Students share ideas for solving hunger

Editor’s note: All elementary school students in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District were invited by the Kenai Peninsula Food Bank to write a one-page essay explaining their views on hunger and their thoughts on how we can help stop the cycle in the community and world-wide. The winning essays are published here.

How hunger happens. Hunger happens when people can not afford food. Food is important because it keeps your body running. I have seen hunger in a restaurant. We were seated down and this man came in and just got a soda from the soda fountain. I thought he would pay after he was done but he didn’t. I said Dad why did he not pay? Dad said Shhh. Why. He said he would tell me later. When we got done he told me. He said he was homeless and had nothing to drink. I said I wish we could stop it. He said we’ll keep trying. I am but it is hard. Hunger happens a lot in this town. If we keep trying we can stop it. I hope we can stop hunger.

— Tait Cooper, Third Grade

Mountain View Elementary

In this essay I will talk about local and worldwide hunger. One thing I will talk about is How to stop hunger, another is talk about hunger in general, and last I will talk about things that other people do to stop hunger and maybe other people could help out and take action where they live.

To begin with, let’s talk about hunger and how it changes our world. Eating is a part of our lives. We need to eat to survive, just like how we need water to survive just like all living creatures. Hunger is something that a lot of people try to help with. There are some organizations that help people that might not have enough money to buy food, to support their family, or even themselves. For example, one kind of thing that some people do to help people who can’t buy food for themselves is something called a food bank. People can go to the food bank and there are packages and you can get boxes of food to bring to your house. I really like how some people are so kind to do that for people. But sadly some people are not like this, not all but some people do not care about people who can’t buy food or food where they live is not available. Some people just think that if you don’t have money then you are not considered a person. Some people are very cruel.

Next, let’s talk about how to stop hunger locally and nationally. One way to stop hunger is to spread one thing that some organizations do and spread it so more and more people do it. There should be organizations in every city, country or at least be one on every peninsula. (Or more preferred many.) If somewhere you live does not have a place, food bank, churches. (Because sometimes churches do that) then you should make a change and help your community. If you don’t have the capability to do it on your own then ask to help ore volunteer to help somewhere that does. I’m sure that anyone would be happy for you to help. One more example to how to help your community, (or in many places.) to help is to send boxes of canned food that you either don’t eat or you can just donate it. In schools usually there is a contest, (the contest part is just for fun.) Anyways, most schools have a thing where each class collect as many cans of non-perishable canned food items and send them to different places. (Depending on what your school decides).

In conclusion, stopping hunger means a lot to me because eating is a part of life, you need to eat to survive. I am really thankful for all organizations who help people who can’t afford to buy food by themselves.

— Amber Nash, Sixth Grade

Chapman School

People are hungry in this world. Come on everyone! Lets help people! I have some ideas and if you listen you’ll hear them. Idea #1, We could volunteer at the food bank. Idea #2, We could do food drives. Idea #3, We could give food to the poor people. Idea #4, We could donate food to the church. These are 4 ideas but there are alot more ways.

Everyone is important even the poor people. The poor people matter just as the queen of England! Everyone should be treated right. No one should be hungry! If we all help out this will be a better place to live and no one should be hungry!

— Arianna Henley, Third Grade

Mountain View Elementary

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