some of our readers may be well aware, MST (aka Metabolic Strength Training) is being considered to be a breakthrough solution for older men since it not only helps regulate one’s hormone levels but also allows for the elimination of stubborn fat that may have accumulated in specific target areas such as one’s belly, thighs, chest, etc.

Some of the other core aspects of MST include:

  • It helps reduce brain fog and allows users to reap a whole host of energy release-related benefits.
  • It can hasten the production of testosterone in one’s body.
  • It helps maximize an individual’s muscle development potential.

(iii) Helps Hasten Recovery: A highly underrated facet of the Fit After 50 for Men regime is its combination of functional cardio/abs days and metabolic strength training. It can allow users not to feel tired and recover efficiently immediately after strenuous exercise sessions. Not only that, it may even qualify for other peripheral benefits such as:

It can help spur the body’s circulatory mechanisms, thus allowing for the faster, more efficient delivery of several key nutrients (including minerals, vitamins, essential fats, etc.) to our muscles and tendons.

It may be useful in reversing many of the visible signs of aging that most men are faced with after they cross the age of 45.

Why Choose Fit After 50?

Works even if one hasn’t worked out in a long time

One of the most significant issues with most workout regimes is that they require users to be at a certain level of physical conditioning even when they start. In this regard, the Fit After 50 program’s creator has made it abundantly clear that users are not required to be in any physical shape to reap benefits from this program.

Helps Maximize One’s Innate Fat Loss Capacity

As per data available online, the Metabolic Strength Training (MST) module associated with the Fit After 50 program is so useful that an increasing number of researchers are starting to recommend the regime to older men looking to get back in shape once again. This is because, in addition to building one’s muscular strength, the program also seeks to help speed up the rate at which the body can help melt away its stubborn fat deposits.

Not only that, as mentioned in an earlier section, the program can also have a direct effect on an individual’s testosterone production abilities, spurring the creation of the essential male hormone in a big way.

Anti-Aging Benefits

When used as instructed, the Fit After 50 workout regime can potentially help release various chemicals that can speed up the body’s anti-aging mechanisms, primarily via the optimization of cellular mitochondria present in one’s system.

It achieves the results mentioned above via a combination of Metabolic Strength Training and Functional Workouts, thus allowing users to feel young and healthy from the inside out.

Energy Production Enhancement

As pointed out earlier, MST is designed to help boost the body’s natural metabolic processes, thus allowing for a steady release of energy through the course of one’s day-to-day activities. In this regard, the official program website states that through a combination of MST and Functional Cardio and Abs, users can increase their energy output by up to 65% and substantially decrease their fatigue levels.

Joint Lubrication

According to studies released by Harvard Medical School, MST and its associated training styles can have a positive impact on one’s joint health, such that the routine can help reduce inflammation in one’s system as well as provide users with other peripheral benefits such as:

  • Reduction in issues related to arthritis and other bone-related similar problems.
  • Enhanced release of certain lubrication fluids can protect our joints and bones from any damage that may arise due to physical exercise.

Ease of Use

One of the most underrated aspects of the Fit After 50 program is that all of the exercises outlined in the system can be performed from the comfort of one’s home. Not only that, all of the physical regimes outlined in the program are non-taxing. They do not cause any functional damage to one’s body even after extended periods of being performed.

So Who Exactly is Behind Fit After 50?

As many may already be aware, Mark Mcilyar is the man behind this potentially life-altering exercise program. As per his online bio, Mcilyar is a personal trainer, physique competitor, and entrepreneur based out of Texas, USA. Over the years, he has built a dedicated online following thanks to his excellent physique, which he has maintained even though he is currently in his 60’s.

From an early age, Mark was extremely active and participated in several sporting activities. However, in his 30s, he started to see that his body was beginning to change, thereby altering how he approached physical exercise and workout sessions ultimately. As a result, he devised a particular program — that included a workout routine and a specific plan of nutrition — explicitly meant for those over the age of 50.

Mcilyar’s exercise system’s goal has always been to maintain one’s high testosterone levels and build muscle mass while using a natural approach.

Thanks to his Fit After 50 for Men program, he received a lot of media attention, with Mark’s work being featured across several popular health and fitness magazines. Not only that, but he has also been interviewed by several international media outlets as well as local TV stations due to his fantastic physique.

Other Facets of Fit After 50 Worth Considering

(i) Health Optimization Benefits: As per the creator of this program, it may lower one’s unhealthy blood sugar levels. Not only that, it may even be useful in maximizing an individual’s innate circulatory functions (which in turn can help regulate a person’s blood pressure).

(ii) Enhanced Metabolism: As mentioned earlier, the Fit After 50 System can help repair one’s metabolism, allowing for the faster breakdown of complex carbs, fats, and sugars that otherwise tend to accumulate in our bodies over time (especially in specific trouble areas such as our bellies, thighs, chest, etc.).

(iii) Cognition Based Benefits: While we cannot verify the integrity of these claims, Mcilyar claims that by following the exercises outlined in his Fit After 50 program, users will be able to witness a tangible increase in their overall memory and cognition levels. Not only that, he even claims that the exercises can allow users to maximize their brain health, primarily via the regeneration of their neural cells (that tend to degenerate quite rapidly when a person crosses the age of 50).

(iv) Skeletal Support: In addition to increasing one’s muscle mass, the program may even be useful in improving our skeletal system’s structural strength. This allows users to perform intense exercises without wearing out their joints, bones, etc.

(v) Cardiovascular Support: A highly underrated facet of this program is that it seeks to optimize its user’s cardiovascular system’s functional capacity. In this regard, it should be pointed out that when one’s innate cardio operations are running smoothly, the body can feel energized, fresh, and active quickly. Not only that, it may even result in one’s flexibility, increasing to a certain degree.

Where Can I Buy the ‘Fit After 50 For Men Program’?

The easiest, most convenient means of making a purchase is via the official company website — i.e., https://fitafter50formen.com/v5/. At press time, the program is available for a highly discounted sum of just $37 (the product is traditionally priced around the $97 mark).

With each purchase, users are provided with several free goodies such as:

12-week Fit After 50 Nutrition Plan: As the name suggests, this manual comes replete with several healthy, nutritious recipes that one can prepare effortlessly using everyday household ingredients.

Fit After 50 Exercise Illustrations and Execution Guide: This small instructional book features several visuals that can make all of the programs extremely easy to perform.

Furthermore, it should be pointed out that the system comes backed by a 365-day money-back guarantee in case users fail to see any results through its use. To process a refund, all one has to do is initiate the refund process by writing to the company’s support staff. The money should be reflected in one’s account within 5-7 working days. Lastly, payments can be processed via several safe and secure avenues, including PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, Discover, and JCB.

To learn more about Fit After 50 and how it works, visit online today at FitAfter50ForMen.com.


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