Best CBD Creams to Buy

Chronic pain has been increasing and affecting millions of people today. Among many other solutions, people find CBD salves and balms more effective.

CBD pain creams saturate Cannabidiol and other beneficial ingredients to your skin. It’s wondrous how you apply the cream on your exterior skin, but its ingredients soothe pain and inflammation in the core.

Now that people have started trusting CBD, you will likely find CBD pain creams in the market more than ever. But that is not it. Keep reading this guide to find out more about the best CBD pain cream, balms, and salves available in the market today.

Top 19 Best CBD Creams to Buy in 2022

We all know that every CBD company claims that their pain cream is the best in the world because they use only high-quality CBD. We can’t deny that some companies stand up on their claim while others simply don’t. To give you the best recommendations, our team tried the pain creams enlisted below, contacted the manufacturers, studied their certificates, and more.

  • cbdMD Recover
  • SolCBD Creams and Balms
  • Charlotte’s Web Topical Formulas
  • Kats Botanicals CBD Cream
  • CBD American Shaman CBD Topicals
  • Sabaidee Relief Rub
  • EirTree Skin Spray
  • Medterra Relief + Recovery Cream
  • Elixinol CBD Cream
  • Endoca CBD Cream
  • Bloom Hemp Topicals
  • Joy Organics CBD Creams
  • PureKana Topical CBD Cream
  • CBDFx Muscle and Joint Cream
  • CBDistillery CBDefine Skin Cream
  • Receptra Naturals CBD Topicals
  • Green Roads CBD Skin Creams
  • CBDPure Muscle & Joint Formula
  • Mana Artisan Botanics

Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

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Charlotte’s Web Topical Formulas

Charlotte’s Web is one of the leading and been owned companies when it comes to manufacturing premium CBD products. You can find a range of topical formulas and CBD pain creams on Charlotte’s Web. They have also come up with unique formulas for your neck and back pain along with arthritis aches, general cooling, and other health problems. Charlotte’s Web Hemp-Infused Balm with CBD has around 150 mg of plant-based cannabinoids per serving. That is priced under $15 for each jar. Apply the cream with the stick or use your hands. Their formulas are usually free from allergies, artificial flavors, colors, dyes, and parabens.

Joy Organics CBD Creams

Joy Organics has gained recent fame in the market. CBD cream and CBD sports cream are their two flagship CBD pain creams. Their cream contains 250mg to 400mg of CBD per jar. Apply the paint three topically using a stick to relieve pain and aches. Joy Organics is known for its highest quality products and commitment to better hemp. They have claimed that their products can nourish dry skin, restore muscles and joints, and can be applied anywhere on the screen for better results. The cream comes under the price of $33 per 250mg bottle.

Sabaidee Relief Rub

Sabaidee’s Relief Rub is a blend of natural botanicals which results in soothing long-term pain. The balm contains broad-spectrum CBD sourced from hemp. They strictly prohibited any artificial scent or flavors in their balms to keep them pure from toxic chemicals. You will get a subtle freshness and smell of menthol, which won’t overpower the odor but give you a pleasant feel. Sabaidee’s balms are priced between $36 and $49 per jar, and they are 100% tested by a third-party lab. Their basic formula includes Sunflower oil, blue tansy, avocado oil, jojoba oil, and wintergreen leaf.

CBD American Shaman CBD Topicals

CBD American Shaman offers excellent skin CBD products, including serums and creams. The organization prescribes utilizing its creams to target explicit spaces of the body. Like other CBD American Shaman items, the CBD topicals are produced using non-GMO hemp filled in the United States. CBD American Shaman has additionally injected the creams with its exclusive nanotechnology for most extreme assimilation. CBD American Shaman offers a few sorts of torment cream, including Topical Cream (250mg or 500mg of CBD per bottle), CBD Body Lotion, CBD Face Cream, Terpene Rich Topical Serum (5mL or 15mL), and CBD under-eye Serum, and Topical serum roll-on. Regardless of whether focusing on dark circles under your eyes or alleviating torment all through your body, CBD American Shaman guarantees its relief from discomfort creams could help.

cbdMD Recover

Different from others, cbdMD claims its Recover CBD cream is the ultimate formula to cure inflammation. Each jar of Recover contains 300mg to 3,000mg of CBD based on your required dosage. Since Recover has skin hydrating properties, its usage heals temporary aches and discomfort on the skin. Including the post-workout recovery, you can expect cbdMD Recover to work as a painkiller for soreness and aches. It contains up to 0.3 THC in the cream, which is not harmful to the skin and has additional Shea butter and essential oils.

PureKana Topical CBD Cream

PureKana’s Topical CBD cream will become your recent favorite as it has become for many consumers. Their official website claims to provide hydrating elements in their CBD pain cream enhancing refreshing sensation.

PureKana includes hemp extract in its cream and oils. You can moisturize your skin every day by applying a topical cream. You will find the other active ingredients in PureKana’s Topical CBD cream, such as shea butter, Montana flower, capsicum, and olive fruit oil. Consumers can expect to pay around $80 for one serving while getting the 30-days money-back guarantee.

CBDFx Muscle and Joint Cream

CBDFx’s Muscle and Joint Cream will solve many of your pain-related issues as it is currently winning the hearts of the consumers.

Their formula is curated with cooling menthol, CBD, and white willow bark, comparable to many creams included in the guide. But CBDFx’s Muscle and Joint Cream has coffee as one of their ingredients which is quite unusual as we don’t see that in any other pain relief cream.

Anyways, you can get 500mg to 3,000mg of CBD per bottle, based on your required dose. Although they target joints and muscles, particularly the cooling sensation of menthol brings lasting pain relief.

Receptra Naturals CBD Topicals

You will find a variety at Receptra Naturals, including CBD topicals, lotions, balms, butter, salves, and hemp creams. They’re well-known for their Serious Relief Lineup, including Serious Relief + Arnica sticks, creams, and body oils. With a robust blend of CBD and Arnica, the company formulated a cream that explicitly targets the irritating areas in your body. As soon as you smell Receptra Naturals creams, you immediately smell camphor, jasmine, ylang-ylang, which effectively affects your muscles and joints.

EirTree Skin Spray

EirTree is the first product on our list, which is a spray and not a cream. However, the effects and results are almost the same. Backed by chemists, doctors, pharmacists, and healthcare professionals, EirTree is expected to gain popularity in the coming time. With the five versions of skin spray, including CBD and hemp versions, you can expect 12mL per bottle. 2 spray bottles of EirTree’s HYPO CBD comprise 30mg. At $90 per bottle, EirTree’s HYPO CBD Skin Spray isn’t low, but it can present targeted relief across your body.

SolCBD Creams and Balms

Nourish Formula and Infused Herbal Balm are two essentials creams from SolCBD. These two creams are the real asset of SolCBD as its Infused Herbal Balm is blended with 12 herbal extracts and 250mg of organic hemp-derived CBD for quick restoration of muscles and joints. You can expect to pay approx—$ 12 per serving.

Similarly, the Nourish Formula has 22 ingredients for the CBD-infused skincare regime. You can expect to pay $55 per serving. SolCBD’s Nourish is advertised as the ultimate solution to create the most advanced nourishing skincare product in the market.

CBDistillery CBDefine Skin Cream

CBDistillery is known to have a wide variety of CBD products such as gummies, CBD oils, and skin cream. Select any product of your desire and get a handful jar of hemp-derived CBD of 500mg. CBDefine has active ingredients of organic coconut oil, extra virgin, organic sunflower oil, and organic olive oil. Also, so you will get a refreshing scent of tea tree, lavender, rosemary essential oil, and frankincense. Apply a pea-sized quantity of skin cream to the required area for maximum relief.

Kats Botanicals CBD Cream

Kats Botanicals has different CBD pain creams, lotions, and roll-ons. Popular Kats Distillery topical has the Chill Relief CBD roll-on, CBD Salve, and their very own RENEW CBD Lotion.

The salves includes 500g to 1000mg full-spectrum per jar:

  • Essentials oils
  • Beeswax
  • Butter

In a nutshell, their CBD slave rejuvenates your skin, leaving it refreshing and soft. The bottle is topped with the essential scent of amber. Kats Botanicals’ CHILL Relief roll-on comes in 100mg to 1000mg doses.

Medterra Relief + Recovery Cream

Medterra’s Relief + Recovery Cream is a skin CBD product that combines CBD with natural fixings like menthol and arnica. By applying the cream to your skin, you can make a quick cooling impact while supporting muscles and joints. You can purchase Medterra’s Relief + Recovery Cream in qualities of 250mg, 500mg, and 750mg. Essential fixings in this formula include sunflower seed oil, aloe vera leaf juice, safflower seed oil, ginger, and lemon strip. Each cluster is outsider tried to check it’s without THC. Apply the cream day by day to avail the advantages of 99.6% CBD.

Elixinol CBD Cream

Elixinol has a range of CBD creams, balms, and gels to offer its consumers. Made with 100% organic hemp, they claim their product to be entirely plant-based, non-GMO, vegan, and cruelty-free. Ingredients that make their CBD products (creams, balms, gels) more effective are copaiba, capsaicin, and essential oils.

What particular products and dosages can you expect to get from Elixinol?

  • Hemp Balm (a full spectrum CBD balm with 500mg of CBD)
  • Sports Gel (a broad spectrum CBD oil with 1,000mg of CBD)
  • Lip Balm (a full-spectrum CBD oil)

Endoca CBD Cream

Endoca has been an absolute favorite for many of our readers as it offers a complete lineup of skincare products made with CBD. A broad range of creams, balms, and salves are just the right pick at Endoca! According to the company’s recommendation, you can apply the cream every day to enrich your skin with beneficial properties.

What benefits are you getting exactly? Essential vitamins like C, D, E, shea butter, coconut oil, and vanilla extracts. Get the full range of Endoca’s five flagship CBD creams.

  • CBD Body and Face Oil (35mg CBD per ml and 200mg of CBD per jar)
  • Hemp Whipped Body Butter (with 450mg to 1,500mg of CBD per jar)
  • Hemp Salve (with 250mg to 650mg CBD)
  • Hemp Deodorant (with 100mg of CBD)
  • Hemp Lip & Skin Balm (with 30mg CBD)

Mana Artisan Botanics

Just like Endoca, Mana Artisan Botanics offers a complete lineup of skincare creams and products. They’re located on the foothills of Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. Their products are super beneficial because they’re an artisan and have whole-plant hemp extracts saturated with Hawaiian botanicals.

What particular products and dosages can you expect to get from Mana Artisan Botanics?

  • Hawaiian Hemp Massage Oil (CBD massage oil produced from hemp concentrate)
  • Hawaiian Hemp Balm (CBD palm with plantain and comfrey)

These products are known to relieve pain and soothe muscles and joints. Get 150mg to 300mg of CBD per jar.

Green Roads CBD Skin Creams

Green Roads is a leading CBD company in America that offers a full range of CBD topicals, muscle & joint creams, ointments, and roll-ons. Every dosage has 50mg to 750mg of CBD per jar, and each jar contains menthol, avocado oil, rosemary oil, and other main ingredients to restore muscle and joints mobility.

Green Roads topical CBD products include:

  • Heat Relief CBD Roll-on
  • Cool Relief CBD Roll-on
  • Skin Relief CBD Cream

Bloom Hemp Topicals

Bloom Hemp came up with five exclusive body lotions for its consumers. It includes:

  • Essential Evening Roll-On
  • Zero THC Relief Balm
  • Essential Morning Roll-On
  • Zero THC Restorative Lotion
  • Full Spectrum Restorative Lotion

Let’s discuss these in detail. Zero THC Relief Balm contains 100mg to 500mg CBD per bottle blended with evening primrose, emu oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, and sesame oil. Broad-spectrum hemp oil gives you the benefits of cannabinoids and other terpenes from the cannabis plant. Meanwhile, the Essential Morning and Evening Roll-Ons are roll-ons to work on your sore muscles and joints.

CBDPure Muscle & Joint Formula

CBDPure’s Muscle and Joint Formula contains 250mg of full-range CBD per tube. CBDPure has added menthol and white willow bark to support its adequacy, helping the recipe cool the designated region and relieve wounds, muscles, and joints. The organization asserts its formula offers laser-centered activity with simply a pea-sized sum. Apply that pea-sized sum straightforwardly to the designated region, then, at that point, appreciate effective impacts. Each cylinder is valued at around $40. Different fixings in CBDPure’s Muscle and Joint Formula incorporate jojoba seed oil, eucalyptus, and apricot removal.

How We Ranked The Best CBD Creams

We have noticed that all CBD pain creams committing similar benefits. For example, the claim to soothe sore muscles and joints using CBD ingredients. However, we tested and tried all the creams above and you star experience to rank them according to the following metrics:

Pain Relief

We don’t apply CBD cream to smell better but to feel relief from pain. Many companies have guaranteed that their pain relief creams work like magic. We didn’t take their words but did our detailed homework. Counting on the pain relief factor, we opted for that as our top priority.

Muscle Relaxation

Good CBD pain creams will eventually relax sore muscles and loosen tight muscles. Athletes and fitness freaks apply CBD creams after a heavy workout to relax their bodies. At the same time, others use CBD creams to target specific joints. We can’t deny the fact that CBD creams have proven relaxation effects.

Inflammation, Hydration, and Other Effects

CBD has mixed effects on the skin. You can hydrate your skin, rejuvenate your body, and target information along with other additional benefits. You will apply CBD cream to relieve pain and relax muscles, but what’s wrong with getting the added benefits.

Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients were a must to hold the whole formula together. Therefore, CBD pain cream with natural ingredients and no synthetic chemicals has made it to our list.

CBD Dosage

It depends on you. Some people prefer a strong dosage of CBD what others prefer a minimum quantity with the same benefits. However, we ensured that the creams mentioned in this guide have a range of dosage options.

Certificates of Analysis and Lab Testing

It is very easy to get scammed today because nearly one-third of CBD products come without the advertised levels of CBD and others cannabinoids. Therefore, we only preferred the products and companies with analysis certifications and transparent lab testing results showcased upfront on their product or website.

Ease of Application

Some CBD pain relief creams are greasy and difficult to apply on the skin. Some glide and spread smoothly on the skin and absorbs quickly.

Price and Value

Not everyone can afford to pay the high charges for a CBD pain relief cream. Some can pay around $10 for a bottle, while others can pay up to $150. The creams mentioned on this site are for different budgets, including expensive and cheap options according to your needs and requirements.

Company Reputation and Transparency

Would you prefer a CBD cream that has no reputation and proven results of its authentication? Therefore this shows the companies with high-quality products while maintaining a standard for their originality and transparency.

Hemp and CBD Sources

Ever wondered where do CBD cream drives its hemp and CBD? Cream, balms, and salves with high quality, natural and organic ingredients and transparent sources of hemp were our priority rather than those with unknown origins.


Some CBD creams smell out and out awful. Others are over-burden with a menthol fragrance, fooling you into believing they’re giving incredible relief from discomfort. We smelled each CBD torment cream recorded above, and aroma assumed a part in our rankings.

In light of the elements above, we positioned the best CBD creams accessible in 2022.

Who Should Use CBD Pain Creams?

Since we’ve already mentioned that CBD pain creams target joints and muscles, therefore, people with these issues can use CBD cream. At the same time, the other highlighted benefit is to get relief from pain and aches.

According to recent research, CBD pain creams can help with the following:

  • Body recovery
  • Muscle soreness
  • Joint pain
  • Inflammation
  • Skin hydration and moisturization
  • Pain relief

We have seen many people apply CBD to reverse time and prevent aging faster. While the cream also targets some other parts of the body. It depends on your health issue. You can apply the pain relief cream on your whole body or particular spots like knees and elbows.

Take lip balm as an example. Some companies advertise their product as a solution for dry and rough lips. Other balms claim to target relief for joints, arthritis, or muscle soreness using CBD.

CBD Pain Cream Dosage

You can expect to get from 100mg to 3000 mg of CBD pain cream per jar. There is nothing right or wrong when it comes to the dosage of CBD pain cream. Some people have claimed better results when using the greater quantity of the pain cream, while others have reported the same results using the minimal amount of CBD.

To ensure that need of CBD pain relief cream on your body, try different dosages.

The more CBD cream applies to your body, the more it absorbs. Scientists have proven that CBD affects your endocannabinoid system. It travels through your skin into your bloodstream, connecting with CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system.

Side Effects of CBD Pain Cream

We haven’t found any serious side effects linked with CBD pain relief cream. This gives us a sense of satisfaction that people can apply CBD cream without experiencing severe side effects.

However, people have reported a few minor issues after using the pain relief cream. Such as:

  • Redness
  • Allergy
  • Irritation
  • Aching

There is nothing wrong with being conscientious about using CBD pain cream for the first time. To satisfy your mind, you can start applying a small quantity to your arm and observe the results.

While according to the studies, there is nothing wrong with taking a very high dose of CBD up to 1500mg per day as they have shown no link between topical CBD dosing and vital side results.

CBD Pain Cream Benefits: What Does Science Say?

The benefits of CBD and pain relief cream produced with CBD have been backed by science. Ingredients like CBD, jojoba, menthol blended in the pain creams can target specific body spots for relief.

In a study in 2018, researchers examined the effects of cannabinoids on pain and inflammation. After thorough research, they concluded that the properties present in CBD could help the body fight against the pain and relieve it.

In the study of 2018, the scientists also showed the benefits of CBD for relieving pain and inflammation, including arthritis. A study was conducted on dogs with osteoarthritis, and after applying the CBD on them, they showed quick recovery.

Despite the thorough research in 2018, there were still many doubts in 2020, stating that there was not enough research conducted back in time. However, modern researchers agreed that CBD pain creams have incredible benefits for the skin, including information, pain, and mobility.

Generally, results show that CBD pain creams can assist with irritation, exasperation, and movability. Even though specialists don’t entirely see how CBD creams work, the mix of CBD, menthol, and other dynamic elements seems to help multiply.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Pain Cream

Q: What’s a CBD pain cream?

A: CBD pain relief cream is a topical ointment that contains CBD and other significant ingredients to relieve sore muscles and joints.

Q: How exactly do CBD pain creams work?

A: CBD pain relief cream happens to ease is the pain in your body by targeting the endocannabinoid system and CB1 and CB2 receptors. There is constant ongoing research on CBD, and we are discovering more and more about it over time.

Q: What are the ingredients of CBD pain relief cream?

A: Most CBD pain creams include a full spectrum of broad-spectrum hemp extract combined with essential oils, plant extracts, and botanicals.

Q: What is the best CBD pain relief cream?

A: There are many. All the companies mentioned in our guide have the best CBD pain cream available today.

Q: How do CBD pain creams help?

A: It helps in many ways. For example, the core purpose of a CBD pain cream is to restore your mobility and fight against pain and inflammation.

Q: Will CBD pain creams make me fail a drug test?

A: CBD pain cream has traceable amounts of THC found in the result, but these amounts should not affect your drug test to fail.

Q: Will CBD balms, salves, or creams get me high?

A: There’s almost fewer to zero chances of getting “high” after applying CBD pain cream or salves on the skin exterior.

Q: Can I take CBD cream through airport security?

A: First, you need to understand that CBD cream is as ordinary as any other ointment. Therefore making it through the airport security checkpoints should not be a problem. However, you might find an issue with passing the custom with CBD cream based on your destination.

Q: Are CBD pain relief creams legal?

A: The US government has legalized CBD pain creams in all 50 states. The cream can be legalized anywhere if it has only 0.3% THC.

Q: How much THC is in a CBD cream?

A: According to the law, any CBD cream should not contain more than 0.3% THC. However, some creams purposely add 0.0% THC to ensure no legal disobedience.

Q: Are CBD pain creams safe to use?

A: Research and studies show that up to 1500 mg of CBD cream every day is safe for most people. Even if you thoroughly coat your body CBD pain cream, you’re still unlikely to get any adverse results.

Q: How do I use CBD pain salves?

A: Follow the instructions given on the bottle. Usually, the recommended amount of application is about pea-size.

Top 19 Best CBD Creams to Buy in 2022 Conclusion

CBD pain creams target joints and muscles. Therefore, people with these issues should use CBD cream. At the same time, the other highlighted benefit is to get relief from pain and ache.

Today, CBD itself is extremely popular more than ever. People have been crazy about the benefits and relief they get from CBD products. Try one of the top CBD Creams reviewed above, then apply the CBD pain cream, salves, and balms to your skin, and let us know your experience.


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