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Extreme Value Research Review: Dan Ferris Best Gold Business on Earth

Stansberry Research’s Dan Ferris has just compiled a presentation through which he shared hints of a potential stock that could make a 1000% gain within 2021. This recommendation, which he also dubs “the Best Gold Business on Earth,” is not his number one pick for 2021 but actually the best he claims to have seen in his 20-year career. As a conservative analyst, Dan insists that this is by far one of the fewest types that are deemed low-risk and low-volatile.

For those of you who are curious as to what this opportunity might entail, Dan is referring to none other than royalties. Here are some of his reasoning as to why his chosen royalty is poised to skyrocket:

It is a stock that carries a big margin of safety and could double or triple one’s initial investment without any PRs

One key revenue stream for this company grew by 1,440% within a single year as gold prices went up

A royalty-producing asset immediately implies collecting profits that are far more than the original investment

This company makes millions from gold, silver, and other precious natural resources

Investing in this opportunity means access to six different revenue streams

It recently uplisted from a Canadian stock exchange (TSX) to the NYSE

Honestly, we can keep going, but the list will only get lengthier! Luckily, Dan does not plan to keep his findings to himself. In fact, he believes that everyone should be able to get in on the new opportunity. Taking everything into account, getting a membership to Extreme Value is all it takes to access Dan Ferris’ research analyses.

What is Extreme Value?

Extreme Value is Stansberry Research’s flagship investment advisory led by analyst Dan Ferris. The stock recommendations made by the expert are deemed safe and cheap. Interestingly, Dan’s approach to investing involves tapping into both bull and bear markets, that is, “only when the price is right.” To ensure that his readers are provided with a large margin of safety, he supposedly maximizes his time on research, whether it means going over balance sheets and SEC filings or assessing things from a management point of view.

This year-long service is expected to include anywhere between 20 to 23 positions, all of which are deemed of moderate safety. The beauty behind this service is that it is meant for everyone, meaning that even the most novice investors can learn a whole lot from Dan. Given its increased safety, even individuals who are hoping to retire happily can give this service a try.

At the time of writing, we are told that Dan will be focusing on stocks (short and long trades) with a typical holding period between three and four years. To get money to grow with every passing month, individuals are recommended to start with an initial capital of $5000. Now that the basics are covered, it’s now time to discuss further the perks of investing in Extreme Value.


What does a membership to Extreme Value consist of?

The moment that individuals become a part of Extreme Value, they will get hold of the long and behold “Best Gold Business on Earth Investment.” Specifically, a report called “The Hands-down, No.1 Pick of My Career” will be immediately sent out. Inside it, Dan provides clear instructions on how to position oneself to make 1000% in gains in the coming of years.

Matter-of-factly, a desirable preview of the money-making potential will be witnessed by year-end 2021. As for the type of information one can anticipate, Dan affirms to share the company’s ticker symbol, the maximum price that he recommends everyone to pay, and what the future holds for this particular company.

As a member of Extreme Value, investors will be automatically entitled to:

12 monthly issues on opportunities that Dan sees in the market and tips on how best to take advantage of them

A 30-day, 100% refund in the form of Stansberry Credit

Access to the Extreme Value model portfolio with former and current holdings

Access to the Extreme Value Owner’s Manual, i.e., “a collection of essays on how to find cheap, low-risk and consistently pick winning investments

How much does a membership to Extreme Value cost?

Normally, a one-year subscription to Extreme Value costs $1,500, but Dan and his team decided to give a second bonus year at no extra charge as a limited-time offer. This means that investors will be paying the price of one for two full years.

In addition, should one feel that Dan’s investment interests and goals are far from their own, customer service can be contacted to get a credit refund. For the full credit, one’s concerns need to be expressed within the first 30 days. This can be used toward any other investment advisory offered by Stansberry Research.

For more clarity on credits, listed below are some useful point(s) of contact:

Phone: (888) 261-2693

Email: info@stansberrycustomerservice.com

Address: Stansberry Research, LLC., 1125 N Charles St, Baltimore MD 21201.

Meet Dan Ferris

Dan Ferris is supposedly the first-ever analyst to onboard Stansberry Research in the year 2000. He not only serves as the editor of Extreme Value but also hosts the Stansberry Investor Hour podcast. The podcast can be thought of as a combination of his research findings, market insight, and the occasional trade ideas. This is yet another valuable resource because Dan goes as far as interviewing “finance luminaries,” allowing investors into a world of diverse perspectives.

One thing about Dan that even Stansberry Research boasts is his diligent research. As a result, his members were able to enjoy double- and triple-digit winners such as Berkshire Hathaway (125%), KHD Humboldt Wedag (249%), International Royalty (248%), Alexander & Baldwin (198%), Icahn Enterprises (142%), Latin American Export Bank (133%), Intel (133%) and Prestige Brands Holdings (406%) to name a few.

Aside from a solid track record, the expert supposedly made several appearances on Money with Melissa Francis, The Willis Report on Fox Business News, and The Street with Paul Bagnell. Who can forget the number of times he has been quoted by Barron’s, the Value Investing Letter, and radio programs across the country?

Final Verdict

All-in-all, Dan Ferris is an analyst who strongly believes that his latest stock recommendation is set to reach highs that one will have never imagined. Recently, news on rising inflation was shared, and in such cases, gold is supposedly seen as a hedge against it. In other words, as inflation goes up, so will the price of gold. Dan’s stock recommendation is directly related to the price of gold, i.e., the main reason he has high hopes for his pick.

A membership to Extreme Value is all it takes to unlock the necessary research to make sense of the investment opportunity. Normally priced at $1500 a year, two years are offered for the price of one for a short time. From our standpoint, this service’s advantages include Dan’s experience as an analyst (+ 20 years) and the fact that members will be getting more for the price paid. At the same time, the resources provided do not seem as elaborate as those belonging to most research advisories, not to forget that the price per two years is still at the higher end of the spectrum. Above all, cash refunds are not an option, which means that investors must have some confidence in Stansberry Research before starting their investment journeys with them.

Hence, individuals need to ask themselves three important questions: whether or not the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, whether diversification of assets is part of one’s investment goals and whether gold is the way to go in times of increased volatility. These three alone should help to simplify the decision-making processes. To take advantage of the Extreme Value subscription available today, visit here>>>

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