Best Survival Books and Prepper Guides for Emergency Preparedness

The average population does not possess the skills of a superhero or even a soldier, for that matter. So, how do they make it possible when life presents them with unnatural circumstances where they must rise to the occasion to save themselves or their loved ones?

Not everyone is equipped to receive survival training and the skills needed to endure the situation. The average person’s best option is to read a survival guide beforehand to assemble some basic outdoor survival skills. No, you don’t have to become Bear Grylls. But, you must read at least one survival guide to experience such an emergency scenario.

You can usually find a survival handbook with an adventurous person who loves to go on wild excursions. Going through a complete guide is essential to understanding the challenges one can face in the wilderness. A field guide can give you several tips from a renowned survival instructor who has had their share of endurance in the womb of nature.

After reading the best survival books, you will understand how to face natural disasters, unchartered territories, and diverse wildlife and stay alive simultaneously. You learn the importance of keeping a survival kit and first aid box on you the entire time and discover primitive wilderness living to coexist with wildlife.

Reading a survival handbook can be the best option for surviving in the event of an apocalypse after receiving hands-on training in survival skills. After all, being prepared has never harmed anyone before!

To help you out where to start or expand your self-preservation book collection, we have curated a list of the best survival books where you can acquire simple skills to live off the land, be alive without food and electricity, and tackle power outages.

Next time you read Reader’s Digest or any other magazine for entertainment, take some time out and read the survival books. Our research and editorial team put a lot of hard work into finding the best books on survival available on the market today. After spending hours deliberating, they decided on the following names.

The Best Survival Books for 2022

Here’s a brief overview of the best survival books that we have included in our list:
The Lost Ways 2The wilderness survival handbook covers various topics, including tackling food shortages by cooking staple meals from readily available ingredients.
Dark Age DefenseDark Age Defense imparts the knowledge of building an infinity coil in the event of a total blackout so that you secure electricity within a short time.
The Lost Book of Herbal RemediesThe survival medicine handbook is all about using the plants from the natural world to cure common ailments and heal the body.
The Lost SuperfoodsThis book can help you learn which superfood to store in your survival pantry so that you are not left hungry in the time of an emergency.
Food FreedomFood Freedom is one of the best survival books on food preservation in different environments so that you don’t face food shortages.
Crisis Survival InstituteYou can learn which foods to store during a total power blackout so that you don’t remain empty and can protect your family.
Local Harvest GardeningYou can learn how to grow your garden in your yard with nutrient-rich soil and composting techniques with the help of this field guide.
The Lost Frontier HandbookThe survival book equips you with a standard survival kit with the help of which you can quickly soothe common ailments like sore throat and infections.
Ultimate SurvivalWith the help of this manual, you can learn many ways to survive in a precarious situation and even protect your family.
Home DoctorOne of the best wilderness survival books for disaster survival encapsulates a lot of medical techniques that can get you out of medical emergencies.
The Doctor’s Book Of Survival Home RemediesWith this survival handbook, you can discover many practical strategies and techniques to treat common ailments and illnesses at home without enough medical experience or supplies.
Backyard Miracle FarmOut of the many survival guides on the market right now, Backyard Miracle Farm has earned a solid name for giving essential survival tips.
World War Water (Mega Drought)Because the survival guide contains precious information related to modern survival skills, many survival experts have suggested it as a must-have in your home library.
Final Survival PlanThis survival guide can offer you intense knowledge about making it alive in a war-like situation by protecting yourself and your loved ones.
The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs & Forbidden TreatmentsSeveral survival experts use this handbook to deal with medical emergencies because it contains valuable information about edible wild plants.
Water Freedom SystemThis survival guide will help you secure a clean and healthy water supply during an unnatural event to carry out your essential tasks without any trouble.
Easy DIY Power PlanCreate your power supply with the help of this dual survival medicine handbook during a blackout.
Quick Power SystemWith the help of this handbook, learn how to secure a power supply using available materials and supplies usually found at home.
Rapid Alert Survival RadioWith the help of the Rapid Alert Survival Radio, you can remain connected with the outside world and seek any help in the case of an emergency when you don’t have access to the internet.
EvaTac TacLiteCarrying an EvaTac TacLite (tactical flashlight) can help you spot dangerous things from a distance in the case a disaster strikes.
EvaTac Combat BagThis Combat Bag has ten waterproof compartments where you can carry essential items to keep yourself safe in outdoor environments.

The Lost Ways 2

Product Overview
ThemeWilderness Survival Handbook
AuthorClaude Davis
PublisherClaude Davis
Page Count300
Money-back guarantee60 days

The sequel to one of the best survival books, The Lost Ways 2, comprises survival skills that Claude Davis could not fit into the first book. It can be called a follow-up to the first text as it contains life-saving information about an unnatural event. Both physical and digital copies of the book are available for your reading.

The book covers ancient cooking skills used by our forefathers to survive disasters. NASA recently discovered one of these superfoods to provide food for astronauts when they go on month-long missions in space. Another staple meal was used by many during the Great Depression. The third item was developed by a samurai and packed with essential nutrients that helped survive wars.

Besides imparting these food preservation techniques, you can also learn all the wilderness survival skills needed to remain self-sufficient during a tragic disaster. The ultimate survival manual can also teach you to identify and use edible wild plants with the help of color photos.

If you are looking to know some basic survival skills, The Lost Ways 2 can be the best wilderness survival book for yourself. It can help you keep your survival instincts at the surface by imparting medical training and allowing you to prepare a survival kit.

Modern technology has made our lives very comfortable. So, prepare yourself well to prevent turning into a dead body in a dangerous situation!

Dark Age Defense

Product Overview
ThemePost-Apocalyptic Survival Handbook
AuthorBOSS. Community
PublisherBOSS. Community
Page CountNA
Money-back guarantee60 days

Sounding more like ‘Defense Against The Dark Arts’ in Harry Potter series, this book imparts all the essential wilderness survival skills needed to get through any situation. One of the best survival books to survive in a post-apocalyptic event, the theme of this book is darker than other survival guides.

The wilderness survival handbook explains how you can prepare for the apocalypse. The main topic covered in the book is how to secure the power supply during an emergency. Human beings cannot survive without electricity in today’s world. This wilderness survival book covers the sensitive area of learning how to deal with a blackout.

The author of Dark Age Defense intends to present basic survival skills by teaching you how to build an ‘Infinity Coil’ during an emergency. The technology written in the ultimate survival manual is genuine and 100% long-lasting that can get you through in the case of a power failure.

With this field guide in your home library, you can rest assured about survival in a dangerous situation. Apart from the power chapters, there are several topics ranging from water filtration to creating a special forces survival kit to prevent yourself from turning into a dead body when you are out in the dark.

Although the book may seem silly at first glance, there is valuable information about securing power, preparing a solid first-aid box, and living off the grid safely.

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies

Product Overview
ThemeMedicinal Survival Handbook
AuthorDr. Nicole Apelian and Claude Davis
PublisherGlobal Brother
Page Count304
Money-back guarantee60 days

If you are ever short of any medicines in your first-aid box during an emergency, you must know how to use wild edible plants for their medicinal properties. For centuries, people have used edible wild plants to create medicinal remedies that work to treat common ailments. The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies is based on this premise.

In this book, you can get all the wilderness survival skills needed to use ingredients from the medicinal plants in the natural world to cure diseases. The survival medicine handbook contains basic survival skills that help you use any forest as a pharmacy in dreadful times.

The wilderness survival book covers natural ways of surviving in different environments with the help of a medicinal survival kit. It has detailed illustrations of several wild edible plants so you can skillfully identify them.

In the ultimate survival manual, you can use herbs and organic foods for medicinal purposes so that you don’t have to be stuck in a medical emergency for so long without any help. The survival medicine handbook is filled with natural ways and treatments that can be the difference between life and death. It is one of the best survival books for medicinal purposes.

The Lost Superfoods

Product Overview
ThemeWilderness Survival Cookbook
AuthorArt Rude, Claude Davis, and Fred Dwight
PublisherClaudiu Giurgi
Page Count270
Money-back guarantee60 days

From Art Rude, this wilderness survival book covers a range of superfood recipes that can help you get the necessary nutrition in dangerous situations. It is one of the best survival books on food storage hacks that can be added to your survival pantry and used in times of distress.

Among all the survival skills needed to get through a tragic disaster, you must know how to cook food with ingredients sourced from edible wild plants. The wilderness survival handbook reveals survival foods used by the special forces or depression-era food survival kits that can help you in unforeseeable circumstances.

With the help of the ultimate survival manual, The Lost Superfoods, you can learn how to find the best superfoods containing essential vitamins and nutrients in the natural world. This field guide, written for any average person, is a must-have in your home library.

This book can help you to learn basic survival skills in the woods by keeping you nourished with superfoods. Among the 126 long-lasting foods, there are a lot of topics that have applications in real-world scenarios.

Food Freedom

Product Overview
ThemeWilderness Survival E-book
AuthorHenry Cobb and Ray
PublisherHenry Cobb
Page CountNA
Money-back guarantee180 days

If you have a survival plan, you cannot leave food out of it. Whatever you are surviving, you require food to live through. Food Freedom talks about several cooking strategies you can apply in dangerous situations to help your loved ones endure.

This book has listed all the wilderness survival skills needed to grow and cook your food. The wilderness survival handbook allows you to prepare a food survival kit that can be useful when disaster strikes. You get a lot of actionable advice from the survival guide that is easily applicable in real-world situations.

The survival manual comes with several feature guides, including:

  • 33 Things You Need to Survive That You Can’t Get When Disaster Strikes
  • Build Your Own Geodome: Grow Food Year-Round – Even in the Dead of Winter
  • Do It Yourself Aquaponics: A Step-by-Step Guide to Growing Your Own Food
  • Grow 100lbs of Potatoes in 4 Sq. Ft.

With the help of all these survival books, growing food from the seeds of wild edible plants will come naturally to you. Discover primitive wilderness living and learn the way our forefathers used to cook food in the woods from this survival book.

Crisis Survival Institute

Product Overview
ThemeWilderness Survival Handbook
AuthorDonald Carlson
Page Count138
Money-back guarantee60 days

According to the author of the Crisis Survival Institute, Donald Carlson, food shortage will prevail in three days if the supply chain is hampered for even three days. As a result, he felt the need to create a survival handbook that would cover food security. It is because food is the number one priority during any disaster.

The author has mentioned several practical strategies with the help of which you can survive when all hell breaks loose. The ultimate survival manual can be your ticket to learning basic survival skills during a famine or disaster. The field guide features a blueprint for ordinary people to thrive in situations of social unrest by imparting all the wilderness survival skills needed to fill their stomachs.

One of the best survival books on securing items in the middle of a crisis, it helps you prepare a wilderness survival kit to prevent yourself from turning into a dead body as soon as any disaster strikes.

The wilderness survival book covers 24 items that will most likely disappear just 24 hours after any crisis. By learning the ways of primitive wilderness living, you can protect your family in an unfamiliar situation.

Local Harvest Gardening

Product Overview
ThemeOnline Gardening Course
AuthorJack, Andrew, and Dan
Page CountNA
Money-back guarantee60 days

Many people pursue gardening as a hobby more than a life skill. It helps people to stay happy and improve their quality of life. With this wilderness survival handbook, you will learn the essentials of gardening, composting, and succession planting.

Local Harvest Gardening is one of the best gardening survival books, ideal for beginners and experienced gardeners. This knowledge can also come in handy when growing food as a part of disaster survival if any such situation crops up. The survival guide features step-by-step food preservation techniques to help grow wild edible plants in your garden.

The survival tips given in the field guide are:

  • How to build fertile and nutrient-rich soil with the help of composting
  • How to turn your yard into an edible landscape with medicinal plants
  • How to set up a greenhouse to sustain more variety

Local Harvest Gardening is by survival experts Jack, Andrew, and Dan impart all the wilderness survival skills needed to engage in maximum food preservation by maintaining a survival kit.

The Lost Frontier Handbook

Product Overview
ThemeWilderness Survival Handbook
AuthorSuzanne Sherman
PublisherFrontier Handbook
Page Count298
Money-back guaranteeNA

The Lost Frontier Handbook is one of the finest written wilderness survival books that helps you learn how to source water, medicine, and food from the natural world in case of an unnatural event. The author has attempted to explore those remedies that the early Americans used to sustain the natural habitat.

The survival handbook covers a lot of topics ranging from treating burns and wounds to preserving meat for months and so on. The wilderness survival skills needed to keep you healthy in a dangerous environment are listed in color photos and detailed illustrations in this survival manual.

One of the best survival books for any precarious situation; it is a must-have in your home library and other survival books we have mentioned here. This survival guide can help you explore many easy remedies to prevent infections.

Ultimate Survival

Product Overview
ThemeWilderness Survival Handbook
AuthorFrank Marshall
Page CountNA
Price$39 (Essential)$59 (Ultimate)
Money-back guarantee60 days

One of the most sought-after wilderness survival books was created by a military expert with real-world experience. The Ultimate Survival is a complete guide to surviving emergencies and staying alive in dangerous environments. This survival manual teaches you how to handle firearms, procure food, and engage in primitive wilderness living.

Along with the survival guide, you also get the following survival books to develop the skill of disaster survival:

  • Commerce Survival: This is for when the banking system collapses, and you need to engage in the sound old barter system for urban survival.
  • Home Lockdown Survival: This field guide teaches you how to protect your home by securing the perimeter and keeping the robbers away.
  • Water Crisis Survival: An essential guide in any survival, you learn how to procure a clean and safe water supply.
  • Ultimate Firearms Survival: Keep your family safe by shooting your way out of dangerous environments with the help of this survival book and preventing yourself from turning into a dead body.

One of the best survival books, Ultimate Survival, equips you with a solid survival kit to sustain yourself in difficult situations.

Home Doctor

Product Overview
ThemeMedicinal Survival Handbook
AuthorDr. Maybell and others
PublisherGlobal Brother
Page Count304

In any disaster, you would require medical training to treat specific health conditions at your home with limited supplies. Since you won’t be able to access medical care for a few days or weeks, you would require a survival handbook that could be an acceptable substitute for professional medical training.

The Home Doctor – Practical Medicine for Every household is written and approved by an actual doctor. The survival manual has plenty of strategies to equip you with disaster survival skills. You can learn modern survival skills to tackle emergencies in different environments.

With the help of this survival book, you can learn a lot of topics ranging from how to treat injuries at home to surviving medical emergencies without medicines, electricity, and water. The book allows you to read about a heart attack and what to do in such a situation.

One of the best survival books, The Home Doctor, is a valuable addition to your home library as it is very well-written and clearly states what one should do under challenging scenarios.

The Doctor’s Book Of Survival Home Remedies

Product Overview
ThemeMedicinal Survival Handbook
AuthorDr. John Herzog
Page Count439
Money-back guarantee60 days

Written by a board-certified surgeon, The Doctor’s Book of Survival Home Remedies comprises detailed illustrations and step-by-step instructions on treating common ailments at home without prior medical experience or essential supplies. The dual survival medicine handbook helps you tackle a medical emergency and catch on to disaster survival skills.

One of the best survival books that teach you modern survival skills, it incorporates the usage of medicinal plants to help you stress during emergencies. The survival tips from a real doctor are applicable in real-world scenarios and help you learn valuable techniques and strategies.

Out of all the wilderness survival books, many survival experts suggest that this survival guide is a must to have in your home library. You also learn how to maintain a medicinal survival kit with the help of this book.

Backyard Miracle Farm

Product Overview
ThemeWilderness Survival Handbook
AuthorMichael Sherman
Page CountNA
Money-back guarantee60 days

If you are planning disaster survival, you need to have maximum self-reliance and self-sufficiency to engage in food preservation. With the help of this survival guide, you can start growing food organically in your backyard.

Survival experts have repeatedly hinted at food shortages in the past few days. You need a complete field guide containing essential survival tips to help you get through such a situation. Backyard Miracle Farm is one of the best self-preservation books that can impart excellent outdoor survival skills to individuals.

The essential guide contains numerous color photos that can help you spot wild edible plants to create your garden correctly.

World War Water (Mega Drought)

Product Overview
ThemeWilderness Survival Handbook
AuthorJohn Gilmore
Page CountNA
Money-back guarantee60 days

It is a digital field guide that teaches a great deal about urban survival amidst social unrest and post-apocalyptic scenarios. Although such a situation may seem highly unlikely, you must be prepared with all the survival tips if you ever have to engage in disaster survival.

World War Water teaches you to secure a clean and healthy water supply with the help of detailed illustrations and a well-written set of instructions. With the help of the essential step-by-step guide, know how to use outdoor survival skills aptly.

The world can run out of clean water at any time, and humans cannot stay alive for more than three days without water. That’s what makes the survival handbook such an exciting read.

Final Survival Plan

Product Overview
ThemeWilderness Survival Handbook
AuthorJohn Stone
Page CountNA
Money-back guarantee60 days

The Final Survival Plan is well-written with a clear set of instructions to protect yourself and your family. The book suggests several modern survival skills to prevent yourself from becoming a dead body in the case of a conflict.

You can attain maximum self-reliance and self-sufficiency after following the survival tips from this essential guide. Several survival experts have endorsed this urban survival book as it imparts valuable knowledge about outdoor survival skills during a war or general disaster.

If you plan to become a survival instructor in a problematic situation, you must read maximum self-preservation books to sustain yourself in difficult situations.

The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs & Forbidden Treatments

Product Overview
ThemeWilderness Survival Handbook
AuthorAssociates Research Medical
PublisherMedical Research Associates
Page Count380
Money-back guarantee90 days

In the case of a natural disaster, facing a medical emergency is pretty standard. It is because help is delayed, and you need self-reliance to make it on your own. Among the many self-preservation books, The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs & Forbidden Treatments has some of the best strategies for dealing with common ailments.

With the help of this complete guide, you can attain maximum self-sufficiency by carrying your first aid in emergencies. This survival guide’s instructions are well-written to help you through difficult situations. You can acquire modern survival skills from this urban survival book and treat your illnesses naturally.

You can learn to spot the medicinal plants from the wild edible plants with the help of detailed illustrations in one of the best survival guides.

Water Freedom System

Product Overview
ThemeWilderness Survival Handbook
AuthorChris Burns
PublisherIndependently Published
Page Count158
Money-back guarantee60 days

In any disaster, you would need enough water supply to carry out all the essential tasks. Your emergency preparedness checklist must include Water Freedom System, a survival guide on procuring a clean and safe water supply when a disaster strikes. This helps in self-reliance and self-sufficiency as it will impart outdoor survival skills to you.

The step-by-step field guide has taught many survival experts to create a running water supply. You would require survival tips to understand better securing your family’s water supply. Without water, you won’t stay alive for long. That’s why such survival guides make an interesting read in any situation.

Self-preservation books are a must in any home library, so you can access a complete guide to survival in an unforeseen tragic event.

Easy DIY Power Plan

Product Overview
ThemeWilderness Survival Handbook
AuthorRyan Taylor
Page CountNA
Money-back Guarantee60 days

Many survival experts have recommended keeping a survival guide about power restoration at your home library in case technology fails, and you are left with no electricity. The Easy DIY Power Plan is a step-by-step urban survival book with the help of which you can create a power supply at home.

Even if you have zero technical skills or experience building a power generator, you can use this field guide. Among the finest survival guides containing color photos and well-written instructions make it an exciting read. All this makes it an essential item in an emergency preparedness checklist.

When any disaster strikes, the first impact is on the power supply. With the help of situation awareness and healthy survival tips, you can stay alive even if all hell breaks loose.

Quick Power System

Product Overview
ThemeWilderness Survival Handbook
AuthorRay Allen
Page CountNA
Money-back guarantee60 days

With the help of good dual survival guides, you can practice disaster survival. Quick Power System helps you build a power-generation system with the use of which you can enjoy electricity in the case of a total blackout.

You get five self-preservation books, led by Ray Allen, to better understand an easy-to-implement power system so that you can restore electricity in an unforeseen situation. This urban survival book teaches how to have self-reliance and self-sufficiency after going through the survival tips.

A survival instructor has claimed that this survival guide helped him generate power with ordinary materials and tools usually found at home.

Rapid Alert Survival Radio


During any emergency or disaster, you need to be connected with the medical and local authorities in case you need help. Rapid Alert Survival Radio is a lightweight radio designed to help you stay alive and connected to the great outdoors in case of an emergency.

Disaster survival seems possible when you have a Rapid Alert Survival Radio. Even if technology fails and your internet becomes inaccessible, you still have a way of connecting with the outside world if any disaster strikes. You must be situational in different environments to survive and protect yourself.

Rapid Alert Survival Radio is one of the essential items in an emergency preparedness checklist, as your smartphones might be the first ones to give up on you when technology fails. So, you need a backup plan to access communication channels with the outside world.

Rapid Alert Survival Radio has three built-in flashlights, an alarm, USB charging, and a 12″ antenna to keep you connected with everyone else.

EvaTac TacLite


An emergency preparedness checklist is incomplete without a flashlight. When any disaster strikes, the power supply faces the first impact. In a total blackout, you would require a robust means of light with which you can view all the things around you. With the help of a tactical flashlight such as EvaTac Taclite, you can read all the survival books and learn how to survive in different environments.

When technology fails, you can fall back on a dependable flashlight and keep your situational awareness intact. It can help you in urban survival by allowing you to spot things in the great outdoors from a distance that might harm you. Also, in the case of a medical emergency, you can use the EvaTac Taclite to treat the wound or ailment.

Carrying a flashlight is necessary for disaster situations if you don’t know fire-building and want to stay alive in a precarious position. EvaTac Taclite comes with a deep convex lens, rust-proof design, adjustable zoom aircraft-grade aluminum, LED emitter, and is powered by a AA battery.

EvaTac Combat Bag


The heavy-duty EvaTac Combat Bag is designed to help you stay equipped for any mission. It’s made from high-quality polyester material with zippers for quick access. This bag will come in handy when disaster strikes, and you must carry all the essential items to the great outdoors yourself.

The EvaTac Combat Bag is required for your emergency preparedness checklist as it helps you to carry different items like first aid, gadgets, food items, etc. With these items on you, you can easily stay alive in dangerous and unfamiliar environments.

Suggested to use by a survival instructor, the EvaTac Combat Bag can be used for emergencies and to keep your belongings protected. It contains waterproof compartments and comes in different patterns like midnight black, jungle camo, and sandy taupe.

When all technology fails, you would need your situational awareness to be intact.

How Did We Rank The Best Survival Books and Guides?

Surviving in a dangerous environment is not a joke. Since we all live safely in our homes, we scarcely think about all the dangerous things that can happen in an apocalypse. That’s why it is imperative for every average person who does not have survival training and the required know-how to read good survival guides.

Although many authors have written books on the subject, only a few have dealt with the topic superlatively, and authors have done a superb job in covering solutions to all the probable aspects of a catastrophic event.

We have curated a compact list of the best survival books that provide helpful advice and practical tips for surviving in such a scenario. To prepare the list, we chose the following factors to extract the best from the worst:

Quality Of Instructions

The essential thing one can expect from a survival guide is to give clear and quality instructions. Anything abstract in a dangerous situation won’t provide you with any benefit. Reading it will only frustrate you and maybe get you to use the book merely as a hard object to hit something.

This is why we chose those survival books on our list that contained a straightforward and valuable set of instructions to help you tackle a precarious situation. Most of the books have detailed illustrations alongside written instructions. You can learn fire-building and how to identify edible wild plants in the woods.

Go ahead and pick any book to get some essential advice that is mostly unknown to many people.

Credibility Of The Author

It is getting increasingly common for people to gather information from here and there and cram it all into a book. Even more disturbing is that marketers try to sell such a book as a bestseller.

Calling information from complementary sources a ‘book’ is nothing less than a crime. That’s why we chose those books that carry the author’s credibility on its shoulder to sell. Most of the survival guides listed here are by former special forces soldiers, survival instructors, and other survival experts.

You can judge the credibility of the book by looking at its information. You can get several survival tips that teach you how to manage to stay alive in the great outdoors.

We considered the overall know-how of the authors before including them in our list.

Application In Real Situations

It is true that in an unnatural event, you would require extraordinary strength to survive. But, that does not mean that you will go around building a bunker to save yourself because it does not sound feasible.

A good survival book must suggest practical instructions to protect yourself or your loved ones. You must learn about fire-building, identifying wild edible plants, or carrying the necessary items in your first aid box.

The best survival books teach you how to create an organic garden, live off the grid, and survive in the great outdoors. These instructions must be practical enough to be applicable in real-world scenarios and not merely apocalyptic events that are highly unlikely to occur.

Misleading Claims

Several authors keep predicting that there will be an apocalypse within the next few weeks or months. It is when humanity will face the most extreme challenges of their lives.

Any disaster can happen at any point, but there is a limit to conspiracies. No one knows what the future holds for them, but humans cannot live in fear all the time. This is why you need survival tips from the top books available on the market.

Our research and editorial team carefully reviewed each book to sort the wheat from the chaff for you. They kept away from the shady guides that manipulated information to terrify everyone.

Only those books were selected that seemed genuine and provided considerable knowledge like relevant medical training, growing an organic garden with edible wild plants, and being untraceable.

Uncomplicated Information

There are a lot of guides on survival that require you to be as skilled as a properly trained engineer to maneuver devices. How on earth will you build power generators with such limited information! Although most of this information can pass for an everyday world, they are a little overboard for an unnatural event.

We included those survival handbooks that contained easily actionable information with detailed illustrations that any average person could execute with little effort. The survival tips in any field guide must be easy to implement. Not every person has the know-how to follow complicated instructions.

With the books listed here, you can know what to carry in a first-aid box and prepare for fire-building without losing your mind.

Complimentary Materials

No, you won’t get Reader’s Digest or entertainment magazines in the name of complementary materials. You will get plenty of bonus products in the form of e-books, videos, applications, etc., to prepare properly. With the help of these materials, you can manage to stay in the great outdoors when things go downhill.

The materials accompanying any urban survival book are elaborately prepared so you can benefit the most from them. The complimentary materials were a great way to judge the value of a survival guide as it meant more information on how to stay alive in a catastrophic event.

Read these guidelines and bonuses to save yourself from a medical emergency during difficult times.

Refund Policy

You don’t need to like the book you purchased at first glance. Still, if you are unsatisfied with the book’s content and may find it too little use for yourself, you can ask the company for a full refund within the stipulated period.

The promise of a refund increases readers’ interest in buying a book because they still have the option of returning it. A strong money-back guarantee also displays the author’s trust in their text and the risk they are willing to take to please the readers.

Nevertheless, most wilderness survival books listed here are fully equipped to impart the necessary know-how to stay alive in a dangerous situation. In addition, they come with a money-back guarantee too!

Tips That Can Help You Survive In The Wild

Survival in the wild is an essential skill if you want to survive. There are many different ways you can go about enduring in the wild, but some tips will help you get started on your journey.

Know How to Start a Fire

If you know how to start a fire, you can keep yourself warm at night or cook food. If you don’t know how to create a campfire, you should learn as soon as possible. This is one of the most fundamental skills you must master before going into the wilderness.

Know Your Surroundings

If you are going into the wilderness, you need to know where you are going. For example, you should know your direction when hiking through the woods. Also, make sure you know what terrain you are walking on. For instance, if you are hiking up a mountain, you must be prepared for steep inclines and declines.

Be Aware of Weather Conditions

It is also essential for you to be aware of the weather conditions you are experiencing. If you do not know how cold or hot it is, you might get hurt because you did not bring enough clothes. Also, if snow is on the ground, you need to wear boots, so you don’t slip and fall.

Bring a Map

An excellent way to avoid getting lost in the wilderness is by bringing a map. Make sure that you study the map before leaving home so that you can find your destination smoothly.

Carry a Flashlight

Another thing that you should always carry is a flashlight. This is especially useful when you are trying to see at night. Also, this helps you to navigate in dark places.

Have Water

Water is essential in any survival situation. Therefore, make sure that you carry plenty of water with you.

Always Keep an Eye Out for Wildlife

When camping, you should always look around for animals and plants. These things could provide you with food and shelter.

Keep Yourself Warm

During the winter months, you should dress appropriately for the weather. For instance, if it is frigid, you should put on extra layers of clothing. Also, if it is windy, you should wear a hat and gloves.

Be Ready for Emergencies

If something happens during your trip, such as a car accident, then you should be able to handle the situation. This means that you should always be prepared for emergencies. Make sure that you have first aid supplies with you.

Learn Basic Skills

Fundamental skills include fire building, cooking, making shelters, etc. These skills are beneficial if you ever need them.

Don’t Forget About Hygiene

Hygiene is another essential part of surviving in the wild. You should wash your hands regularly and take care of your body.

Stay Away From Poisonous Plants

Poisonous plants can cause serious injuries. So, you should stay away from these plants. Poisonous plants include poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac.

Pack Light

When you go camping, you should pack only the essentials. This means that you should bring only the things that you need. However, you should still carry all the necessary items like food, water, firestarter, matches, first aid kit, etc.

Always Carry a Compass

A compass can help you navigate your way around the wilderness. A compass will tell you whether you are facing north or south.

Don’t Forget Your Phone

Even though this may seem strange, you should never leave home without your cell phone. Cell phones can help you communicate with other people, and they can also help you call for help.

FAQs About Survival Books

Q: What Is An Apocalyptic Event?

A: An apocalyptic event is a disaster that affects the entire planet. It can either be caused by nature or man. Examples of apocalyptic events include earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, droughts, and more. Many scientists believe that the next major global catastrophe will be a pandemic. Pandemics are diseases that affect large numbers of people at once. They usually spread quickly and often kill thousands of people.

Q: How Often Do We Get Disasters?

A: We get disasters every day. Many disasters include fires, storms, floods, wars, earthquakes, landslides, mudslides, and more. Sometimes multiple disasters happen at the same time. For example, there are wildfires in California and floods in Texas.

Q: Why Aren’t We More Prepared For Disasters?

A: Many experts believe that we aren’t more prepared for disasters because we don’t know when the next disaster will strike. Most people think that disasters will always happen somewhere else. But the truth is that they could happen anywhere at any time. To prepare for an apocalypse, you must learn how to survive in the wild.

Q: How Long Could An Apocalypse Last?

A: According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), most volcanic eruptions last between 10 minutes and 3 hours. Earthquakes can last anywhere from seconds to days. Tornadoes can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Hurricanes can last anywhere from 1 hour to 2 weeks, and floods can last from several hours to months.

Q: How Dangerous Are Disasters?

A: Most disasters are not as dangerous as you might expect. Earthquakes can cause buildings to collapse, but they cannot eradicate them. Fires can burn down houses, but they cannot destroy everything in their path. Floods can wash away homes, but they cannot drown everyone, and droughts can dry up land, but they cannot make water disappear.

Q: How Does An Apocalypse Affect Us?

A: If the apocalypse happens today, millions of people will die. This includes humans, animals, and plants that will perish. Buildings will crumble, communication and travel systems will fail, food supplies will run out, power grids will shut down, water supply lines will burst, hospitals will become overcrowded, businesses will close, and everything will come to a standstill.

Q: What Are The Different Types Of Apocalypses?

A: There are three types of apocalypses: natural disasters, manufactured disasters, and pandemics. Natural disasters include volcanic eruptions, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, landslides, avalanches, wildfires, droughts, storms, and blizzards. Unnatural disasters include wars, chemical spills, terrorist attacks, and acts of bioterrorism.

Q: Where Does The Term Apocalypse Come From?

A: Apocalypse comes from Greek mythology. According to Greek mythology, it was the tenth book of the New Testament. It described the final battle between good and evil. The term apocalypse means revelation, something that is revealed to someone.

Q: What Is The Best Way To Prepare For A Disaster?

A: The best way to prepare for a disaster is to practice emergency drills and first aid. Learn how to protect yourself and others, use a fire extinguisher, build shelter, start a fire without matches or lighters, purify water, use a compass, navigate by stars, and identify edible plants.

Q: What Is The Worst Thing That Could Happen During An Apocalypse?

A: The worst thing that could happen during an apocalypse is that you would get killed. If this were to happen, you would miss out on the most incredible adventure of your life. You would also miss out on meeting new friends. You would also miss the opportunity to save lives.

The Best Survival Books for 2022 Final Verdict

When all hell breaks loose, you will require your knowledge and energy to protect yourself and your loved ones. You must start now and be a pro at emergency preparedness to stay alive in such an event.

It can be said, without any doubt, that the best time to go through a survival book is obviously before an emergency. The tricky part is that you don’t know when the crisis will strike. Hence, start preparing now. After reading your monthly copy of Reader’s Digest, take some time to read a survival handbook.

If a natural disaster occurs, technology fails first, and a power outage follows. You must have enough knowledge on maintaining situational awareness so that you don’t become a victim of a medical emergency.

There are so many books on this list that are an interesting read and give you the best possible odds of making it alive through a disaster.


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