Best Exercise Bikes for Home Indoor Cycling

So, what are your new year resolutions? Well, as most people is it to get fit this year too? We believe we guessed it right most probably because you are here today reading this article on the best exercise bikes in 2022. You have been wanting to get fit all this time, but this year you finally have landed on an article that illustrates which gym equipment is worth your money and precious time.

So cheers to that, you have finally made the first step to becoming a fit and healthy person in 2022. With the pandemic still going on, you have made the right choice for yourself by not getting a gym membership. Although they are great at building confidence, endurance and whatnot, it is a fact they are not safe places anymore with exponentially rising cases every day.

Do not be disheartened, you can build a gym for yourself at your home too. Rather, a personal home gym that gives better results. With that as the main priority of the year, discussing what gym machinery you need to build a workout corner in your home is supreme. In this article, let us get started with one of the most basic things- exercise bikes.

Bikes are a fantastic way to burn calories, build endurance and boost confidence. It is usually a fun activity that can be performed by any age group on this planet. Whether you are 18 or 58, it does not matter at all. Indoor cycling is something that you can easily try.

Are you aware of some great bikes that exist in the fitness world? If not, then fret not! Today, we will walk you through the nitty-gritty of exercise bikes and how they can help you achieve your fitness goals for 2022.

We have created a list of the best exercise bikes in 2022. Under desk bike, upright fan bike, recumbent bike, Peloton bike, and an upright bike are some great bikes in the market. Mind you that these are not just some googled exercise bikes, our team has carefully analysed and researched in-depth about each one of these bikes. So after reading this article, you can be sure that you are under safe guidance and with reliable recommendations.

Now let’s begin without wasting any more time.

10 Best Exercise Bikes In 2022

There are a plethora of bikes in the fitness market for you to choose from. But the question arises- “Are all of these equally great stationary bikes?”. Well, the answer is no. Not every bike you see in the market is good enough to satisfy your needs and requirements.

So, how does one choose the right home exercise bike for herself? This is what we are here for; to tell you which ones are the best exercise bikes in the market. For this purpose, we have created a comprehensive list of the 10 best exercise bikes in 2022.

  • Peloton bike
  • NordicTrack commercial S22i Studio Cycle
  • Schwinn Fitness IC4
  • Rogue Fitness Echo Bike
  • Echelon Ex-15
  • RENPHO AI-Powered Bike
  • Inspire Fitness IC1.5 Indoor Cycle
  • Sunny 1805
  • YOSUDA Bike

Peloton Bike

Pelton is a famous brand that has dominated the health and fitness space for years now. Today, it is more than just a brand. It offers its customers a lot more than just bikes. The Peloton bike includes a subscription that comes with various fitness modules, spin classes, full-body workout, total body workout, workout videos that help newbies and even amateurs to get started with biking as soon as they step on the bike.

Along with the bike, you get various other options such as treadmills, accessories, apparel through the company’s online store. The bike also has two transport wheels on the bottom. These transport wheels make it easier to shift the bike once you are done sweating.

The Peloton bikes may not be as expensive as you think. You can easily get this great bike without burdening your pocket.
Model NamePeloton Bike
  • Offers live and on-demand cycling classes
  • Provides HD touch-screen, Bluetooth connectivity and a front-facing camera
  • Peloton bike includes an adjustable saddle with an ergonomic centre
  • Gives people a selection of treadmills, accessories along with stationary bikes.
  • Benefits Offered
  • Is easy to adjust in your home space
  • The bike also comes with an app facility
  • Motivating, energizing and amazing playlists for classes.
  • Price$1495 for the base model ie. $39 per month

    NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle

    NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle is another high-end exercise bike in the market. Its popularity is because of a reason- trendy. Yes, if you like to follow the trend, then going with this exercise bike might be the best option. The NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle is the best peloton alternative that features a 22′ rotating HD touchscreen, heavy-duty steel frame and quiet ride technology and on-demand worldwide intense workouts.

    Another commendable feature of this bike is the digital adjustment of incline and decline by iFIT trainers. All in all, it gives a worthy experience while you are on your fitness journey.
    Model NameNordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle
  • Comes with a built-in fan and dual water bottle holders
  • Includes a built-in touch screen and on-demand workout classes
  • Has Bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity.
  • Benefits Offered
  • Better weight capacity than many other bikes
  • Easy-to-use and assemble
  • Has a longer warranty period than other competitors.
  • Price$1499 is the starting price

    Schwinn Fitness IC4

    If you are looking for an affordable indoor cycling bike, then Schwinn is the brand you should seek out. Schwinn offers high-quality, affordable stationary bikes to serious cyclists. The unbelievable price of this home exercise bike lures many to prioritize this Schwinn over many.

    Today, it comes with a 1-year JRNY membership, 24/7 customer support, 50+ virtual routes and support for third-party apps. Silent magnetic resistance and micro-adjustable magnetic resistance levels are cherries on the top.

    Apart from this, the bike also offers a mechanism that checks your heart rate, speed, time, distance. calories burned and RPM’s. One of the best exercise bikes under $800.
    Model NameSchwinn Fitness IC4
  • Has Bluetooth and a large LCD monitor
  • 25 levels of resistance
  • 29 workout programs available for fitness freaks
  • Benefits Offered
  • Bluetooth availability helps people enjoy while cycling
  • Smooth brakes and powerful resistance provides a seamless experience
  • Price$799

    Rogue Fitness Echo Bike

    Rogue Echo bike is a combination of heavy steel and precision engineering to create a sturdy look. It is an air bike that weighs approximately 127lbs and has a rock-solid foundation that gives birth to a sturdier look. Despite its heavy nature, this sturdy bike includes a belt-driven steel fan blade for a smooth and quiet ride. Because of this belt-driven steel belt, it requires virtually no maintenance.

    The best part about this cycle is the 2-year warranty. The cost of this bike is on the affordable side. Till now, it is one of the most affordable bikes available to fitness freaks in the United States.
    Model NameRogue Fitness Echo Bike
  • Durable black powder-coated steel frame
  • Great LCD and belt-driven steel fan
  • Multiple heart-rate compatibilities
  • Benefits Offered
  • Better customer support services offered
  • Easy-to-navigate and assemble
  • Price$795 for the base model


    The JOROTO X2 is a magnetic resistance home exercise cycle that features a 10.2 inch iPad holder, a 35lb flywheel that keeps the bike stable and smooth. It is a well-packed product that delivers massive value for low pricing. Isn’t that a great deal?

    Furthermore, JOROTO X2 has a 35lb chromed flywheel, 50 mm thicker frame tube and a 300lb max user weight despite its low price. All these commendable features tell us that if you want to home exercise on a bike that is exceptional and under the cost, then JOROTO X2 should be your top choice. One of the best exercise bikes under $300
    Model NameJOROTO X2
  • Can support up to 300 pounds
  • Supported by 4 horizontal adjustment knobs to maintain stability
  • Fantastic magnetic resistance system
  • Benefits Offered
  • Smooth and seamless ride quality
  • Highly adjustable and comfortable
  • Price$299

    Echelon Ex-15

    Echelon Ex-15 is a home exercise bike that comes in a plethora of options. It is the best peloton alternative. The Ex-15 model has basic features but also comes at a very basic price. The features include 32 levels of precise, silent resistance which lets you workout with high intensity even at your home.

    It comes with an adjustable seat and toe cage on the pedals that ensures a safe foot for any intensity ride. In addition, extra-large cushion seats make it easier for people to ride without getting uncomfortable even for a second.

    The price of this peloton alternative bike, as mentioned before is on the lower side. However, if you wish to go for a membership, the cost comes down further and does not put you under pressure. In the membership offer, you get access to a 5-45 minute quieter ride, endurance training, climbing and many more activities. The best exercise bike if you love cycling workouts with a high level of intensity.
    Name of ProductEchelon Ex-15
  • Most basic yet impressive model in the market
  • Available in red, black and white colours
  • Provides an app for fitness
  • Benefits Offered
  • Affordable than other exercise home bikes in the market
  • Compatible with the fitness app and live streaming classes
  • Provides an option to connect to a computer or a smart TV
  • Price$499 and membership cost is about $39.88 per month

    RENPHO AI-Powered Bike

    RENPHO’S AI-Powered Bike is no less than any other bike in the fitness market. It hosts a lot of advanced features and that is what makes it a little preferred than the competition. It comes with free AI Gym virtual training apps that feature 70+ classes for fitness freaks to follow. For this, no membership is required. You can freely participate in different training modes, on-demand classes, HD scenic rides and riding challenges with other riders.

    It is priced at a reasonable cost which makes it even more preferable and popular among the best exercise bikes with AI technology. If you wish to get plenty of support and a smooth ride, then RENPHO AI-Powered Bike should be your top choice.
    Name of ProductRENPHO AI-Powered Bike
  • Provides Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Supports various apps like Kinomap, Rouvy, and XERT
  • Benefits Offered
  • No subscription required
  • Provides daily and weekly training and hence helps you get consistent with working out
  • Easy-to-set up and get started with for beginners
  • Price$599

    Inspire Fitness IC1.5 Indoor Cycle

    The Inspire Fitness IC1.5 Indoor Cycle is a magnetic resistance cycle that features a lot of things. Some of them include a 4-way adjustable, competition-style seat, 2-way adjustable handlebars and a 31lb flywheel. All these features when clubbed together provide a smooth and comfortable ride experience to new and professional riders.

    Furthermore, it has a long-lasting, contact-free resistance and a smooth braking system that does not create any nuisance in the surroundings.

    The price of this bike stands a bit on the higher side than the previous two bikes on the list, but it is definitely worth it with all those advanced features and magnetic resistance.
    Name of ProductInspire Fitness IC1.5 Indoor Cycle
  • Includes a console for monitoring your workout
  • Has a gel-covered seat for comfort
  • Benefits Offered
  • Provides a good base for beginners and amateurs
  • Easy-to-assemble within a short duration
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
  • Price$899

    Sunny Health Fitness 1805

    The Sunny health fitness exercise bike is a fully-customizable bike that features a 44lb flywheel, making it the heaviest option present today. It has an adjustable seat, a device holder and steep toe-cage pedals.

    However, the sunny health fitness bike does not have a giant LED bike’s screen. But rather, the Sunny health and fitness indoor cycling exercise bike focuses on the quality of bike ride and also provides resistance training at your place.
    Name of ProductSunny Health Fitness 1805
  • Has 4-way adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Suitable for those up to 300lbs
  • Benefits Offered
  • Provides the option to fit sensors for fitness apps
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Maintains decorum by being a quiet model
  • Price$500

    YOSUDA Bike

    YOSUDA Bike is an indoor bike that features an iPad mount, a comfortable seat cushion and an elemental resistance functionality.

    Apart from this, the YOSUDA indoor cycling bike has a 35lb flywheel, 2-way adjustable, non-slip handlebar, 4-way padded seat and a range of resistance options. In addition to this, it also comes with an LCD display or LCD monitor that tracks the time, speed, distance and calories burned by you. This is something that is not at all common to other bikes in the market.

    These were the 10 best exercise bikes that perform extremely well in the market. Now, let us understand the types of bikes that you can get your hands on.
    Name of ProductYOSUDA Bike
  • Impressive display and controls that describe your speed, distance travelled etc
  • A simple and easy-to-use bike with fewer complications
  • Benefits Offered
  • Is on the affordable side and does not put pressure on your pocket
  • East to move because of the low weight of 68.8lbs
  • Suitable for all fitness levels and workout intensities
  • Price$299

    Types Of Home Exercise Bikes In The Fitness Market

    There are majorly 3 types of bikes in the fitness market. All 3 of them have a mention below.

    Upright Bikes

    Upright bikes are the most common exercise bikes. They feature an upright handlebar and a broader padded seat. Think of an upright style bike like the one you see in the gym. They have a vertical frame that keeps you seated while biking. An upright bike also has a digital display and a magnetic resistance system for you. With an upright bike, you don’t have to perform rides of a spin class. Rather, you are required to ride with adjustable resistance and an LCD display for everything.

    Recumbent Bikes

    You can remember the shape of a recumbent bike with the initial “re”, where “re” denotes reclined version of an exercise bike. A recumbent bike has a lot of benefits because of the reclined position it asks people to adapt. First of all, a recumbent bike prevents back pains and provide a better body structure to those who have a habit of slouching a lot. A recumbent bike may be the best choice for you only if you are a fan of a pedal in front of you.

    Spin Bikes

    Spin bikes are the last among the three exercise bikes. These bikes are usually used by those like alternating intensity levels while biking. A spinning bike consists of a lower set of handlebars. A Spin bike is also designed for both standing up and sitting positions.

    Factors To Consider When Selecting The Best Exercise Bikes In 2022

    Every exercise bike claims to be the best. However, there are only a few exercise bikes that live up to customers expectations. To choose the best exercise bike for yourself, we have detailed out some factors you should consider when buying an exercise bike.


    Sturdy exercise bikes are the best options available in the market. You definitely would not want to drop yourself off an exercise bike that has a weak foundation, right? This is why you should always look for sturdy bikes. They make you feel confident about going a level up while exerting your body while peddling.

    Ease of Use

    Many bikes are hard to use. They ruin the whole feel of exercising on a bike. Therefore, it is important that you choose an exercise bike that is not complicated to exercise on and comes with a guide/manual that illustrates the A-Z of using the exercise bike. Some of the best exercise bikes also have video instructions on how to use them.


    Most people do not like to ride bikes that are a nuisance to the ears. Loud and noisy bikes make it hard to listen to music and follow a workout class or even hear important notifications. So, it is always wise to select a bike that is quiet and maintains peace in the surroundings.

    Sitting Comfortability

    A major part of riding an exercise bike be it outdoor or indoors is the seating and the overall rideability. If you do not feel comfortable when riding your bike, it does not make a difference to your fitness goals. This is because while your attention diverted towards your position and not the workout. Therefore, making sure that your body does not hurt while sitting is important. Some bikes are designed with maximum comfort and rideability in mind. You should give a preference to such bikes that do not annoy you in the long run.

    Ease of Installation

    The first and the foremost step after you purchase an exercise bike is installation. You would not want to spend days in total confusion just installing your bike, correct? Therefore, you must choose an exercise bike that comes with a guide or a manual that guides you the right way. The best exercise bikes are easy to install and operate as soon as it arrives at your place.


    Just like you look for greater warranty periods when purchasing a new product for your home, you should look for at least 2 years of warranty while purchasing an indoor cycling bike. When a manufacturer offers a minimum of 2 years warranty on her product, it reveals that she is dead confident about her product.

    Cost and Value Delivered

    Price is the topmost thing that you should take care of while purchasing an indoor cycling bike. Many manufacturers in the market try to fool people by offering higher prices for their products. To avoid such a situation, you should always look for the value the product is delivering, If a product is delivering tremendous value and also asking for a higher price in return, then you might consider purchasing it. Lastly, this factor completely depends upon how heavy your pocket is.

    Company Reputation

    Many companies in the market specialize in making indoor cycles for a long time. If we consider the numbers, then they have been in the fitness equipment industry for more than 10 years. Therefore, being present in the fitness equipment industry for so many years fetches them some great reviews and a high reputation. On the other hand, there are new businesses in the market as well.

    Now, we are not trying to turn down new companies in the market, but what we are trying to say is that it is always good to look for leading players in the market first and then move on to new manufacturers.

    These are some of the factors that you must consider before finalizing your decision of purchasing an indoor cycling bike. After you purchase the best one for yourself, you can get started as soon as possible with your fitness goals. But wait! Do you know the benefits your investment in an indoor bike can bring to your life? If not, then continue reading further.

    Benefits Of Riding An Exercise Bike

    “Cycling makes worry go in a hurry”, this quote is very much true in the case of indoor cycling. Indoor cycling offers immense benefits to your body and mind. Some of the advantages that you should always keep in mind are as follows:

    Heals Knee Injuries

    Using treadmills and ellipticals can negatively impact your joints and knees and cause joint pain. In such as situation, a stationary bike comes to your rescue. A stationary bike distributes stress throughout your lower body that includes your calves, core, glutes and knees and not a specific area.

    Safe Way To Exercise

    Indoor cycling bikes are a safe way to exercise. By exercising, you can avoid many hazards that can occur on the roads- such as dodging cars, potholes and pedestrians. Moreover, they do not even cause any injury from falling on the road which may turn out fatal for you.


    Your experience level in the sports field is not what indoor cycles focus on. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a pro at fitness and sports, indoor cycling gives everyone an equal chance to lose weight with peddling.

    Community Support

    Some people indeed opt you must choose for indoor cycling because it offers them community support. They enable you to compete with your friends and family and, of course, others in your class. Science also supports that weight loss is more prominent when you have community support in your fitness schedule.

    Frequently Asked Questions On Home Exercise Bikes

    We receive a lot of questions about exercise bikes in general. And we know that you must be having them too, especially after reading this detailed article. Here is a list of questions that are very common and repetitive.

    Q1. What are exercise bikes?

    A1. Exercise bikes are workout equipment that cannot move. They resemble the bike that you ride outside your home. These exercise equipment are used exclusively to help people reduce weight and tone their lower body

    Q2. What are some benefits of riding an indoor cycle?

    A2. Riding an indoor home cycle have plenty of benefits to offer. Some of the common benefits are better sleeping and mood patterns, easy weight loss, fun activity and, of course, the comfort of your home.

    Q3. How much time should I rise an indoor cycle for?

    A3. Experts in the fitness and health niche recommend that people spend at least 15-60 minutes riding an indoor cycle. Now, this is a range, it does not mean that you have to give 60 minutes every day. It totally depends upon your workout intensity and energy levels.

    Q4. Do I need an exercise bike mat when purchasing an exercise bike?

    A4. Yes, an exercise mat is equally important as the machine itself. An exercise mat protects your floor from the damage of marks and also the bike from falling. However, a few of the best exercise bikes do come equipped with this mat.

    Q5. Are exercise bikes good and safe to use?

    A5. Yes, exercise bikes are great and absolutely safe to use. If you are a healthy adult with a good diet, then we are sure you would not face any problems while riding an exercise bike. However, if you have any medical issues, you should consult your doctor or physician before stepping on the exercise bike.

    Q6. What are various types of exercise bikes?

    A6. There are typically three types of exercise bikes in the fitness market. They are upright, recumbent and the spin one. You can find various versions of these three bikes in the market. Each one is tailor-made to fulfil some purpose. You can learn about them in this article under the “Types of Exercise Bikes” section.

    Q7. How much room does one have to spare to install an indoor exercise bike?

    A7. Your best home exercise bike might take a lot of space in your home. Every bike has a different space requirement. To resolve this issue, it is always advised to measure your space and choose the best home exercise bike. If you have a small space, then a folding bike will be the best option for you.

    Final Word: Best Exercise Bikes In 2022

    Exercise bikes are highly effective in maintaining your physical strength and endurance. In short, they are a highly effective workout.

    By installing one bike at your place, you can be sure of being consistent and building a habit of working out.

    Now, addressing the real question- which is the best exercise bike among the 10 bikes mentioned in this article. Well, the answer is not one. All of these bikes, be it recumbent bikes or any other bikes with high magnetic resistance are great at performing their jobs. The right one for you depends upon a couple of factors such as your budget, your main goal with riding a bike, price points of the home gym equipment, and the space you have at your place. You can use the information


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